Marshall Adult Education

Random Sticky Note Ideas

    ·        Start with small businesses rather than larger ones

·        Have K-12 students talk to their parents about attending class

·        Contact churches about our services – church bulletins

·        Let college professors know what we have available

·        Encourage students to “bring a friend to class” for a day

·        Saturday classes

·        Goal setting classes

·        More programs offered in evenings/week-ends

·        Homeless Shelter

·        Flyers at hospital for new mothers (possibly book)

·        Some way to contact High School drop outs

·        SELF Group

·        PR Blitz – radio, flyers(translated), door knocking, business cards, word of mouth

·        Contract HR departments of businesses (letter with follow up call)

·        Posters – translated – placed in break rooms at workplaces

·        Partner with MnSCU as referral source

·        Partner with other training sources to build community programs

·        Reach out to minority community leaders

·        Track clients once in work force – may need additional training

·        Special programming classes – CPR, Financial, Parenting, Meet your school etc.

·        Offer class targeted to prep for work aptitude test – e.g. math prep for BH Electric math test

·        Mandatory computer training for MFIP/PWP/FSET clients

·        Joni Craft, Wabasso; Hoffco, Cottonwood – ESL/ABE/GED


·        Identify low-income individuals

·        Mandate unemployed parents who are behind on child support to work with workforce/ABE

·        Human Services referrals

·        Weekly open computer class at WFC in Redwood Falls

·        Reach out to Senior Citizens Groups throughout SW ABE

·        Do remedial math/English for college students who show a need on ACCUplacer

·        Collaborate with day care agencies to perhaps provide day care

·        Farmers who need computer skills

·        Talk up success stories

·        Promote through Work Connection & Staffing Specialists

·        Community announcements/public service announcements – public access TV

·        Build incentive into learning while on the job

·        Let people know what is in it for them – employers, employees

·        Incorporate learning into the work so that student is increasing knowledge, but employer is also getting the job done

·        Open house/coffee hour

·        Articles in the paper – can they be multi-language

·        Work with clinic/hospital as an employer

·        Financial literacy classes – Bank/ABE partnership

·        Classes to address core skills of similar businesses in a community

·        Promote classes for and to supervisors

·        County Commissioners – computer classes for courthouse workers

·        Find out business’s expectations for jobs – educational levels; pre-training

·        Ask Hispanic/Somali/Hmong leaders what they want

·        Conversation Circles

·        Bible study for second language folks

·        Ads in Hy Vee trader

·        Take class members out into the community

·        Share new ideas

·        GED online

·        Seminar Classes marketed to specific audience

·        Short term topics – begin/end date for class

·        Gift certificate

·        Outreach to parents of kids in K-12 ESL classes

·        Advertise at Parent-Teacher conferences