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March 18, 2005
1.  Marshall Staff - Remember to let the office know if you will be holding classes on March 24, 25 and 28 (Easter Break for the school district).  It will be at your discretion if you want to hold classes any of these days, BUT the office and your students must be informed.  Barb
2.  End of Year - As we approach the end of our student contact hours year (April 30th), please be sure to keep in mind that you should do as much post testing as possible.  For accountability purposes, we must indicate whether or not a student has achieved a level change during the year.  Thanks.  Barb
3.  GED Graduation is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th at MN West in Granite Falls.  Anyone who has earned his/her GED since May 2004 through April 2005 is eligible to participate.  I will be sending out information to Marshall GED Test Center graduates.  If you have students that have earned their GED at a different test site, and you would like them to receive the information, please let me know their names and addresses.  Barb
4.  For Marshall staff:  As Turkey Valley begins its operation we need to revisit our class schedules to consider how to best meet this new need.  We have had numerous individuals stop at our office to ask about our class offerings when they have been participating in orientation for Turkey Valley at the courthouse.   A tentative date that has been set to discuss this is Wednesday, April 13th at 3 pm here at the Marshall office.  I would ask each of you consider ideas to be brought to this meeting to most effectively meet the needs of these new Marshall residents.   Turkey Valley Human Resource personnel will also be asking their employees of their opinions of what types of services they want and time frames that best accommodate their schedules. 
A definite meeting time will be sent out in the first week in April.   I would expect all instructors to be present as your input is invaluable.   Thank you.  Pat
5.  Visit the RCDC (Rural Cultural Diversity Coaliton) to find out about activities and news in our area.  Some new items have been posted.
6.   Senate approves Kennedy Amendment to Add $5.5 Billion Dollars for Education Programs to the Senate Budget Resolution


YOU DID IT!   At 4:45 pm today the Senate approved the Kennedy Amendment by a vote of 51-49. Thanks to all of you who influenced every Democrat to support the amendment and special thanks to those of you in Ohio, Maine, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania who convinced Republican Senators DeWine, Collins, Snowe, Chafee, and Specter to support the amendment.   (Note:  Senator Norm Coleman also voted for the amendment!)


Adult Education was mentioned specifically in Senator Kennedy's opening remarks in the debate. The Senate Budget Resolution will go to a conference committee to reconcile with the House version, so this action does not guarantee any additional funding. However it puts the Senate on record that education in general and adult education in particular is a higher priority than was evident in the President's budget

7.  From Barry Shaffer - Good news on the federal front! 
I know there have been some extraordinary efforts going on by certain Minnesota ABE folks behind (and in front of) the scenes – let me know if you were among the zealots/heroes that talked with Norm Coleman’s office in the last few days – I want to keep an advocacy list of honor. (For example I know that MLC took some students to the Washington Value conference and met with their legislators and Literacy Minnesota committee folks made some key calls as well.)  I’d like to know who was active in this SUCCESSFUL campaign.


Let’s hope we can sustain this momentum for restoring federal education funds. 
(You can email Barry at


8.  The MLC is once again adking for proposals for a Curriculum Development Mini Grant.  You may read the guidelines for this grant by clicking on the link below.


9.  Here is a website from Jill Miller (Monticello ABE) for students of business English for the Workplace

The entire site is dedicated to business English for ESL students.  There are other nice links on this page.

10.  The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here.
11.  From the Trivia Department:  This trivia is courtesy of Barry Shaffer.  First click on the link to read the legend of St. Urhof.  Then click on the link below that to go to this St. Urhof website and read more about the fascinating legend.  (The music is great, but press the Escape key (if you can find it) to stop the music).
12.  Thought for the week:   Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.  -Abigail Adams
13.  TECH TIP:  10 Amazing Internet Explorer Tips and Tricks

Here are some amazing IE (Internet Explorer) Tricks and Tips.  They are so cool that I rated them with smiley faces - 1 to 5.  5 smileys means it’s the coolest! (If you don't have the Wingdings font - you might now see the smileys - no tellin' what you'll see.)


1.  Here’s an easy way to scroll through a webpage   JJJJJ

Press the spacebar and you will scroll down a page.  Hold down the Shift key and press the Spacebar and you will scroll up a page.  So Cool


2.  Here’s an easy way to type in an address in the address bar without having to click in it. JJJJJ

Press Alt-D, then type in the address.  Very Nice!


3.  Use IE in full screen mode   JJJJ
Press F-11 (the F keys are in the very top row of the keyboard) to put IE into “full screen” mode.  You will use the entire screen for the viewing a webpage – except for the topmost toolbar.  So take it a step farther.  Right-Click on that toolbar at the top of the screen and click on Auto-Hide.  Now, even the Toolbar is hidden.  It comes back if you move the mouse to the top of the screen.  Cool!


4.  Set the IE window size and position    JJJJJ
This bugged me for a long time.  I open IE and the window is a weird size.  You can set the default size of new IE windowss so they always open to the size that you specify.  Open IE, and resize it and reposition it exactly the way you would like all new windows to look.  When it’s perfect, hold down the Shift Key and close the window.  The next time you start IE (or open a new window) it will be your preferred size and screen position!  Very Cool!


5.  Change the font size of a webage.   JJJJ

Ever go to a webpage and the type size is microscopic.  You can make the type size bigger by holding down the CTRL key and turning the mouse wheel.  Move the wheel up, the size gets smaller.  Move the wheel down, the size gets larger.  Cool – on my eyes!


6.  Open a link in a new window  JJJJ

Hold the Shift key when you click on a link.  The link will open up in a new browser window.  When you are done looking at that page, just close the window and you are right back to your original page.  Pretty Cool!


7.  Go back to the previous webpage – or forward to the former one.   JJJJJ

Stop hitting that back button!  You can go back to the previous webpage by holding down the Shift key and turning the mouse wheel.  Turn it down – you go back.  Turn it up – you go forward.  Slick!


8.  Want to set a new homepage - or does your homepage keep getting reset by your teenage son?  (Your homepage is the page you go to when you start IE).   JJJJ

Go to the page you want as your new home page.  Drag the icon in the Address Bar (next to the word Address) to the Home icon (the little house) in the Standard Toolbar.  You will get a message asking you if you want to set your home page to that address – answer “Yes.”   Great Time Saver! 


9.  You can easily determine when a web page was last updated. JJJ
     (1)  Open up the page you want.
     (2)  Enter:   javascript:alert(document.lastModified) in the Address bar
Note:  Your browser must be java capable to do this.
(This is nice but too much typing.  You can take this a tip a bit farther by clicking on the link below and learning how to make a link which is placed in the Links Bar or in your Favorites so that when you click on and it automatically gives you the date and time the webpage was modified.  If you’re a little bit of a techie, try it – it’s fun and useful - definitely gets JJJJJ).  Click on the link below.


10.   A new way to scroll   JJ

Don’t have a scroll wheel on your mouse.  You can right-click on the scroll bar (extreme right side of the screen) and you get several options to scroll.  The Top and Bottom takes you to the top and bottom of the webpage instantly.  Try them all.  This works even if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse.  (Not very useful but very interesting).


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