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March 2, 2007



These announcements are posted on the internet.  If you do not receive them or cannot open the links, go to the website and read the announcements on-line.




1.  SW ABE - Marshall Region Staff Meeting - We have set the date for the next SW ABE - Marshall Region Staff Meeting for Saturday, March 31st.  We will probably start around 9:00 a.m. and try to be done by 2:00 p.m.  It looks like we will have a good turn out for this meeting.  So far we have Marn Frank from LDA, and Sara Jensen from the WorkForce Center on the agenda.  We are also hoping to have someone from Legal Services speak on immigration issues.
2.  SW Spring Regional - is scheduled for Friday, April 27, 2007 at Jackpot Junction Convention Center in Morton, MN.  The featured Speaker is Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman.  Read more about the workshop at this link.
NOTE - Pat is requesting that as many of you as possible attend this meeting.  We will NOT be holding classes at any sites on this day.
3.  The March Class Schedule for Marshall ABE has been posted on the website.  See it here:

4.  Here is information on the National Work Readiness Credential. Barry Shafffer
To access the presentation Louis Soares, Executive Director of the National Work Readiness Council, gave on February 22, 2007 at the Eisenhower Community Center in Hopkins, please go to
5.  A legislative  update from Tom Cytron-Hysom has been posted.  Please read the update and take some time to contact
your legislative folks by letters or phone calls or visits, and then let Tom and myself know.
Thanks! Pat Thomas
6.  From Barry Shaffer:  In case you missed the "Sector Strategy" meetings that were held in Duluth, Mankato and St. Cloud, here is a summary of the meeting prepared by Claudia Kinville.  Click on the link below.
7.  The MN ABE Professional Development Coordination Team and the Minnesota Literacy Council (MLC) would like to invite all ABE staff to participate in MLC's new online discussion boards.  Click on the link below to read more.
8.  The Marshall Independent featured 2 students from the Marshall ABE who appeared before legislators at the state capital as part of the Literacy Minnesota Legislative Forum.  You can also read the text of the speech give by Mohamed Ahmed.   Read the complete story here: 
9.  From Astrid Liden, ABE Professional Development Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Education:
The National Institute for Literacy Focus on Basics Discussion list is hosting a discussion on Transitions from GED to Postsecondary next week.  For more info: 

10.  **SAVE THE DATE**  -  The ABE Regional Workshop is Friday, April 27, 2007 at Jackpot Junction Convention Center in Morton, MN.  The featured Speaker is Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman.  Read more about the workshop at this link.


11.  If you've missed an announcement from a previous week, you can always find it on the Announcements page.  All announcements are archived at:
12.  From the Trivia Department:   Where do all the funny forwarded emails that people are sending you come from?  From Frogview, of course.  If you like getting those forwards, this site is for you.

13.  Trivia Fact of the week:  What is a cross between a corgi and a dachshund called?

A dorgi.


14.  Tech Tip:  Using Windows Search Companion

Help!  I lost a file and I can’t find it.


Ever have that happen to you?  Of course you have – everyone loses a file every once in a while.  So if you know how to use Windows search tools, you can find the file easily and quickly.  Windows XP calls their search tools “Windows Search Companion” – hereafter referred to as WSC.


First, the keyboard shortcut to opening up the Search tools is F3Press F3 and you will get WSC.  Or do it the old fashioned way – click on Start, then click on Search.  The Search Results window will appear.


Time to start your first search.  The first thing you need to determine is what you want to search for.  If you can narrow down what you want to search for, you can save time.  For example, if you are looking for a Word document, you would select Documents.  If you are looking for a picture, you would select Pictures, music or video.  By selecting one of these options, your search will look through just those types of files. 


  • If you select Pictures, music or video, you can speed up your search by selecting one of the options under “Search all files of a certain type…”
  • If you select Documents, you can further narrow your search down by clicking on one of options under “Last time it was modified:.”
  • If you select All files and folders, then your search will take longer, but it will search more comprehensively for any type of file or folder. 

Remember, the more you narrow down your search criteria, the faster your search will be.


You can use Advanced Search options in all of these searches which will help speed up your search even more.  For example, you can specify where to search for a file (or folder).  If you save all your documents in the My Documents folder, you can select to search in just that folder.  This will save you quite a bit of time. 


Or you can specify things like the file size or the date the file was modified.  Or, if you are searching for a file that has text, you can search for “A specific word or phrase in the document.”


So, be sure to try to use the advanced features in your searches. 


If you search for a file and it results in dozens or hundreds of files found, then you will get the option to refine the search by narrowing the search criteria.  I just searched for “tt” (that’s how I name my Tech Tips), and that resulted in 351 file names that had “tt” in the file name – it’s time to refine that search a bit.


One other option is searching for files on other computers that are a part of your workgroup or network.


One last thing, you will notice that you have the option of using Indexing Service (for faster local services).  Don’t use this option!  It does not significantly increase the speed and efficiency of your searches, but it does slow down your computer in general because it has to continually update the index.  The way it works is that when you are supposedly not doing anything on your computer, it will decide to update the index of your files.  This will eventually drive you crazy.  And I would hate for anyone to end up in an asylum because they were using the indexing feature of WSC.


Now the important stuff.  The default animated animal ( or object) is the dog – his name is Rover.  If you click on Rover, you get 3 options:  (1) You can choose a different animated character, (2) you can turn off the animated character, or (3) you can ask the animated character to do a trick.  Well, I’m a cat man myself, so I changed the animated dog to Links, the cat.  And on a slow day, I ask Links to do tricks for me.  He’s not as good at the tricks as Rover, but you know how cats can be!!


Practice your searches and you’ll always be able to find that lost file.


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