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March 16, 2007


These announcements are posted on the internet.  If you do not receive them or cannot open the links, go to the website and read the announcements on-line.



1SW ABE - Marshall Region Staff Meeting - We have set the date for the next SW ABE - Marshall Region Staff Meeting for Saturday, March 31st.  We will probably start around 9:00 a.m. and try to be done by 2:00 p.m.  An agenda will come with next week's announcements. 
2.  SW Spring Regional - is scheduled for Friday, April 27, 2007 at Jackpot Junction Convention Center in Morton, MN.  The featured Speaker is Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman.  Read more about the workshop at this link.
NOTE - Pat is requesting that as many of you as possible attend this meeting.  We will NOT be holding classes at any sites on this day.  Also, please do your own registration and request reimbursement following attendance at the meeting.
3.  Looking ahead to April:
April 6 - Good Friday - The office will be open.  Classes will be at the instructor's discretion.  Please advise the office whether or not you will have class.
April 9 - Easter Monday - The office will be open.  Classes will be at the instructor's discretion.  Please advise the office whether or not you will have class.
April 27 - Spring Regional - The office will be closed; There will be NO classes.  Instructors are requested to attend Spring Regional.
4.  CASAS Testing - Be sure try to get those level changes before the end of April!  Thanks again for all your work in this area.


5.  The Spring Regional is April 27.  There is a flyer with more information at the link below.

Please note that there will be a session provided on Transitioning Students into Higher Education.  We are encouraging each program to have at least one individual from their program attend this as this will be the focus by the State department for some federal money next year.  Also here is the information on this session.  Please note they want to limit this session to 8 persons and you must preregister to be in this session.


6.  The 2007 Statewide Summer Institute is seeking presentations.  I would encourage staff to consider presentations they might want to give at the Summer Institute this August 8-10.   Please note CEU's will be provided for preparations and presentations.  Pat

There is a form available on the website at this link.


7.  Literacy Minnesota and the Minnesota Community Education Association (MCEA) are hosting their second annual summer conference focused on ABE issues.  The  ABE Statewide Summer Institute will held on the gorgeous St. John's University Campus in Collegeville August 8, 9, 10.


8.  The March Volunteer Coordinator Newsletter for ABE professionals has been posted on our website.  Read it here.


9.  The research brief forwarded by Bella is Integrating Reading and Writing into Adult ESL Instruction by Dan, Rabideau, Literacy Assistance Center


10.  From Barry Shaffer and the Workshop Planning Team:  Peer Presentations Sought

We are looking for programs that would be willing to share 15 to 20 minute presentations at the spring ABE Grant Application Workshops on the following topics:


1.       Assessment and attendance policies; and

2.       Curriculum - - present a description of one or more of the following:

-          the consortiumís curriculum framework,

-          scope and sequence,

-          curriculum alignment,

-          curriculum development process,

-          other ideas ??


These presentations will provide ideas/topics for discussion during additional workshop activities. If you have policies or curricula that are working well for your program, this will be a great opportunity to share those ideas with others.


As you know, there will be four Grant Application Workshops. We need presenters on each of the two above topics for each workshop. Presenters would not be obligated to present at more than one workshop.  The workshops will be held on the following dates:


          Owatonna 4/18/2007

          Roseville 4/20/2007 and 4/27/2007

          Brainerd 4/25/2007.


If you are interested in presenting, please let me know by replying to this message. Please let me know by March 16th.  Thanks.

Barry and Workshop Planning Team



11.  Vital Aging Conference:  Donít miss this opportunity to attend this Vital Aging Conference on May 8th at SMSU in Marshall. Cost is $10.00 and registration is limited.  Charlie Boone, a WCCO personality is the Key-note speaker with excellent work shops on seniors and the community.  A conference flier can be downloaded at the link below.


12.  There are 4 MAVA Community Coordinator positions open.  Read more about these openings, including a job description.


13.  From Tobias Spanier, Regional Educator Leadership & Civic Engagement University of Minnesota Extension Regional Center Ė Marshall


This year, I'm working with a project that is examining the current state of civic life in Minnesota.  This project is part of my involvement with the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute Policy Fellows program.  One important part of this project includes a survey that we are using to find out what Minnesotans throughout the state think about civic life and their roles as individual community members.


I'm asking for a few minutes of your time to share your thoughts about civic life.  Your participation will help us identify some of the shared civic values that tie Minnesotans together.  We will use this information to stimulate further public discussion and orient future efforts to energize civic life throughout the state.


Please follow this link to complete the survey:


Also, please forward the link to your Minnesota family, friends, and colleagues.  We want as many Minnesotans as possible to let us know what they think through this survey.


Please let me know if you have any questions.  And in advance, please accept my thanks for helping me with this project.  Tobias


14.  Here is an update from the Minnesota Budget Project


15.  ST. PAUL - State Representative Aaron Peterson announced on Monday that a toll-free tax assistance number has been reinstated for Minnesota taxpayers living in Greater Minnesota.

According to Peterson, residents of outstate Minnesota who have questions about their state tax return can now call the Minnesota Department of Revenue toll-free to get their questions answered.

"I'm very pleased the Commissioner of the Minnesota Revenue Department realized that it was a mistake to eliminate this toll-free number," said Peterson. "People living outside of the metro area should have the same opportunity for free phone assistance that taxpayers living in the metro area have."

Individual Taxpayer Self Service 800-657-3676 Individual Taxpayer Assistance 800-652-9094 Collection Assistance 800-657-3909 Sales Tax Assistance 800-657-3777 Withholding Assistance 800-657-3594
16.  Financial empowerment is having the knowledge and skills to make informed judgments and effective decisions about money management.  Here is information on workshops being held in April 

Budgeting to Create Savings

Debt Reduction and Asset Building

Building a Good Credit Rating

Consumer Protection

Working with Financial Institutions


Where:  Western Community Action

(2nd Floor of Wells Fargo Bank)


When:  April 3, 10 & 17, 2007 (Tuesday evenings)

6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.     

(Need to attend all three nights to complete class)


All consumers are welcomed. 

Please call Western Community Action to register

at 507-537-1416 or 1-800-658-2448.


17.  Here are 2 upcoming events:

I encourage folks to consider attending the Disability Racism Conference.  The speech will given by Willie Nesbitt, Community Ed Director, out of St Paul.   I believe it will be excellent! ~Pat

Wednesday, April 11  -  Money Matters:  Starting, Managing, and Planning for an Endowment Fund

Sponsored by the Fundraising Professionals of Southwest Minnesota

Willmar Public Library, Preregistration required by April 1

Wednesday, April 4  -  The Reality of Disability and Racial Attitudes

Sponsored by Southwestern Center for Independent Living &

SMSU Office of Cultural Diversity

Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall. No preregistration required

NOTE:  Their are brochures posted to these events on the website here:


18.  If you've missed an announcement from a previous week, you can always find it on the Announcements page.  All announcements are archived at:
19.  From the Trivia Department:   This is a neat site to get TV listings for your area.  It's better than TV Guide or Yahoo Listings.  Type in your zip code and your cable provider and you set.  Give it a try.

20.  Trivia Fact of the week:  What sport gave us the term stumped - meaning "defeated" or "outwitted"?

Cricket  -  during the game, the pitcher who succeeds in hitting the wicket, or stump, has outwitted the batter.


21.  Tech Tip:  The Quick Launch Toolbar

The Quick Launch toolbar (QL) is a very handy way to launch an application.  Just one click and you can start any application that is in the QL toolbar. 


First, where is the QL toolbar?  It is usually right next to the Start Button in the lower left hand corner of the screen.  I say, ďUsually,Ē but in this Tech Tip, you will discover how to place it in another location to make it even more handy and beneficial to use.


There are, of course, other ways to start an application. 

  1. You can click on the Start Button, and click on All Programs, and then find the program you want to startup.  Not a very convenient way to start a program.
  2. Or, you can create a shortcut to a program on your Desktop and then double-click on that shortcut every time you want to start a program.  Problem with this is that you have to clutter up your desktop with shortcuts.  (I hate cluttered desktops). 
  3. You can create keyboard shortcuts to start a program.  I didnít know you could do that!)  Yes, you can. 

         Make a shortcut on your desktop to a program. 

         Right-click on that shortcut you just created and click on Properties

         Click on the box next to Shortcut Key. 

         Type any letter you want to use for that shortcut.

Now you can press the shortcut key with the Ctrl and Alt keys to start that program.  The problem with this one is that you have to remember a zillion shortcut keys to start your various programs.


OK Ė back to the QL toolbar.  You can add as many shortcuts to the QL toolbar as you want.  Itís simple.  Just drag the icon of any application into the QL toolbar and it is added automatically added.  You can also drag folders or even files to the QL toolbar.  


You can add a lot of icons to the QL toolbar.  I actually have 36 icons (shortcuts) in my QL Toolbar.  Wow!   If you have a lot of icons they will be hidden because the QL toolbar is not that big.  To show all the icons, click on the little arrows (they look like this >>) and a popup will appear with the complete list of shortcuts.


Or, you can actually expand the size of the QL toolbar Ė make it longer, so that more icons are visible.  Just drag the dotted vertical line on the right side of the QL toolbar and drag it to the right to make it wider.  Well, you probably donít want to do this because it will use up precious space in the taskbar that you want to save for open applications.


So now we are going to move the QL toolbar to a different location.  I have moved my QL toolbar to the top of the screen.  Then I widened it so that all the icons are showing.  Remember, I have 36 icons (shortcuts) in the QL toolbar.  I have easy access to all my favorite programs.


Hereís how do you move the QL tool bar from the lower left hand corner (next to the Start Button) to the top of the screen. 

  • Place the cursor on the left side of the QL toolbar over the dotted vertical line
  • The cursor will change into a line with 2 arrow heads. 
  • Drag the QL Toolbar to the top of the screen and release the mouse button. 
  • It may be too tall, so drag the bottom margin upward so that it takes the space of only one row. 
  • Thereís one more thing you have to do.  Right-click in a spot in the toolbar where there is no icon and click on Always on Top.  The toolbar will now always be on you screen even when you are using an application.


Thatís it; you have moved the QL toolbar.  Now drag as many icons as you want into the toolbar.  Also, drag folders that you use regular Ė like the My Documents folder.  Drag the My Computer icon into the toolbar to have quick and easy access to that folder.  Drag any file that you use and upend to frequently. 


Is there a negative to placing the QL toolbar at the top?  A tiny one.  It uses a very small portion of your screen that you werenít using before.  If you have a very small monitor or use a small screen resolution, then you may not want to give up that small space.  Most screens these days are very large and you wonít be sacrificing much space at all.


Well, give this a try.  If you donít like it, you can always put the QL bar back down next to the Start Button.  To reverse the process:

  • Quit all applications
  • Right-click on the QL toolbar where there is no icon and click on Close Toolbar.
  • Now right-click in the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Point to Toolbars and click on Quick Launch.


With the QL toolbar at the top of the screen, you have a more functional Quick Launch toolbar with as many icons in it as you want that you can use to start your programs.


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