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March 9, 2007



Hello Everyone,
These announcements are posted on the internet.  If you do not receive them or cannot open the links, go to the website and read the announcements on-line.




1.  Time Sheets for March 1-15 are due March 16th.
2.  SW ABE - Marshall Region Staff Meeting - We have set the date for the next SW ABE - Marshall Region Staff Meeting for Saturday, March 31st.  We will probably start around 9:00 a.m. and try to be done by 2:00 p.m.  Please RSVP no later than March 15th. 
3.  SW Spring Regional - is scheduled for Friday, April 27, 2007 at Jackpot Junction Convention Center in Morton, MN.  The featured Speaker is Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman.  Read more about the workshop at this link.
NOTE - Pat is requesting that as many of you as possible attend this meeting.  We will NOT be holding classes at any sites on this day.
4.  Walnut Grove Staff Change - FYI:  Jamie Verdeck has resigned her ABE/ESL position in Walnut Grove effective February 28th.  We thank Jamie for all the fine work she has done and extend to her our best wishes.
5.  Remember to Spring Ahead for Daylight Savings time this weekend.  Set your clocks forward one hour.


6.  Here is a cultural event that is coming up on March 17.  Read about it here


7.  The 2007 Statewide Summer Institute is seeking presentations.  I would encourage staff to consider presentations they might want to give at the Summer Institute this August      8-10.   Please note CEU's will be provided for preparations and presentations.  Pat

There is a form available on the website at this link.


8.  KEYC Channel 12 Mankato aired the second segment in a series about the Hispanic Businesses in Worthington on Monday at 6 pm.  They did an OUTSTANDING job of crediting the Southwest Initiative Foundation for the positive things happening for Hispanic entrepreneurs in that community through our Hispanic business consultant, Adolfo Avila, and the Micro-Enterprise Program. 

You can find the text version of the story as well as the video clip at:

9.  The research brief forwarded by Bella is "The Impact of Content-Based Instruction."  Read this research brief as well as many others here.


10.  From Barry Shaffer and the Workshop Planning Team:  Peer Presentations Sought

We are looking for programs that would be willing to share 15 to 20 minute presentations at the spring ABE Grant Application Workshops on the following topics:


1.       Assessment and attendance policies; and

2.       Curriculum - - present a description of one or more of the following:

-          the consortium’s curriculum framework,

-          scope and sequence,

-          curriculum alignment,

-          curriculum development process,

-          other ideas ??


These presentations will provide ideas/topics for discussion during additional workshop activities. If you have policies or curricula that are working well for your program, this will be a great opportunity to share those ideas with others.


As you know, there will be four Grant Application Workshops. We need presenters on each of the two above topics for each workshop. Presenters would not be obligated to present at more than one workshop.  The workshops will be held on the following dates:


·          Owatonna 4/18/2007

·          Roseville 4/20/2007 and 4/27/2007

·          Brainerd 4/25/2007.


If you are interested in presenting, please let me know by replying to this message. Please let me know by March 16th.  Thanks.

Barry and Workshop Planning Team

11.  From Barry Shaffer:  In case you missed the "Sector Strategy" meetings that were held in Duluth, Mankato and St. Cloud, here is a summary of the meeting prepared by Claudia Kinville.  Click on the link below.
12.  The MN ABE Professional Development Coordination Team and the Minnesota Literacy Council (MLC) would like to invite all ABE staff to participate in MLC's new online discussion boards.  Click on the link below to read more.
13.  The Marshall Independent featured 2 students from the Marshall ABE who appeared before legislators at the state capital as part of the Literacy Minnesota Legislative Forum.  You can also read the text of the speech give by Mohamed Ahmed.   Read the complete story here: 



14.  Here is information not only about our upcoming federal budget briefing, but also about our upcoming state budget briefing and our efforts to improve the state's budget process.  Click on the link below.

If you'd like to regularly receive email information about all the work of
the Minnesota Budget Project - on the state and federal levels - please let us know by replying to this email or by visiting the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits' subscription page and subscribe to the Minnesota Budget Project update.

15.  Financial empowerment is having the knowledge and skills to make informed judgments and effective decisions about money management.  Here is information on workshops being held in April


Budgeting to Create Savings

Debt Reduction and Asset Building

Building a Good Credit Rating

Consumer Protection

Working with Financial Institutions


Where:  Western Community Action

(2nd Floor of Wells Fargo Bank)


When:  April 3, 10 & 17, 2007 (Tuesday evenings)

6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.     

(Need to attend all three nights to complete class)


All consumers are welcomed. 

Please call Western Community Action to register

at 507-537-1416 or 1-800-658-2448.


16.  Here are 2 upcoming events:

I encourage folks to consider attending the Disability Racism Conference.  The speech will given by Willie Nesbitt, Community Ed Director, out of St Paul.   I believe it will be excellent! ~Pat

Wednesday, April 11  -  Money Matters:  Starting, Managing, and Planning for an Endowment Fund

Sponsored by the Fundraising Professionals of Southwest Minnesota

Willmar Public Library, Preregistration required by April 1

Wednesday, April 4  -  The Reality of Disability and Racial Attitudes

Sponsored by Southwestern Center for Independent Living &

SMSU Office of Cultural Diversity

Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall. No preregistration required

NOTE:  Their are brochures posted to these events on the website here:


17.  If you've missed an announcement from a previous week, you can always find it on the Announcements page.  All announcements are archived at:
18.  From the Trivia Department:   Who's on first?  Remember that Abbott and Costello routine?  Here is a take off of that skit but this time the dialog is between President Bush and Condoleezza Rice (Condi).  It's a riot!  Read it here:

19.  Trivia Fact of the week:  What are you playing if you're involved in a game of octopush?

Underwater Hockey  -  read more here.


20.  Tech Tip:  The Windows Registry

According to Wikipedia, “the Windows registry is a database which stores settings and options for the operating system for Microsoft Windows.”  The Registry is kind of like the Macintosh Preference Folder.  It stores “preferences” for your operating system, for your hardware, and for practically any program you install on your computer.  So the registry is important. 


Now remember, every time you install a program on your computer, the preferences for that program are added to the registry.  If you decide later to uninstall the software, what happened to all the stuff that was added to the registry?  Well, if it was a well-written program, the registry entries are all deleted when you uninstall. 


But not all programs are that well written.  Some programs – probably many programs, do not clean themselves up when you uninstall them and all those registry preferences stay floundering around in the registry.  So, if you do a lot of installing and uninstalling of software, you are likely to have a bloated registry that will slow down you computer intolerably. 


That may be enough to think twice about whether you really want to take a chance and install that software on you computer.  On the other hand, if you don’t take that chance, you may miss out on a lot of great software.


If you have a relatively new computer, your registry probably isn’t bloated.  You have not added and removed a lot of software yet.  If you have an older computer – say more than 2 or 3 years old, then you may have a bloated registry.  Over the years, you probably have installed and uninstalled a lot of programs. 


What should you do if you feel you have a bloated registry?  Well, you can manually edit your registry and delete all the outdated an obsolete preferences..  But that is not for the faint of heart.  If you mess with your registry, you may not be able to startup you computer.  Which means, you may need to reinstall your operating system – or at the least, repair it.


There is a number one rule for those who want to mess with their registry and manually edit it.  Make a backup of the registry.  If something goes wrong, you can always restore the backup.  In fact, you probably want to back up your entire hard drive.  There is a special way to edit the registry – but I’m not getting into that.  You can do a Google search, “How to edit the registry.”  You will get plenty of help on how to it   


On the other hand, there are some neat tools that can help you clean up the registry without having to get a PhD in computer science.  You can use a Registry Cleaner.  A registry cleaning program can search through your registry and find items that are no long needed and, in fact, should be deleted from your computer.


These registry cleaners are reliable and easy to operate.  And you won’t mess anything up.  Ok – my disclaimer – you should still back up your registry just in case something does go wrong. 


There are many good registry cleaners.  And there are even some good free ones.  I will tell you about 2 registry cleaners to check out.  One is freeware and one is commercial.  The commercial one is called jv16 PowerTools 2006.  You can read about it here and cough up around 30 bucks if you want to buy it.  (Read the testimonial on the left side – pretty interesting).


The freeware registry cleaner is called EasyCleaner.  This is a great program – now as many bells and whistles as the commercial one, but does quite a good job at helping to restore your computer to a “like new” condition.  I’ve tried this one and was very happy with its performance. You can read about it here:


One last thing – If you have an older slower computer, then you may want to get into this.  If you have a new computer – don’t get into it just yet – wait a couple years before you start to worry about “registry bloat.”  Want to learn more about the registry - a good place to start is with the Wikipedia article – here:


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