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December 23, 2005



1.  Payroll time sheets are due in the office by noon on Tuesday, December 27th.


2.  During the Holiday Break, the office will be closed on Friday, December 23rd, Monday, December 26th, and Monday, January 2nd.  There will be No classes on December 23rd, 26th, or January 2nd .  Teachers may use their discretion whether or not to hold classes during the rest of the week.  As a note of interest, Vickie, Shaunna and Paula will not be holding classes during the last week of December.  Stephanie will have class.  Please advise the office if you will or will not be having class.


3.  Starting the 2nd week of January, we will  offer a Civics ESL Class.  This class is for higher level ESL students and will be funded through the Civics Grant.  We will be scheduling the class from 6:30/7:00 to 9:00 p.m. for 4 days per week.  The class will run for 22 weeks.  If anyone is interested in teaching this class, please contact Pat.




4.  The next consortium staff meeting is January 14, 2006.  Since many of you requested that Marn Frank return so you could participate in the Reading Session you were not able to attend at the last meeting, we ask Marn if she would return and she graciously said yes.   Let Barb know by ASAP which session you will attend.  You can signup for the meeting on-line.  Click on the link below to signup.

You can read more about the meeting including what Marn has sent as descriptions of the session at this link.


5.  We are looking for suggestions for computer training at the next consortium meeting.  If you have an idea or suggestions for the training session, please email me.  (If I don't hear from you, we will be talking about Networking Infrastructure and Services including DHCP, DNS, WINS, RRAS, RARP, IP, NAT, VPNs and VIKINGs -.if they're still in the playoffs).


6.  November Student Attendance/Intakes & CASAS scores should be to the office by Friday, December 30.  Remember that it is very important for you to stay current with your CASAS testing -- and turning the information into the office.

7.  Staff Reviews:  I will begin setting up visits with each staff in the Marshall Region in December to do a Performance Self Review.  At this time we will also review the Student Level Change data for students you have served since May 1st.   Again I would encourage you to consider your student's  progress and post test them if you feel they can demonstrate a level change.  You can find the Performance Self Review with the link below.  You can fill the form out on-line or email it.  ~Pat




8.  The Minnesota Literacy Council is seeking entries for the 2006 edition of To Open Your Mind, our annual publication of writing by adult learners.  Learners, volunteers and teachers consistently note the power of this publication to motivate and recognize learners. The material in To Open Your Mind is great for ABE teachers to use in class because it is interesting to adult learners and relevant to their lives. ABE teachers use the publication to help students work on their writing, reading comprehension, fluency and vocabulary. A Teacher’s Guide to using To Open Your Mind will be printed in the back of the publication (it is also printed in the back of your 2005 edition).


Last year's publication was our biggest ever, with 676 submissions from 88 adult literacy programs across the state, and we are looking forward to another great year.

The deadline for submissions of original stories, essays, poems and drawings is Friday, February 3, 2006. We strongly encourage electronic submissions and typed rather than handwritten submissions.  Please see the guidelines and entry form for more details.

If you have questions or need help, please contact Guy Haglund at or 651-645-2277 ext. 201 or 800-225-7323. Thank you for contributing to the success of To Open Your Mind in 2006!


9.  From Jeanine Antony, Western Community Action - Re:  Goodwill vouchers.  If we have a household who is in need of a Goodwill voucher we need to call Georgian in Sioux City IA-1-877-608-7775 ext 103--to request a voucher to be sent to the Marshall store.  At the time of the call she will need the person’s name to check the data base.  A household is only allowed 1 voucher/year—2 in a lifetime.  If they are eligible a voucher will be faxed to Marshall store.  She also informed me that each AGENCY is eligible to request 5 vouchers/month.  I have requested several over the past few months I have not reached my limit but wanted to share info with my partners in the community!  For more information, call Jeanine at 537-1416 or email:

10.  Barry Shaffer forwarded this from the USDOE-DAEL: 


The DAEL web page has been updated to provide you with information to respond to inquiries related to the release of the NAAL report.   In addition to providing you with a direct link to the NCES site where the report can be downloaded, we have added two new documents:


Helping Adults Become Literate - a two page description of what OVAE is doing to ensure adults are equipped with the literacy skills necessary to succeed in the 21st Century. (


Adult Education and Family Literacy Program Fact Sheet - contains important information about the adult education program.

I hope you find these documents useful to responding to questions that the release of NAAL is likely to trigger in the states.
11.  From the Trivia Department:   Get a little exercise - build a snowman.  Or - you can build one on-line.  After you build your snowman, be sure to click on the Gallery - check out other people's snowmans.
12.  Thought for the week:   Happy is he who has been able to learn the causes of things  ~Virgil

13.  TECH TIP:  The Start Menu – Part 2, Classic View

When you right-click on the Start Menu (lower left hand corner of your screen) and select Properties, you have two choices.  If you have Microsaoft XP, you can view the Start Menu in Classic View or you can view the Start Menu in the new XP look.


If you have an earlier version of Windows, you can use this tip to customize your Start Menu.  If you have XP, you have a choice between Classic Start menu or the new XP Start Menu.  Whether you choose Classic Start menu or Start menu, they both do very similar things – they just look different   The Classic Start menu looks just like the Start menu in Windows 95, 98, ME, and 2000.  At lot of people liked it so Microsoft decided to give you the option to keep it.  It uses less space and is less complicated than the new XP Start Menu


Well, let’s look at Classic Start Menu first.


  1. Right Click on Start menu and select Classic Start menu.
  2. Click on Customize.
  3. At the bottom of this window, you have several check boxes.  Click on the options you want to display or enable.  OK – I will tell you what I have checked – these are the good ones.
  4. Display Favorites – very nice – it displays all your favorites from Internet Explorer so you can jump right to any site you have bookmarked as a Favorite.
  5. Display Run – Well, you may have to use this occasionally – so check it.
  6. Enable Dragging and Dropping – you can create shortcuts with this enabled
  7. Expand – there are a bunch of these.  I just expand everything except Network Connections.  With everything checked, the folders expand so you can easily find applications, documents or files.
  8. Show Small Icons in Start Menu – definitely – takes much less room on your screen.

So – don’t check Use Personalized Menus – unless you like the hassle of having to dig for the programs or files you want to open.

Don’t check Programs – unless you want to have to scroll to find things in the start menu.


The other options at the top of the window


  1. Click on Add or Remove to add items to the Start Menu
  2. Click on Advanced and get an Explorer window where you can move things in and out of the Start Menu
  3. Click on Sort to alphabetize the items in the start menu
  4. Click on Clear to clear out all the recently accessed documents

Try some if these options the Classic Start menu - you may like it.  Remember, you can always go back to the XP Start Menu.


Next time we will cover the new XP Start Menu



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