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October 13, 2006


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1.  Time Sheets - The next payroll will cover October 1st to October 15th.  Time sheets are due by noon on Monday, October 16th.  Be sure that you are submitting time sheets on the 1st and 15th schedule.  DO NOT hold on to your hours for an entire month.  Remember, you can submit time sheets via email and by fax.  Our fax number is 507-537-7047.


2.  MEA Break - The office will be open and classes running as normal during MEA Break - October 19th & 20th.  If you have made different arrangements for your classes, please let the office know.


3.  The Marshall ABE October Schedule has been posted on the website:


4.  To All Staff:   Would you please take a few minutes and fill out this survey and return it to myself or Barb?  We are seeking input from staff as to what type of training would staff in southwestern Minnesota be most interested in attending.   Thank you for both your time and interest in this topic.   (Click on the link below to go to the survey)  Pat


5.  Consortium staff meeting - We are still trying to get a meeting in this fall.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a time and date?  Let us know if you prefer

     - all day Saturday

     - 3 hours on a week night - Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday?

     - if you prefer the week night, what would be a good start time?



6.  The Minnesota Literacy Council has announced their October in-service schedule. Read more about their offerings here and try your hand at some of these excellent classes.


7. An invitation for teachers to sign up for the practitioners' reading research project - from Bella Hanson:  This is a reminder about an excellent source published by NCSALL for program administrators. If you administer an adult education program, you face a wide variety of challenges:

  • How can you help students make “level” gains?
  • How can you help students gain the skills they need to reach their goals?
  • How can you help students stay in programs long enough to meet their goals?
  • How can you prepare and retain good teachers?
  • How can you document the successes of your program?

The National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL) has conducted research relevant to these questions. The Program Administrators’ Sourcebook: A Resource on NCSALL’s Research for Adult Education Program Administrators is designed to give you, as a program administrator, direct access to research that may help you address the challenges you face in your job. 

You can download it at


8.  From Barry Shaffer, New MDE ABE staff member announcement:

     Last Spring I announced a major -  change in the way statewide professional development would be delivered through the state office. The most significant change in that process was going be the centralized coordination of professional development here at the Minnesota Department of Education Adult Basic Education Office, and the hiring of an MDE-ABE coordinator for that position. 

     My office conducted a thorough search for the right person to lead this effort and we interviewed many excellent, highly motivated candidates.  I am excited to announce that our search has concluded and our new Coordinator for Professional Development will be Astrid Liden.

     Astrid may be a familiar name to many in the Minnesota ABE field.  She is currently the Direct Services Manager for the Minnesota Literacy Council where she manages ABE programming and staff at MLC’s five adult learning centers.  To Astrid’s credit, last year MLC’s adult direct service sites received ProLiteracy accreditation and the 2005 PEGASUS award.  Astrid participated in planning committees for ABE CBO Conference and the ABE Summer Institute.  She is the facilitator of MLC ABE evidence-based research group and a co-facilitator of the St. Paul Teacher Network.  Prior to her direct service management assignment, Astrid was the ESL Training Coordinator for MLC for two years.

     Astrid has a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language, and over 10 years of adult ESL teaching experience.  In her spare time, she is an adjunct instructor in Adult ESL and TEFL Certificate Programs at Hamline University.  She has consulted with the MDE-ABE office on a number of projects including the ABE Impact Report and the WIA Incentive Grant Workforce Education project.  Astrid is a Literacy Minnesota board member and currently chairs the Professional Issues Committee.

     Along with the notable experiences listed above, Astrid will bring a high level of new energy into the professional development position and she impressed the ABE interview team with her understanding and respect for the skills and abilities of the ABE field as well as her innovative ideas for enhancing ABE professionalism.  People that have worked with Astrid admire her for her competence and her personal skills including friendliness, optimism and compassion.  She is well-qualified for this job and eager to tackle this comprehensive challenge of implementing a new professional development system.  We are looking forward to mid-October when Astrid will be joining our office to begin her work to lead our statewide professional development efforts



Update for ABE Program Managers and staff on the adult appropriate standardized assessments; CASAS, TABE and BEST Plus.  Information in this update will include a training update summary and plan, test administration requirements and guidelines, how to request trainings in the near future, available modalities within the test systems, and any new assessments on the horizon. You may view the attachment at:

Click on the Assessment Update - Fall 2006 link



10.  Read about the Naturalization Ceremony held in Marshall on Friday, September 29.  See the photos of the ceremony.


11.  Read the editorial in the Marshall Independent on the Citizenship Ceremony held in Marshall on Friday.  The ceremony will be re-broadcast on local access cable - see you local listing for the day and time.  (I have a 6;30 PM time but no date).


12.  Coats for Kids in Marshall:  To participate in the Coats for Kids program a person must call Western Community Action at 537-1416..............ask to register for the Coats for Kids program and they will take down name, size, and contact information.   No paper registration as done in the past will be accepted.


13.  If you've missed an announcement from a previous week, you can always find it on the Announcements page.  All announcements are archived at:

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