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October 22, 2005

These announcements are posted on the internet.  If you have trouble reading this email or cannot use the links, you may read them on the internet.
Here are this week's announcements.
1.  Shaunna Dailie's E-mail address is  Shaunna is our new computer instructor.  We welcome her aboard this week!
2.  A Heads Up:  As many of you know we have talked with the training department in the past of possible classes we can offer to their employees on site.   This week I was asked to put together a flyer describing these classes as preliminary info to Schwans employees.   They anticipate these Life Skill Classes might begin as soon as January 2006.   Classes I shared as possible offerings were:  ESL, Math Skills brush up, GED, Citizenship, Computer classes, and Financial Literacy.  I wanted to share this information with you now as if it becomes a reality we will need to quickly put a schedule together to meet their requests.  ~Pat
3.  The minutes from the October 8th Consortium Meeting have been posted on the web site.  There is also a link to Consortium pictures - check them out.



4. The planning committee for the Minnesota Family Literacy Conference is seeking presentations for the 14th annual conference on March 1, 2 & 3, 2006 at the Marriott Southwest Hotel in Minnetonka. Click on the link below to read the details.

5.  The Donation Center is now open In the DAC Building, south entrance only (just south of the intersection of Hwy 19 and Hwy 23 near the new Marshall High School.)

     The hours are  Mon 4:00-6:00;  Wed 11:00-1:00;  Fri 4:00-6:00;  Sat 10:00-12:00

     Or by appointment, call:507-337-0504

Furnishings of good condition are being collected to donate to families affected by the hurricanes. All household items are needed, from brooms and dustpans, to couches and chairs. Cleaning and paper supplies are also needed. Food donations should go to the local food shelf.  Used mattresses and box springs cannot be donated. No broken or soiled items please, as we are not able to clean upholstery or repair furniture at the center.

Lyon County’s Adopt-A-Family Hurricane Relief Project


6.  A new schedule of technology trainings by the Minnesota Literacy Council is posted on the MLC website.  These opportunities cover a wide variety of topics and some are on-line classes - take the class using your home of workplace computer.  See the website below for details.   

CEUs are available.


7.  The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here.
8.  From the Trivia Department:
  Do You Play Scrabble?  Here's a site that will help you win every time - Scrabble Helper.  Just type in the letters in your rack and click on Show Answers.  You will get a complete list of all words possible using those letters.  Now all you have to do is figure out how to use the website without letting your opponent know!
9.  Thought for the week:
   I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.  ~Alexander the Great

10.  TECH TIP:  Free Fonts


Do you need just that very special font to spruce up your document?  Here are some of the best FREE font sites on the internet.  Spruce up your documents with some cool fonts.


But wait - Before you go filling up your Fonts Folder with 20 million fonts, here are some tips.


Download the Font

When you find a font you like at a website, right-click on the link to download the font.  Then select “Save Target As.”  You need to choose the place where you want the font download to – I always download right to the desktop – so choose “Desktop.”  Click on Save, then click on Close.


Unzip the Font

Some fonts – probably most fonts – are compressed (sometimes called zipped or stuffed).  If you see a little zipper around the folder which you just downloaded, it means the font is compressed in that folder.  So, you need to unzip the file before you can install the font.  If you have Windows XP, Service Pack 2, you can unzip the file (or folder) by right-clicking on the folder with the zipper and selecting Extract All.  


If you don’t have Windows XP, then you need to use a utility program to unzip the file.  Here are 2 good programs - I would suggest using the first one. 




Install the Font

After you unzip the font file on your desktop, you need to install the font in your Fonts Folder.  You can do this by dragging the font file into the Fonts Folder which is in the Windows folder which is in the C Drive.  Just open that folder and drag the font on your desktop into it.  That’s it, the font is installed in your Fonts Folder.  Open up Word or some other program and check it out – make sure it is appears in your fonts list.  (It will!)


The Best Font Websites - These are my favorite FREE fonts websites.

Simply The Best.  This website has fonts listed by category – just click on a category and you will see all the fonts in that category and how they actually look.  There are lots of neat categories here and fonts.


WebPage Publicity – this site has 6500 FREE fonts.  If you can’t find it here, give up!  These fonts are listed alphabetically.


DingBat Depot:  This site has only dingbat fonts.  Dingbat fonts are picture fonts.  There are lots of neat fonts with little pictures – like smiley faces, animals, holidays pictures.  These fonts make your document fun to read.  You can find fonts by category or by alphabetical listing.


Other Good Font Websites

Golden Web – this is a good site.  Tons of FREE fonts here.


Masters Tech – this site has Macintosh fonts as well as PC Fonts.


Atomic Fonts – Here is a huge selection of FREE fonts


Office Without Walls – Nice FREE fonts at this site


So, now you have these 20 million fonts in your fonts folder and you don’t even know which fonts your have anymore – you’re drowning in fonts!  Well, hop over to the website below and download and install this neat little FREE utility.  This program will list all your fonts just the way they actually look – WYSIWYG style – know what that means?  (What You See Is What You Get).  You can then print the list and have a nice little reference booklet of all your fonts.  BEWARE – I printed mine – it took 37 pages (I like fonts!)


Want to learn more about fonts – see this Tech Tip. 


Happy Font Hunting!




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