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 November 2007 Vol 2. No 10
Dear Workforce3 One Community:
Welcome to the November 2007 edition of Driven by Demand, Workforce3 One's news and information update. This issue of Driven by Demand newsletter features products and solutions for the Automotive and Aerospace industries, including several from High Growth Job Training Initiative (HGJTI) Grantees. Throughout the workforce investment system, partnerships of economic developers, employers, workforce development and educators have created solutions for meeting the demand of high growth industries. Visit Workforce3 One to read more about the products featured in this newsletter, and submit your solutions today!

In this edition:

 Inside Workforce3 One: Solutions for Automotive Training
Industry solutions abound! Below are tools and products for the Automotive industry. Have an innovative program or tool for Automotive? Share your successes with us! An Automotive Industry overview is available on the Career Voyages Web site.
  • Shoreline Community College: General Service Tech Program: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the automotive services sector will need 101,000 new technicians between 2002 and 2012. The sector must diversify the workforce and build capacity for training while maintaining industry-led standards. Shoreline's goal is to develop and adapt curricula for entry-level technicians based on a new set of industry standards. Their solutions target students with limited English proficiency and out-of-school youth, as well as incumbent and dislocated workers. The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation awarded Shoreline's Professional Automotive Training Center program the nation's only perfect score, making the Seattle-area community college a logical leader for this initiative.
  • National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE): Bilingual Auto Dictionary: Within the Hispanic-Latino community, there are estimates that 85,000 linguistically-isolated individuals work in the automotive industry. Many of these workers are trained, skilled professionals who would benefit from taking certification exams in Spanish. The goal for this grant is to add to the number of certified professionals in the field while diversifying the workforce and improving the job marketability of newly certified professionals. With the assistance of subject matter experts and linguists, exams are being developed in Spanish for a number of automotive service technicians' certificates. Several products from this grant, including curricula, glossaries, and course descriptions are already available on Workforce3 One.
  • Aims Community College: Automotive Youth Educational System (AYES): Colorado's Front Range region is experiencing a demand for skilled automotive technicians that is outpacing supply. Community colleges are constrained by limited classroom space and up-to-date technical equipment needed for automotive training programs. Working with partners in business, workforce development and local high-schools, Aims Community College will offer a number of National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF)-approved certificates and associate degrees. Technical training will combine hands-on activities with classroom learning in conventional and fast-track formats. Dual-credit programs will be offered to secondary students in conjunction with mentoring and summer internships. A marketing and outreach campaign will recruit participants.
 Inside Workforce3 One: Solutions for Aerospace Training
Solutions for the Aerospace industry are taking off! Have an innovative solution for Aerospace education, economic, or workforce development? Share your successes with us! A great Aerospace industry overview is available on the Career Voyages Web site.
  • Enterprise-Ozark Community College City: Aviation Maintenance and Avionics Training: The Alabama Department of Industrial Relations projects a 35 percent increase in the number of jobs for aircraft mechanics and service technicians by 2012. Employer partners report an inability to secure qualified workers to fill job vacancies-as many as 3,320 jobs go unfilled each year. This project will meet the dramatically increasing demand for skilled technicians by providing licensed FAA training. The area has a rich history in the development of aviation jobs through Enterprise-Ozark Community College (EOCC) and Fort Rucker, the Army Aviation Center of the United States. EOCC offers two aviation programs that allow students to gain the skills needed to move into the job market within two years; students may earn associate degrees, certificates, and short-term certificates. Each program is a blend of classroom and practical learning, providing the skills currently sought by employers.
  • "Gotta Jet?" Attracting the Next Generation to Aerospace Manufacturing: Tarrant County, Texas is home to two of the largest aerospace manufacturing companies in the country - Bell Helicopter and Lockheed Martin. Along with their Dallas neighbor, Vought Aircraft Industries, the trio comprises the founding business members of the DFW Regional Aerospace Cluster. Supported by staff from Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County, the local workforce development board, the Aerospace Cluster developed an ambitious agenda to address the issues of an aging workforce and a lack of youth migrating to careers in science and math. In March of 2007, Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County received a $1.02 million grant to develop a common entry level training program for aerospace manufacturing and continue to promote and distribute "Gotta Jet?" Efforts are underway to promote "Gotta Jet?" in over 150 Dallas and Fort Worth school districts.
 Inside Workforce3 One: High Growth Industry "Landing Pages"
Leaders representing industry, economic development, education and workforce communities from the energy and aerospace industries recently gathered together in separate conferences to discuss workforce challenges and identify solutions to these challenges. Materials and notes from these sessions have been posted on Workforce3 One for downloading. Look for future sessions on other demand industries.
 Inside Workforce3 One: Webinars
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