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December 2, 2005

1.  Looking ahead to Christmas Break, the office will be closed on Friday, December 23rd and Monday, December 26th.  There will be No classes on December 23rd or 26th.  Teachers may use their discretion whether or not to hold classes during the rest of the week.  Please advise the office if you will or will not be having class.
2. Sunrise Apt  -- We are officially out of the Sunrise Apartment.  If you should happen to still have a key, please turn it in to Barb ASAP.
3.  The December Class Schedule has been posted on the web site.  Click on this link to see the schedule.
4.  November Student Attendance/Intakes & CASAS scores should be to the office by Friday, December 2nd.  Remember that it is very important for you to stay current with your CASAS testing -- and turning the information into the office.
Our current statistics indicate that we have 136 participants in our program for this programming year.  (Participants are students that have attended at least 12 hours of class.)  
* Of these individuals 11% have shown a level change......
* Of the 23 individuals receiving both a pretest and post test the level change is at 65%................
Please review your class lists and if you see that an individual has been in your class for 45 hours OR you think they may be leaving our program OR you believe that they would show a level change.....Please post test them!
If you need additional resources in the form of extra staff or time to do this.........let me know....we will make those resources available!   Thanks, Pat
5.  Tentative Date for the next consortium staff meeting:  January 14, 2006.  Since many of you requested that Marn Frank return so you could participate in the Reading Session you were not able to attend at the last meeting, we ask Marn if she would return and she graciously said yes.  Now, in order to make her trip worth while, we again need to know which session you are interested in attending.  Let Barb know by December 16th which session you will attend.  You can signup for the meeting on-line.  Click on the link below to signup and read more about the meeting including what Marn has sent as descriptions of the session
6.  We are looking for suggestions for computer training at the next consortium meeting.  If you have an idea or suggestions for the training session, please email me.  (If I don't hear from anyone, we may be talking about effective debugging techniques for algorithmic thinking, data structures, and data transformation).
7.  Staff Reviews from Pat:  I will begin setting up visits with each staff in the Marshall Region in December to do a Performance Self Review.  At this time we will also review the Student Level Change data for students you have served since May 1st.   Again I would encourage you to consider your student's  progress and post test them if you feel they can demonstrate a level change.  You can find the Performance Self Review with the link below.  You can fill the form out on-line or email it.
8.  On Friday, December 9 in Redwood Falls, there is a volunteer training and networking event sponsored by the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administrators (MAVA).  Click on the link below to read the details about this session.
9.  The Literacy Minnesota website has many neat resources on it.   One place you might want to look at is the Best Practices they have posted there at: 
10.  There is a new PowerPoint Presentation called A Unique Partnership: The MN Workforce Center System and Adult Basic Education posted on the ABE Website.  You can view it with Microsoft PowerPoint or you can view the slides without using PowerPoint.  Click on the link below to go to the presentation.


11.  From Lois Schmidt:  Greetings Nonprofit & Community Organizations;

On behalf of my colleagues at Bremer, I extend a special invitation to you and your staff to join us on December 7th for our Client Appreciation Event.  We're holding this in conjunction with the Chamber's December Business After Hours at our Bremer Bank location in Marshall.  This is a very fun and festive event.  We're looking forward to treating you.  Do stop in!!  Bremer is proud to do business in Marshall and to support your work.  Thank you for all you do for our community!


Bremer Along with the Marshall Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Cordially Invites You To Attend Our Client Appreciation Event, Wednesday, December 7, 5:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m., 208 East College Drive, Marshall Bank Lobby
Beverages and Appetizers will be Served.


12.  The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here. 
13.  From the Trivia Department:  Here is a remarkable weather site by an amateur weatherman who lives in Tracy, Minnesota.  Kevin Haney's real job is with Schwans, but he has a passion for weather.  Check out this site - especially the 24 hour Current Webcam Image - very cool!


14.  Thought for the week:   If a man neglects education, he walks lame to the end of his life."  ~Plato


15.  TECH TIP:  Microsoft Word Page Views

There are 4 page views to choose from in Microsoft Word:  Normal, Web Layout, Print Layout, and Outline.


Click on View in the menu bar to select each view.

Try each of the views and read below what they are used for.


Normal view is a good view if you just want to type a lot of pages text.  It does not show the page margins like Print Layout view. When I have 5 pages of text to type, I use Normal view.


Web Layout view only is used if you are creating a web page.  A cool thing you can do is use this page view to prepare your document.  Then choose "Save as Web Page."  The document will now open using Internet Explorer instead of Microsoft Word.  You can send it to people and not have to worry whether or not they have Word on their computer.  (Everyone has Internet Explorer).


Print Layout view can actually show the left and right margins of the page as well as the top and bottom margins of the page.  A note about Print Layout view:  You will want to have the text boundaries showing if you use this view (they may already be showing). Follow these steps to show the text boundaries:

Click on Tools in the menu bar, then select Options.

Click on the Views tab and then click on Text Boundaries (place a checkmark (P) in the box)

This is my favorite view because it shows me how the document will look when it is printed. 


Outline view is only used if you are making an outline.  If you really want to learn how to use this neat feature of Word, do a Google search for "Word outline view."  You'll find many resources to help you.



You can also choose which view you want to use by clicking on the views buttons.  They are located in the lower left hand corner

of the screen, to the left of the horizontal scroll bar.


Place the cursor over each without clicking to see the name of each view button.  Click on the one that you want to use.


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