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2007 ABE Summer Institute

Literacy Minnesota and MCEA (Minnesota Community Education Association) hosted the 2007 ABE Summer Institute at St. John's University in Collegeville, August 8 - 10: Building Bridges for Student Success. There were 128 professional development offerings, including keynote speakers, technology training, and concurrent sessions. Over 450 attendees participated in this 3-day event.

The Summer Institute Planning Committee seeks input from all members. Provide your suggestions and comments by responding to this e-mail address:  ( Planning will begin soon for next year's Summer Institute.

2007 Literacy Minnesota Awards

Congratulations go to the following award winners:

- PEGASUS trophy winner - Program of Excellence: Cass Lake-Bena ABE - Sarah Larson, Mgr.

- Program of Excellence: Dakota Prairie ABE (Farmington/Northfield) - Jayne Schultz, Mgr.

- ABE Outstanding Learner: Faith Swanson - AEOA (Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency)

- ABE Outstanding Teacher: Heather Turngren - Minneapolis ABE

- ABE Partner: Possis Medical, Incorporated (ABE Partner: Metro North ABE)

- ABE Possibilities and Potential Advocate: Rita Bulger (Metro East ABE)

- ABE Advocacy: Arturo Montelongo (Marshall ABE)

- ABE Leadership: Tom Cytron-Hysom (St. Paul Literacy Consortium and Literacy Minnesota Legislative Committee chair)

The nomination process begins in May. Please consider nominating a colleague, student or manager.

Committee Activities

  • Legislative Committee: The Literacy Minnesota Legislative Forum is tentatively scheduled for early March. New lobbyists have been hired; however, the formal announcement will not be made until the contract is signed - Update here. The 2008 legislative platform is being discussed.
  • The Legislative Commission to End Poverty in Minnesota by 2020 will be holding a series of meetings around the state to gather information specific to various geographic areas. The intent of hearings is to provide first-hand information to Commission members regarding poverty. Since many ABE students are low-income, we want to make sure their voices are heard at the table. Attached is a draft calendar of Commission meetings. If you would like to find out who is coordinating the agenda for the actual meeting nearest to your program, please contact Deborah Schlick at Affirmative Options, <> 651-292-1568. This is a wonderful advocacy opportunity for adult learners and staff.
  • Membership Committee: Literacy Minnesota currently has 393 members. Renewal notices will go out to members in November.
  • Professional Issues Committee: 5 focus groups are scheduled across the state, designed to determine issues in the ABE community. Promising Practices are always available on the Literacy Minnesota website: Consider submitting one of your promising practices: 19 posters were submitted for the poster session at Summer Institute! (Soon to be posted on the website.)
  • Volunteer Issues Committee: A Community Partnership questionnaire has been sent to literacy programs.
  • Jobs continue to be posted on the Literacy Minnesota website. Please send any postings to Claudia Kinville:  Postings will remain for one month unless an application cut-off date is listed.

Thanks for your continued support of Literacy Minnesota!

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