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November 25, 2005

1.  Time Sheets are due in the by noon on Monday, November 28th.
2.  Looking ahead to Christmas Break, the office will be closed on Monday, December 26th.  There will be No classes on December 23rd or 26th.  Teachers may use their discretion whether or not to hold classes during the rest of the week.  Please advise the office if you will or will not be having class.
3. Sunrise Apt Keys -- We almost have the apartment cleaned out.  Anyone who has a key(s) for the Sunrise Apartment should turn them in to Barb ASAP.
4.  November Student Attendance/Intakes & CASAS scores should be to the office by Friday, December 2nd.  Remember that it is very important for you to stay current with your CASAS testing -- and turning the information into the office.
Our current statistics indicate that we have 137 participants in our program for this programming year.  (Participants are students that have attended at least 12 hours of class.)  
* Of these individuals 9% have shown a level change......
* Of the 22 individuals receiving both a pretest and post test the level change is at 59%................
Please review your class lists and if you see that an individual has been in your class for 45 hours OR you think they may be leaving our program OR you believe that they would show a level change.....Please post test them!
If you need additional resources in the form of extra staff or time to do this.........let me know....we will make those resources available!   Thanks, Pat
5.  First Quarter Exits - If you need to exit students from your class, you should have received the information.  Please make sure that I have the exit forms returned by November 28th.  Thanks.
6.  Tentative Date for the next consortium staff meeting:  January 14, 2006.  Since many of you requested that Marn Frank return so you could participate in the Reading Session you were not able to attend at the last meeting, we ask Marn if she would return and she graciously said yes.  Now, in order to make her trip worth while, we again need to know which session you are interested in attending.  Let Barb know by December 16th which session you will attend.  You can signup for the meeting on-line.  Click on the link below to signup and read more about the meeting including what Marn has sent as descriptions of the session


7.  The Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) Annual Meeting is Thursday, December 1, 2005 at Eagan, MN.  The featured speaker is Coleen Rowley.  She has 20+ years of service in the FBI
I and she testified on pre 9-1-1 lapses in the intelligence community. To register, go to the following website:


8.  On Friday, December 9 in Redwood Falls, there is a volunteer training and networking event sponsored by the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administrators (MAVA).  Click on the link below to read the details about this session.



9.  SMAHC has a very nice office desk to give away (FREE).  It is a large desk - 7' x 3'.  It has 7 drawers (3 on each side and a center drawer).  It is in excellent condition.  You will need to pick up the desk at SMAHC - can't deliver it.  If you are interested in it, email me.


10.  The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here. 
11.  From the Trivia Department:  Ever call a major corporation and have to wade through a maze of automated recorded messages trying to reach a human who can help you.  Here's a site that that shows you how to bypass automated phone systems to quickly find a human voice.  Next time you need to call Microsoft Corporation, or Northwest Airlines, or Dell computer, or Social Security, or any of over 100 other major companies, use Paul English's IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Cheatsheets to connect to a human voice in seconds. 



12.  Thought for the week:   High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.  ~ Charles F. Kettering


13.  TECH TIP:  Properties Of A Application


When you right-click on an icon, one of the options in the popup menu is Properties.  We discussed Properties of a File last week.  This week – Properties of an Application (or program).


When you install an application, the application is usually placed in the Program Files folder in your C drive (hard drive).  That’s a general rule.  Occasionally, the application may be installed in the C drive folder (sometimes called the root directory).  In addition, the installation usually places a “shortcut” of the application in the Start Menu.  Click on Start, then click on All Programs (or Programs).  Here you will see all (or almost all) of the shortcuts to programs on your computer. 


OK, let’s work with the properties of one of the applications in the Start Menu.  Go to Start, then click on All Programs, then right-click on any application(I right-clicked on Internet Explorer for this demonstration).  Now click on Properties


You see 3 tabs at the top of the Internet Explorer Properties window:  General, Shortcut, and Compatibility


The General Tab

This window gives you information about the application shortcut – not particularly important information.  You also have the option of hiding the application or making it read-only – also, not particularly important items. 


The Shortcut Tab

This window offers some neat options.  You can set a Shortcut key to start the application.  A Shortcut key is a key that you press on the keyboard to start the application.  I clicked in the Shortcut key box and type the letter “E”  (for Explorer).  Notice that the Ctrl + Alt appear in the Shortcut key box along with the “E.”  Click on the word Apply.  So you have set a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+E) which will startup Internet Explorer – neat!


You can choose the window size you want when the program starts up.  I usually like Internet explorer to be maximized when it starts up, so I clicked on the down arrow in the Run box and selected Maximized – also neat!


If you don’t like the icon of an application, you can change it.  Click on Change Icon and simply choose another one.


You can find the actual program by clicking on Find Target.  Occasionally, you may need to find the application, or the folder the application is in, so this is a handy option.


Those are some of the neat options you can use with Properties of an application.  Go ahead and make some shortcut keys for your favorite programs. You’ll have quicker access to your programs.



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