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December 7th, 2007


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1.      December 7 Staff Meeting - Thanks to all of you for attending this meeting.  Many new and exciting ideas were generated.  We will be letting you know how we will proceed from here.  We are anxious to start focusing on the priority items.  Again thanks for taking the time from your schedules to attend.  If you would like CEU's for the meeting, let Barb know.

2.      December Holidays
          *  Christmas Break - We will follow the school breaks for the ABE Christmas Break.  For Marshall that will mean no classes December 24th through January 1st.  Classes will resume on
Wednesday, January 2, 2008!  The office will be closed on December 24/25 and January 1st.  Otherwise someone should be around.


3.     CASAS Post Testing - A reminder that it might be wise to post test your students before the holiday break.  Right now our percentage for level changes is only at 14%.  It should be closer to 33%.  So, we have a long way to go.


4.    Inclement weather - It's that time of the year again when we need to be aware of the Inclement weather policy.  If your school is cancelled, has an early dismissal or late start due to the weather, your adult basic education class will follow suit.


5.    Mid-year GED Graduation - Marshall will be holding a Mid-year GED graduation to honor learners who have earned their GED during May 1 to December, 2007.  It will be held on Sunday, December 9th at 2:00 p.m. at the Senior Center in Marshall.  Hope you will be able to attend and celebrate with us.


6.    Time sheets for December 1 - 15th are due to Barb by noon on Monday, December 17th.


'You may be interested in the data by county.'   Barry

The State Demographic Center has just published new labor force projections covering the period 2005 to 2035.  In addition to the report, there is a downloadable file.  Projections are by county, gender, and age group.

 Martha McMurry
State Demographic Center



8.   'You may be interested in this new technology' -  Pat

        AT Bytes
- December 2007 Issue (pdf)

        Assistive Technology Initiative
      Jen Mundl, Lead Assistive Technology Specialist
      Courage Center


9.  12th Annual Minnesota Development Conference: McElroy Speaks about SEED Initiative, now live on the web:

This is the 16th edition of "Positively Minnesota: Partners for Job Growth," a newsletter by, for and about the Workforce Investment Boards and other essential partners. This newsletter aims to provide a useful forum for the exchange of ideas and an effective venue for clarifying goals and policies.  We welcome your comments and suggestions, and we'll try to address them in future editions of the newsletter. Please send your comments to



10.     The latest edition of WorkForce Wisdom, the quarterly newsletter for businesses, is here.   Read about the new MN Employee Benefits Survey, a personnel records law change, new health care legislation and see what the unemployment rate is in your county.  Also, you still have time to register for the upcoming employer seminar: Preventing Harassment in Your Workplace. See page 3 of the newsletter for more info.


11.     A new research brief from Bella -
 'Attached is a research brief on myths surrounding grammar and its teaching.  The audience is advanced ESL, ABE and GED.' 
     Bella Hanson


12.     'The Schwan Food Company and US Bank have many new listings.  Please encourage your customers/clients/consumers to check them out.  Many of these jobs don't require much more than a HS diploma (or equivalent) and minimal experience.  The first number listed is the company Requisition ID number...used on the respective company's job site at either or  The second is for'
The Schwan Food Company:  ( or
QA Technician/3rd Shift - 35229 / 5831262 (HS + 0-2 years)
QA Technician/1st Shift - 35317 / 5832442 (HS + 0-2 years)
Sales Service Specialist - 35397 / 5832446  (HS + 0-2 years)
Sales Service Specialist - 35399 / 5832459 (HS + 0-2 years)
Financial Analyst I or II - 35383 / 5832425 (BS + 2-5 years)
General Manager Location I HS - 35318 / 5832428 (Bs + 5-7 years)
Machine Operator B - 35212 / 5832440 (HS + 6 months)
Collector Associate - 111540 / 5831269
Financial Analyst I - 109859 / 5831275
Financial Analyst I - 109860 / 5831877 (BS + 1-3 years)
Sales Tax Coordinator - 110899 / 5831879 (HS + 2-3 years)
Collector Associate - 114439 / 5832376 (HS + 1 year)
Credit Support Specialist - 114560 / 5832384 (HS + 2-3 years)
Customer Service Rep 2 - 114584 / 5832393 (HS + 6 months)
General Clerk 3 - 114419 / 5832401 (HS + 1-3 years)
General Clerk 4 - 114580 / 5832404 (HS + 3 years)
Credit Review Specialist 2 - 112639 / 5832409 (BS + 2-3 years)
Customer Service Rep 2 - 111909 / 5832412 (HS + 6 months)
Customer Service Rep 2 - 111903 / 5832415 (HS + 6 months-2 years)
Customer Service Rep 2 - 111920 / 5832419 (HS + 6 months-2 years)
Universal Banker 1 - Lamberton, MN  - 112603 (not posted on minnesotaworks yet, but on the US Bank site)

Jill Rysdahl
Minnesota WorkForce Center
Lyon County Courthouse
607 W. Main Street
Marshall, MN  56258
(507) 537-6236


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