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Message from the National Immigration Forum:


Wanted: Stories of Prospective Citizens Stuck in the Backlog

As previously reported, USICS has developed a backlog of naturalization applications.  The agency is now saying that immigrants who applied for citizenship after June 1 of 2007 can expect to wait 16 to 18 months to have their applications processed.

 To help us keep this issue before Congress (which has oversight responsibilities over USICS), several organizations are collaborating to collect stories of immigrants who are now stuck in the backlog, as well as of those who have been in limbo due to the FBI name check delays.  These stories will be compiled into a report to illustrate the problems.  Our hope is to release the report in the next several weeks, possibly in conjunction with further House oversight hearings related to these issues.

 You can help. If you know of anyone who is affected by the delays who would like to share her story for the report, we would love to have a short write-up of the story discussing how long the applicant has been waiting, why she applied for citizenship, and what effects the delay is having for her.  You can use the survey form attached below to provide this information.   

As part of this effort, we would like to highlight select cases in a press event, if the opportunity presents itself. 

Send your stories to Maurice Belanger at the National Immigration Form,  We would like to finish collecting these by February 29th.

Naturalization Applicant Report Form

Name of applicant:

City/ State where applicant lives:


Age:    How long have you had your green card?

When did you send in your citizenship application?

Why do you want to become a U.S. citizen (check all that apply)?

 I want to vote.
 I want better opportunities for myself and my family.
 My family and I will be better protected from discrimination.
 My family and I will be better protected from deportation.
 I want to petition for relatives that I wasn’t able to before, or so that my relatives will be able to immigrate more quickly.
 My children can become citizens.
 I want better job opportunities.
 I consider the U.S. my home now.
 Other (please explain):

Can you tell us in your own words why you’d like to become a U.S. citizen?

How have the delays in citizenship affected you?

Have you done anything to try to move your case forward?  Please provide details.

Would you be willing to speak with newspapers, radio or TV regarding your citizenship story?
 Yes  
 No

Contact information (of either the applicant or the contact organization):

Phone number:

Email address:

Please return this form to Maurice Belanger at the National Immigration Forum,  by Friday, February 29.   Thanks.