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April 20, 2007


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1.  Time Sheets for April 15 - 30th are due in the office by noon on Tuesday, May 1st.
2.  April attendance/CASAS/Intakes -  need to be to Barb by May 2nd.  Once I have the data entered, you will receive instructions for year-end exits.
Plea for action   - The House recommends $3.5 million in new funding over the biennium, in addition to a 3% annual funding increase already in statute. The Senate does not recommend any new funding......
I would encourage each of our staff to contact these folks now.   Each contact made with them will make a big difference as to whether ABE funding will survive through this committee.
Thank you!
Subject: Plea for Action
Yesterday, I emailed information about the need to contact the Conference Committee, asking that they adapt the House position regarding ABE funding. PLEASE take the time to make a few calls to those listed below. Sherry Munyon tells me that whether we are able to obtain the additional money passed by the House is directly related to the contacts we make. Please ask your teachers, volunteers, etc. to call or email, also. If you are a constituent of any of those listed, it is double important that you make contact. Thank you!
Conference Committee Members:
Rep. Mindy Greiling, 651-296-5387,
Rep. Carlos Mariani, 651-296-9714,
Rep. Nora Slawik, 651-296-7807,
Rep. Patti Fritz, 651-296-8237,
Rep. Bud Heidgerken, 651-296-4317,
Sen. Charles Wiger, 651-296-6820,
Sen. Kathy Saltzman, 651-296-4166,
Sen. Gen Olson, 651-296-1282,

Tom Cytron-Hysom
phone: 651.695.1734
fax: 651.695.1773

"Adult Basic Education and Learning (ABLE) cannot continue to be viewed in isolation, as a separate educational goal Š but rather as part of the overall education, training and learning system and policy at national and international level. ŠTo educate children, it is essential to educate adultsŠ This is the importance of educating adults, for their own sake and for the sake of children, for the present and for future generations. Š
                                                                                                                            --Rosa Maria Torres
                                              Linguist, educator, social activist
                                     Former Minister of Education and Culture for Ecuador

4.    GED Graduation is set for May 15th in Granite Falls.  Plan to attend. 
5.    Summer Plans - It's that time of the year again.  Please let us know if there will be any changes to your classes due to summer vacations.  Please turn in your plans by May 1st.
6.     Instructional Materials - We have a limited amount of funds to be used for instructional materials.  "Wish Lists" for these materials should be turned in to Barb by May 1st.



7.    Certified Nursing Assistant Class for Second Language Learners  FREE! Please contact Marshall Adult Education at  537-7046.  The CNA Class is Monday–Thursday for 6 weeks starting April 30, 2007.  First come first serve basis (only 10 people per class)
8.  Here is the registration information for the May 21 and 22, 2007 ESL Workshop at Hamline University  (MS Word document  PDF format).  Please post and forward this announcement to your colleagues.
 Thanks!    Astrid

9.   The Minnesota Department of Education is proud to host its annual ESL, Bilingual, and Migrant Education Conference on May 3-4, 2007, at the RiverCentre in St. Paul, Minnesota. We invite all who work with English Language Learners in K-12 ESL, bilingual, Migrant Education, mainstream, Special Education, and Adult Basic Education programs to attend.  To register for the conference, go to:       REGISTER NOW – Registration deadline is April 20th.     See a preview of all of the sessions being offered at the conference.
Training Scholarship for Short Term Training Programs for Refugees/Asylees  --- 
Dolly Palacio-Roa of the MN Department of Human Services has sent a notice from the Dakota County Technical College (Rosemount Campus) of a training scholarship available to refugees and asylees. Details and qualifications can be found at the link.
 11. The Weekly Workforce Update from the National Governor's Association (NGA) Center for Best Practices for April 9, 2007 is available.
12.    Health care bill benefits all Minnesotans. Cover All Kids, health care reform take center stage. State Representative Aaron Peterson (DFL-Appleton) said that the House Health Care bill released on Wednesday signifies a
monumental step forward for Minnesota. The bill will not only provides health care for every child in the state by 2011, it also proposes significant reform that will bring down health care costs for everyone in the state.
13.    From Barry Shaffer:     I just found out about two grant opportunities that you may want to consider.  See the NCFL announcement. 
If your program applies, please let me know and I would be happy to write a supportive letter from the ABE office.  I will not be endorsing programs that are outside of our state-funded ABE system. I think programs within our network of consortia have a “leg-up” on the competition due to your experience with accountability procedures and a history of positive outcome performance.

If any staff have ideas how this grant opportunity could work in your region, please contact your coordinator with your ideas!"  Pat
14.  The 2007 Statewide Summer Institute is seeking presentations.  I would encourage staff to consider presentations they might want to give at the Summer Institute this August 8-10.   Please note CEU's will be provided for preparations and presentations.  Pat

There is a form available on the website at this link.


15.  Literacy Minnesota and the Minnesota Community Education Association (MCEA) are hosting their second annual summer conference focused on ABE issues.  The  ABE Statewide Summer Institute will held on the gorgeous St. John's University Campus in Collegeville August 8, 9, 10.


16A new research brief forwarded by Bella: Promoting Success of Multilevel ESL Classes: What Teachers and Administrators Can Do  by Julie Mathews-Aydinli and Regina Van Horne, from Center for Adult English Language Acquisition.



17.   The Weekly Workforce Update from the National Governor's Association (NGA) Center for Best Practices is available for review here:


18.    Vital Aging Conference:  Don’t miss this opportunity to attend this Vital Aging Conference on May 8th at SMSU in Marshall. Cost is $10.00 and registration is limited.  Charlie Boone, a WCCO personality is the Key-note speaker with excellent work shops on seniors and the community.  A conference flier can be downloaded at the link below.


19.    Financial empowerment is having the knowledge and skills to make informed judgments and effective decisions about money management.  Check out the   financial literacy site -

20.    The Minnesota State House unveils significant property tax relief bill - Members of the House DFL Property Tax Relief Committee unveiled their plan on Monday to provide significant and permanent tax relief to Minnesota homeowners, as well as increase the fairness of our state's tax system.


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