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July 19, 2007


Thursday Notes..




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Troy R. Justesen, Assistant Secretary






Ohio Assembly

Transfers Adult Ed

To Board of Regents

Ohio’s Assembly passed a new state biennial budget this month requiring the Ohio Board of Regents to “work collaboratively with the Department of Education to identify adult career-technical education programs that shall be transferred to the Board of Regents.”  This action will place these programs under the supervision of the postsecondary agency effective in Fiscal Year 2009.  The law states that the transfer is designed “to better align and maximize the strength and flexibility of the full array of Ohio adult workforce education assets to improve the overall quality of adult education.”  The statute requires a plan for the transfer to be in place by July 1, 2008.  The transition plan will ensure that Ohio’s adults continue to receive uninterrupted, quality adult education.



Maine Legislature

Funds Adult Ed-to-

College Transition

Maine’s legislature approved $500,000 in June for adult education-to-college transition programs this year and identified $600,000 for next year for these transitions.  Maine conducted seven adult education-to-college demonstration programs funded by $200,000 in state dollars and $55,000 from Nellie Mae.  The state’s goal is to generate 10,000 new community college graduates over the next 10 years.  For more information e-mail Becky Dyer.



Tennessee Pays

GED Fees for

Eligible Students



Tennessee’s legislature recently approved a $2.5 million education appropriation, including $1.2 million to pay GED fees for adult learners.  Learners must score a total of 480 on the practice test, with no sub-score below 430, to get the free tests, starting July 1.  The bill also provided $1.3 million to boost adult education teachers’ pay, resulting in part-time adult education teachers making a minimum of $18 per hour.  The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development contributed $500,000 to the plan for testing fees for a total commitment to adult education of $3 million.  More information is available from state director Phil White.



Verizon Gives

ESL Broadband

And Video Options


The Verizon Foundation this month donated $150,000 in technology for English as a second language (ESL) instruction to seven nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts.  The providers will use broadband and video technologies to expand ESL services in diverse communities throughout the state.  Winners were the Boston Adult Literacy Fund, Cambridge College, Framingham Adult ESL Plus, Massachusetts Career Development Institute, Northern Essex Community College, United Neighbors of Cleghorn, and Worcester Public Library.



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