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April 15, 2005
1.  End of Year - As we approach the end of our student contact hours year (April 30th), please be sure to keep in mind that you should do as much post testing as possible.  For accountability purposes, we must indicate whether or not a student has achieved a level change during the year.  I will be looking forward to receiving many CASAS post test scores when you turn in the Student Contact Hours for April.  This information will be due in the office on Monday, May 2nd.  Please plan ahead. 
Once I have all the hours, intakes and Casas information entered into the data base, I will be sending you a list of your active students asking you to do year end exits/carry overs.  This will need to be a quick turn around as I will that you have this information back to me by May 16th.  Our state report is due June 1st and I have to put all 4 sites (Marshall, Granite Falls, Worthington and Jackson) into one report so your cooperation is essential.
Thanks.  Barb
2.  GED Graduation is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th at MN West in Granite Falls.  Anyone who has earned his/her GED since May 2004 through April 2005 is eligible to participate.  I will be sending out information to Marshall GED Test Center graduates.  If you have students that have earned their GED at a different test site, and you would like them to receive the information, please let me know their names and addresses.
Also, if instructors involved with GED will be attending the graduation, please let me know.  There will be things that you might be assigned to do that evening.  You will be paid for the time spent at the ceremony (approximately 2 hours), mileage will be paid ONLY if you car pool.   Barb
3.  As you know, Marshall ABE is replacing the computers in the computer lab.  The old computers are being offered for sale to staff members (first).  The price is $250.  The specifications of these computers is as follows:  Pentium 3 running at 1Ghz, 128 MB Ram, 20 GB hard drives, CD ROM, 3 1/2 floppy drive, and includes 16"CRT monitor, keyboard, and mouse. After this week, we will be offering the computers to students and others for purchase.  If you are interested, please contact Barb.
4.  Summer Plans - Please be thinking about your plans for the summer - will you be conducting class as usual or will it be modified in some way?  Let the office know as we will be looking to make sure all classes offered are COST EFFECTIVE.
5.  Wish Lists - We will not be asking for Wish Lists this year.  If you have an item that you think is an absolute necessity let us know and it will be considered.
6.  Family Literacy - During the past week, we have made the difficult decision NOT to run Family Literacy in its current configuration next year.  Funding is not available.  Instead, HeadStart, ABE, and ECFE are looking at the possibility of offering co-located classes.  We are not sure what this will look like for sure as it remains in the discussion stages. 
7.  Consortium Staff Mtg - We are looking to hold our next consortium staff meeting during June.  Right now plans are to do a day-long meeting during the 2nd or 3rd week of June.  More information will follow as details are firmed up.
8.  Last week we learned that Best Western was giving away all of their beds.  I'm not sure if they are still available.  Jeff is the contact person out there for anyone who needs a bed and is able to go and pick one up. - Pat
9.  The US Department of Health and Human Services will be celebrating National Women's Health Week from May 08 to May 14, 2005. More information can be found at
10.  A new legislative update has been posted by Marty Seifert.  Click on the link below
11.  A legislatrive update by Aaron Peterson is also available.  Click on the link below.  This is an acrobat Reader file (,pdf)

12.  One of the best adult education resources is the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL).  Their research-based publications include their instructionally oriented quarterly Focus on Basics, their policy quarterly Focus on Policy, Study Circle Guides on a number of topics for professional development and program improvement, as well as, any number of research reports. Their new website is:

13.  The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here.
14.  From the Trivia Department:   Did you finish your taxes? 
Here's some Frank and Ernest tax cartoons to lighten things up for you..
15.  Thought for the week:  Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.  -Johann von Goethe
16.  TECH TIP: 
The Windows Character Map


Ever have the need to use special characters in a Word document or an email – like these - ¢ ® ¿ é ë ñ.  


If you have used special characters in Microsoft Word, you probably did it by clicking on the Insert menu and selecting Symbol


You probably haven’t inserted special characters in an email because you probably didn’t think it is possible (there is no Insert -> Symbol option in Outlook).


But there is another way to insert special characters into a document or email using the Windows Character Map.  Try this – start a new email or a new Word document.  Now click on the Start Menu, then click on Programs (or All Programs), then click on Accessories, then click on System Tools, then click on Character Map.  (Don’t want to do all that??? Then click on Start and select Run.  Then type charmap and press Enter).


The Character Map chart pops on the screen.  Choose the font you want to use – click on the down arrow in the Font section.  Find the character or symbol you want to insert.


There are two ways to actually insert the symbol into your email or Word document.

  1. You can click once on the symbol, then click and drag the symbol to your document.
  2. You can click on the symbol, click on Select, then click on Copy.  Go to your email or document and paste it in the symbol.


Some characters have a special number code that you can type in to get the character.  That code will appear in the lower right hand corner next to the word Keystroke. The keystroke for an accented é is 0233.  To use this keystroke, you must use the number pad on the right side of the keyboard.  Be sure the Number Lock key is on.  Hold down the ALT key while pressing the number keys.  Your symbol will pop into your document.


I once had a friend named Raphaël Julián Nuñez de Ésteban.  Good thing he knew about the Character Map!


For some charts of special keystrokes, see these sites:


Spanish Special Characters


French Special Characters


Other language charts can be found here


More Special Character keystrokes can be found here



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