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March 1st, 2008


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1.  Time Sheets for February 16 to February 29 are due in the office by noon on Monday, March 3rd.
2.  Attendance/CASAS scores are due in the office on Monday, March 3rd (or earlier)
3.    Exiting Students/CASAS
            * Information on Exiting Students has been sent to everyone that needs the information.  Exits were due back to Barb by February 25th.  If you have not returned them, do ASAP.

4.    March Dates/ Holidays
            *  Friday, March 21 - Good Friday - No classes!  
               *  Monday, March 24 - Easter Monday - Classes at teacher's discretion.  Please advise the office as to what you will be doing.  If your school district has additional days off, you may want to adjust this schedule to fit that.  Please keep us advised of what will be happening.


5.   Inventory - You were given information on Inventory at the January meeting.  A reminder that these should be turned in by April 15th.  


6.   "Save Your License Workshop" - Friday, March 14, 2008 - The Southeast and Southwest Regional ABE Professional Development Coordinators of the Minnesota Department of Education along with the ATLAS program at Hamline University offer this workshop opportunity to meet teacher re-licensure requirements.  CEUís indicating attendance will be provided.  Registration information for this workshop can be found at  Click on the Calendar of Events link.
If you wish to attend, you should do your own registration (but let Barb know).  We will pay mileage if it is car-pooled; hotel - more than one to a room; one out of the area evening meal; and registration.  You will also be paid wages according to the number of CEU's earned. 


7.  Spring Regional - Friday April 18 - Jackpot Junction - If you wish to attend, you should do your own registration (but let Barb know). You will be reimbursed once you have attended - again paid according to number of CEUs earned. We will pay mileage - please try to car pool if at all possible.


8.  Computer position - Emma Volz has taken a new job with Lincoln County as the GIS Specialist.  Emma's last day with us was Thursday, February 21st.  We wish Emma well as she begins her new career opportunity.

We are in the process of trying to find a replacement for Emma.  If you know of anyone that might be interested, please encourage them to call the office or submit an application.


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