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March 11, 2005
Hello Everyone,
Here's the announcements.
1.  Time Sheets are due in the office (to Barb) no later than noon on Monday, March 14th.  With Easter break approaching, the District Office needs the payroll ASAP, so anything I get after the deadline will need to wait until the next pay period.   Barb
2.  Also from the District Office comes this message:
Just a note requesting that anyone you hire from now on complete the form for "direct deposit" of their wages.  It will be mandatory with the Marshall School District, as of July 1, 2005, that all individuals paid through our district be direct deposit and that we will also be going paperless at that time.  All individuals will have access to payroll information on-line.
3.  End of Year - As we approach the end of our student contact hours year (April 30th), please be sure to keep in mind that you should do as much post testing as possible.  For accountability purposes, we must indicate whether or not a student has achieved a level change during the year.  Thanks.  Barb
4.  GED Graduation is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th at MN West in Granite Falls.  Anyone who has earned his/her GED since May 2004 through April 2005 is eligible to participate.  I will be sending out information to Marshall GED Test Center graduates.  If you have students that have earned their GED at a different test site, and you would like them to receive the information, please let me know their names and addresses.  Barb
5.  For Marshall staff:  As Turkey Valley begins its operation we need to revisit our class schedules to consider how to best meet this new need.  We have had numerous individuals stop at our office to ask about our class offerings when they have been participating in orientation for Turkey Valley at the courthouse.   A tentative date that has been set to discuss this is Wednesday, April 13th at 3 pm here at the Marshall office.  I would ask each of you consider ideas to be brought to this meeting to most effectively meet the needs of these new Marshall residents.   Turkey Valley Human Resource personnel will also be asking their employees of their opinions of what types of services they want and time frames that best accommodate their schedules. 
A definite meeting time will be sent out in the first week in April.   I would expect all instructors to be present as your input is invaluable.   Thank you.  Pat
6.  Information and registration forms on Spring Regional Inservices co-sponsored by the Literacy Training Network and the Minnesota Department of Education is available at the link below.  The date for the Southwest Regional is Saturday, April 16 and it will be held at Jackpot Junction.  
7.  The March 11 Legislative Update from Marty Seifert is on-line.  Click on the ink below.
8.  We also received an update from Rep. Colin Peterson.  If you want to read his update, click on the link below.  It is and Acrobat Reader file (pdf) (184K)
9.  The Marshall Chamber has a legislative update.  This is in Acrobat Reader (pdf) format (100K).  Click on the link below to read this update.
10.  MLC (Minnesota Literacy Council) is offering training workshops in technology.  Some classes are on-line and some are on-site.  Click on the link below to read about the classes.
11.  Invest in Education (For Your Own Safety) - Read this informative article by Tom Johnson on the link between education and incarceration.
12.  MinneTESOL, Adult Interest Section
(Almost) Spring 2005 Workshop, Friday March 18, 2005, 1:00 - 3:30pm
Best Practices in Working with Low-Literacy Adults by Patsy Vinogradov

This interactive workshop will focus on instruction for adult students with limited literacy in their first languages.  We'll talk about what special challenges this population presents, and how teachers can use six basic principles to help their students learn more effectively.  A variety of classroom activities will be presented, and participants will have many opportunities to network and share their own frustrations and successes.

Lehmann Center, Room 344. 1006 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Free parking is available in the parking lot, entrance on Colfax Avenue.  Space is limited. Please call (612) 668-7078 and leave your name and phone number if you plan to attend.
13.  From Lois Schmidt, Bremer Nonprofit Resource Specialist:  We have planned a March 31 training & networking opportunity in Willmar of interest to organizations that work with volunteers.  Willmar, Marshall, Redwood Falls and other southwest/west central MN organizations are cordially invited to attend this session;  A perfect opportunity to network with others in your field right before we turn the calendar page to the month of April and its focus on volunteers, activities and recognitions.  Click on the link below for more information on this session.
14.  The Minneapolis Foundation invites you to help shape Minnesota's Agenda on Immigration at three Minnesota Meeting events this Spring, beginning March 21.  Click on the link below to download an Acrobat Reader (pdf - 127K) file to read more information about these meetings.
15.  To remind yourself of announcements from previous weeks, go to Staff Information.
16.  The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here. 
17.  From the Trivia Department:  Like cats?  Here's one you can play with online - move the mouse.
18.  Thought for the week:   The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands, and work outward from there  -Robert M. Pirsig

19.  TECH TIP:  Display Properties – Screen Resolution


First, let’s define terms:

Display – in this case the word “display” means computer monitor.

Properties – in this case the word “properties” means the settings or attributes of the computer monitor.


There are 2 ways to get to Display Properties.

  1. Right-Click on the desktop – but not on an icon.  (The desktop is the entire screen area of your monitor that you see when there are no windows open).
  2. Click on Start-> Control Panels-> Display.

What can you do in the Display Properties?

You can set the properties (settings or attributes or characteristics) of your monitor – things like screen resolution, backgrounds, screen savers, and colors,  


When you go to Display Properties, a window will open and you will see 5 tabs:  Themes, Desktop, Screen Saver, Appearance, and Settings.


This Tech Tip will deal with just the Settings tab.


The Settings tab is where you can set your screen resolution and color depth.  The screen resolution is the number of pixels (dots) your computer uses to display what’s on the monitor.  You will see a slider that moves (slides) from left to right to change the resolution.  As I move my slider from left to right, I get these various resolutions:

  •  800 by 600
  • 1024 by 768
  • 1280 by 1024
  • 1400 by 1050
  • 1600 by 1200

You may not have as many options as I have on my computer.  The number of options depends on your hardware – your display adapter and your monitor.


Higher resolutions allows for a larger screen area in which to view what’s on the screen.  But, the icons, text and graphics all become smaller in size.  Many people like smaller resolutions because it is easier on their eyes – everything is larger and easier to see.  Some people like higher resolutions because they want to see more on their screen and they don’t mind that everything is smaller.


An 800x600 resolution means your screen uses 800 pixels (dots) across the screen (left to right) by 600 pixels from top to bottom.  This is the resolution that most people use, especially if they use the older CRT monitors. 


A 1024 by 768 resolution is commonly used by some laptop users or computers with flat panel monitors. 


At any rate, you set the screen resolution at whatever is comfortable for your eyes.  One thing to consider is that a higher resolution like 1024 by 768 allows you to fit more on your screen and you are less likely to have to scroll to see in the information.  This is very nice when you are on the internet – you can see more on your screen.  (Although, I might add that most web site creators “optimize” their web page for 800 by 600 screens).


OK – go ahead and experiment with the screen resolution.  Move the slide to a higher (or lower) resolution and see if you like it.  Remember the trade-offs – larger type but smaller viewing area– or smaller type and larger viewing area.  Which one do you like?


Future tech tips will deal with other options in the Display Properties.


That's it for this week





ABE Cuts:  We have set up an ABE Cuts page to keep you informed and be proactive in the issue of President Bush's proposed budget cuts for Adult Basic Education.  We will post new links and information as we get them.  But - the immediate issue is that we need your help now.  We need you to contact your representative and senators to urge them to continue funding of Adult Basic Education.

Click on the link below and follow the instructions to send an email to your representatives.  It's easy (and it's fun)!  And check this link periodically to find out what's new.
NOTE:  We would love to see how this campaign is going.  If you use the links to send an email, please let us know.  Just click on REPLY to this email and say, "I did it."  (I've heard from some already!)

Lyon County Government Center  •  607 W. Main St.  •  Marshall, MN 56258  •  (507) 537-7046


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