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January 21, 2004


1.  The minutes from the January 15 Consortium Meeting have been posted.  Also posted are some photos from the meeting. Check them out here.


2.  Meeting summaries for the "Marketing Your Agency" sessions are available at the Business Connection Link. They can be downloaded in Word format or Acrobat Reader format.


3.  The MLC is offering a series on online in-service workshops on a variety of “Technology in the Classroom” topics. You can choose one sessions or choose them all.  Click on the following link to read a description of the classes being offered:

Any staff interested in taking any if these classes, let me know and I can help set you in the computer lab or on your home computer.  Give this a try - there's some real cool sessions- Charles.


4.  “The ESL chat with MN Department of Ed ESL Specialist Diane Pecoraro scheduled for January 19th at 10:00 am has been rescheduled to February 3rd at 3:00 pm. You can be part of the chat session.  Go here to read the details:

As stated above, I will be glad to help you get logged in - let me know - Charles


5.  Walmart Job Order Update:  Take a look at the job order for Super Wal-Mart ( jo#0114042) 
for the most updated info on the recruitment and hiring process. (Although we have the apps and they may complete them and leave them at the WFC, we encourage applicants to apply (or bring completed applications) in person to interview at the Marshall WorkForce Center between JANUARY 31ST AND FEBRUARY 25TH 2005, Monday through  Friday 7AM - 7PM  and Saturdays from 8AM  until noon.)  Denise Myhrberg
6.  Latest word is that TVF may open anywhere from March 1 to March 15.......if you know of anyone who is interested in working at TVF please encourage them to complete an application for TVF at the WFC and we will get their app to the hiring manager at TVF.   Thanks.  I will let you know more about TVF as info becomes available.   Denise Myhrberg
7.  Tele-Media Grant – This grant offers opportunities for the Marshall ABE to develop materials that students can access on-line.  It also offers opportunities for video-conferencing.  In the near future, some training will begin.  Teachers interested in this training should let Pat, Barb or Charles know.
8.  The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here.  (Also read more on Walmart and the Turkey Plant at the link below).
9.  From the Trivia Department
Want to see what a website looked like a year or 2 years or 10 years ago.  Go to the address below, type in a website address and you can see what the site looked like at any point in the past.  I typed in - I looked at what our website looked like 2 years ago - we've come a long way!  Try it on some of your favorite websites.
10.  Thought for the Week:  One of the chief objects of education should be to widen the windows through which we view the world.  -Arnold Glasgow
11.  TECH TIPS – How to fight Malware in 2005

Viruses, worms, and Trojan Horses, Oh My!  There’s lots of stuff out there trying to wreak havoc on your computer.  There’s adware, spyware, hijackers, toolbars, and dialers.  According to researchers, as many as 80% of all computers have some form of malware (malicious software) on them.

Here’s some brief definitions:

Virus:  a program replicates (copies) itself to other programs it comes in contact with on a hard drive.  A virus can do damage to a computer system or to data files on the computer.

Worm:  a program, similar to a virus, but can also copy itself to others via email.  You usually get a worm by clicking on an infected email attachment or a link within the email itself.  Worms can damage system files and data files on a hard drive.

Trojan Horse:  technically, not a virus because it does not replicate itself, but rather is carried by another program that looks very innocent and in fact useful (a cool game, for example).  A Trojan Horse may erase your hard drive, steal your personal information, steal passwords, perform other tasks like launch a denial of service attack, and more.

Adware:  places advertisements on your screen – just when you don’t want them.

Spyware:  sends information about you by searching your hard drive to other people who don’t have you best self-interests at heart.

Hijackers:  takes control of your web browser – takes you to websites you don’t want to go to.

Toolbars:  they are installed into the Internet Explorer browser and are useful add-ons – if they are legitimate.  There are many malware toolbars.  But Google and Yahoo have toolbars that are actually excellent (I recommend the Google toolbar).

Dialers:  these programs set up your dial-up modem to dial 1-900 numbers and leave you with a whopping telephone bill.  Beware – these dialers do their dirty work without even being detected.

OK – so what’s a person to do?  Here are 5 FREE programs that you can use to clean your computer and keep it clean from all types of malware.  You should download all of these programs and use them regularly.

The first 3 of these programs, Spywareblaster, Spybot Search and Destroy, and Ad-Aware all do basically the same thing.  But each one may find things the others do not find – so use them all!


Spybot S&D:

Ad-Aware Personal Edition:

The next program, Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware is the newest product out to combat malware.  This is beta software, which means it is in the testing phase.  But I have read many articles that say it is worth getting now and using now.

Anti Virus software
AVG is a great anti-virus software program.  It doesn’t have all the features of other commercial programs, like automatic updates, but it does a good job scanning your computer for viruses.
(One of the best pay-for antivirus programs is Norton Antivirus).

Get the software.  Use it regularly, and you will stay clear of viruses and malware  in 2005.

Here’s a very comprehensive article on malware (malicious software).

That's it - have a great week!

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