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 August 2007 Vol 2. No 7
Dear Workforce3 One Community:
Welcome to the August 2007 edition of Driven by Demand, Workforce3 One's news and information update. You've heard it before: be innovative! Or, support innovation! But, did you ever wonder just what either of those directives entail? Innovation occasionally has lofty definitions, like "adding value to society" or "realizing a future state". But being innovative or supporting innovation in education, economic development, or workforce investment is simply a matter of introducing, implementing, or supporting something new or creative. Workforce3 One's Innovations in Action showcase creative and original approaches to issues facing different communities, and several of those initiatives are featured in this newsletter. Also featured are different resources about supporting innovation elsewhere, and there are even more resources on Workforce3 One!

And speaking of being innovative, in the coming week, Workforce3 One will be undergoing a major renovation of the Web site. The new site will be easier to navigate and will include links to all of the products produced to date from the President's High Growth Job Training Initiative. Look for an e-mail that will explain all of the new features.

In this edition:

 Inside Workforce3 One: Innovations in Action
  • Applied Engineering Degree from Delaware County Community College partnered with Drexel University: This partnership between Delaware County Community College (DCCC) and Drexel University allows students to earn both an associate degree in applied science from DCCC and a bachelor of science in applied engineering technology from Drexel at the same time. The program was developed in response to a regional shortage of entry-level workers with the skills needed by local manufacturing companies.
  • Education, Training Help Bring in New Chrysler Plant: This article, from the American Association of Community Colleges and the Community College Times, describes how St. Clair County Community College in Michigan used its educational resources to convince DaimlerChrysler to build a new $366 million plant in the college's area.
  • Filling the Training Demand for a Growing EMT Industry: This on-going program for training emergency medical technicians (EMT) launched in 2003. It is jointly sponsored by South Louisiana Community College and the Louisiana-based Acadian Ambulance Service, one of the largest emergency medical service companies in the Deep South.
  • Institute for Manufacturing Competitiveness, Tri-County Technical College: South Carolina's Tri-County Technical College (TCTC) recently received a grant from AdvanceSC to establish an Institute for Manufacturing Competitiveness (IMC). The IMC is a partnership between the college and local manufacturers designed to enhance and expand TCTC's ability to assist local industry in introducing new manufacturing technologies, implement advanced manufacturing concepts and train local workers to meet current industry demands. The Institute provides local manufacturers with access to the training and information needed to retain or regain their competitive edge.
 Inside Workforce3 One: Resources for Supporting Innovation
  • National Innovation Initiative: 21st Century Innovation Working Group Recommendations: The 21st Century Working Group has focused its effort on discovering the attributes of innovation success, identifying priority issues and connecting insights into an overall framework for guiding innovation policy. This report makes a case for the importance of innovation, proposes a definition for innovation, describes the changing nature of innovation and makes action recommendations.
  • Measuring Regional Innovation: This guidebook, published by the Council on Competitiveness, provides regional leaders a method to inventory and assess their regional innovation environment. It points to the importance of regions as "hotspots" for innovation and their value as a nexus for innovation. The guidebook is designed to be an easy-to-use tool for economic and workforce development practitioners.
  • Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovative Leadership: This publication, distributed by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration, includes several articles on the topic of rural entrepreneurs and innovation in small towns.
  • Regional Innovation Grants: Utilizing National Emergency Grant Funds for Strategic and Transformative Regional Planning (Recorded Version): This webinar will teach you how activities from RIGs can result in a strategic and transformative regional plan that, when implemented, will counteract the effects of events resulting from an economic shock in a region and will prepare workers and businesses to compete and succeed in a global economy.
  • An Energy Skilled Trades Summit and Workforce Solutions Forum of industry leaders and members of the Southern Governors Association was held this week in Biloxi, Mississippi. Workforce development experts and educators developed action plans designed to raise community awareness about the coming skilled trades labor shortages and their impact on the energy industry's efforts to develop and maintain infrastructure, elevate the image of skilled crafts careers, and align investments and workforce development initiatives to generate collaboration.  It's worthwhile to note that Workforce3 One also hosts a number of webinars and "Innovations in Action" focusing on the energy industry.  Just type in "Energy" in the search box to begin your review.
 Inside Workforce3 One Webinars
Recorded webinars are posted on the Workforce3 One Web space. For dates and times of upcoming live webinars, or to find recorded webinars topics, visit the "Get Your Skills In Gear" section Workforce3 One. A complete listing of recorded webinars is available in the Self-Paced learning when you click on Multimedia information.
 Share the Awareness
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