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February 23, 2007


These announcements are posted on the internet.  If you do not receive them or cannot open the links, go to the website and read the announcements on-line.




1.  Time Sheets - The time sheets for February 16th - 28th, are due March 2nd. 
2.  February Attendance/Intakes/Casas - are due on March 2nd.
3.  SW ABE - Marshall Region Staff Meeting - We have set the date for the next SW ABE - Marshall Region Staff Meeting for Saturday, March 31st.  We will probably start around 9:00 a.m. and try to be done by 2:00 p.m.  Please RSVP no later than March 15th.  Or, if there any big conflicts with the date, please let us know ASAP.
4.  EXIT Packets - Thanks to all of you for getting these in on time:)  It is much appreciated.
5.  SW Spring Regional - is scheduled for Friday, April 27, 2007 at Jackpot Junction Convention Center in Morton, MN.  The featured Speaker is Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman.  Read more about the workshop at this link.
NOTE - Pat is requesting that as many of you as possible attend this meeting.  We will NOT be holding classes at any sites on this day.

6.  From Barry Shaffer:  In case you missed the "Sector Strategy" meetings that were held in Duluth, Mankato and St. Cloud, here is a summary of the meeting prepared by Claudia Kinville.  Click on the link below.
7.  The MN ABE Professional Development Coordination Team and the Minnesota Literacy Council (MLC) would like to invite all ABE staff to participate in MLC's new online discussion boards.  Click on the link below to read more.
8.  The Marshall Independent featured 2 students from the Marshall ABE who appeared before legislators at the state capital as part of the Literacy Minnesota Legislative Forum.  You can also read the text of the speech give by Mohamed Ahmed.   Read the complete story here: 
9.  From Astrid Liden, ABE Professional Development Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Education:
The National Institute for Literacy Focus on Basics Discussion list is hosting a discussion on Transitions from GED to Postsecondary next week.  For more info: 
10.  The February, 2007 issue of NetNews has been posted on the website.  NetNews is an online devoted to adult literacy by the Learning Disabilities Association of Minnesota.
11.  From Astrid Liden, ABE Professional Development Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Education:
Hello PD Coordinators:  I am resending a message that was sent at the end of January regarding the Literacy MN ABE Promising Practices initiative - see below for details.  Our next Literacy MN Professional Issues committee meeting is Friday, March 2nd, but we have not yet received any Promising Practice submissions from the field.  We were hoping to review the first round of submissions at this meeting and then post them to the web to get the ball rolling on this project.  So...I'm coming to you to see if you could help out.  Would any of you be willing to either submit a "promising practice" or find a colleague to do so by next Thursday at the latest?  It doesn't need to be anything earth shattering, just something that has worked well in your class or program.  And the form is really easy to complete.  Please let me know if you can help out!
Click on the link below to read more
12.  This week's research brief sent by Bella Hanson has been posted on the website.  The title of this research brief is Mission accomplished…it’s learnable now: Voices of mature challenged spellers using a Word Study approach written by Donita Massengill
13.  Fyi -  From Barry Shaffer:   New report on the future problems facing the American workforce - - ABE is a solution.  American workers will be less literate in 2030 than today.  So says America’s Perfect Storm, a new report from the Educational Testing Service (ETS).  As better-educated workers leave the workforce, incoming workers with lower skills will not qualify for high-wage jobs that are growing.  Instead, workers will compete with each other, and new immigrants, for low-wage employment.  To avoid a bleak future, the report says we need to handle the combined effect of: skill gaps in reading and math; a labor market rewarding higher skills; and an increasingly diverse population.  For the report, executive summary, and PowerPoint click on


14.  From Katy Mohabir:  I thought I would share with you our on-line newsletters, web site etc for our volunteer lit project.  Sandy does such a good job!!!  One newsletter is for tutors, the other for learners. Please share with anyone you choose.  and

They are also linked from the tutor and learner pages on the Literacy Project’s web site at  

15.  **SAVE THE DATE**  -  The ABE Regional Workshop is Friday, April 27, 2007 at Jackpot Junction Convention Center in Morton, MN.  The featured Speaker is Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman.  Read more about the workshop at this link.


16.  If you've missed an announcement from a previous week, you can always find it on the Announcements page.  All announcements are archived at:
17.  From the Trivia Department:   Ever shop at IKEA?  Now you can shop on-line.  Check out the IKEA website here.

18.  Trivia Fact of the week:  When it comes to animals, what are the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum?

Answer:  The chambers of a cow, deer, giraffe, or other ruminant's stomach - listed in the order that food passes through them.


19.  Tech Tip:  Google Search Site   

An invaluable search tool to use with Google is the “site search.”  Some sites allow the user to search just their site with a special search bar placed right on the webpage. 


The Marshall ABE has such a search bar on the home page.  If you look at the bottom of the first page, you will see it there – it says Google and there is a space to type in the search words you want to use and on the right, a button that says “Google Search.”  And under that are 2 choices – you can choose to search the WWW (that stands for World Wide Web, or the entire internet), or you can choose to search just the website.


So, here’s how it works.  Say that you want to find articles about Marshall ABE that were written in the Marshall Independent. You would type marshall independent (you don’t have to use capital letters) in the blank search box and then you would select to search the website by clicking on the small radial button (the circle) next to it.  (It probably was already selected since that is the default selection).


OK –now just click on the “Google Search” button.  You will get several pages of links to articles about Marshall ABE that appeared in the Marshall Independent.  BTW, we use the articles on our website by permission from the Marshall Independent.  Say, we get pretty good coverage by the Marshall Independent.


Not every website gives you the ability to search their site in this way.  But you can still do it using the neat Search Site feature of Google.  Here’s how it works.


A while ago, I was driving in the car and listening to an interview on NPR (National Public Radio) with an incredible classically trained pianist.  This pianist also had the gift of improvising, and she was demonstrating it on the radio.  She was playing some classical selections on the piano and then improvising based on the classical theme.  I was totally amazed and some weeks later, I wanted to re-listen to the interview and music I had heard.  Well, of course, I didn’t remember the name of the pianist, or even what country she was from.  All I could remember was that she was a pianist and she could improvise.


Well, let’s give our Google Site Search a try.  I opened Internet Explorer.  Of course, Google is one of my Home pages.  (Do you remember from a couple weeks back that you can have multiple home pages in Internet Explorer 7 – see Internet Explorer 7 Tech Tip)


To do a site search for my improvising pianist, I typed the following:

     improvise pianist


The words “Improvise” and “pianist” are my search terms. The word site: (followed by a colon) says that I just want to search a specific site.  The site is the site I want to search.  I then clicked on the Google Search button


It worked!  I got one page of links using those search terms at, and the first link has the exact interview I heard on the radio that day.  The pianist is Gabriela Montero. She is from Venezuela.  And there is a link to listen to the interview.  Pretty neat!


Well, give it a try.  Go to a website and search just that site for some information.


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