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May 25, 2007




Welcome to new staff-

Karen Neece (replacing Sue Hollingsworth) -  will be teaching GED/ABE classes in Redwood Falls and at the Lower Sioux Community Center.    Karen was born and raised in southern Iowa.  She has survived 5 Minnesota winters and is now enjoying the lush green of the beautiful SW Minnesota spring season.  Karen has an education degree from Northwest Missouri State University.  She is married and has two sons, ages 27 and 24.  Reading and cooking are her two favorite hobbies. Karen also enjoys being involved with  church activities.  She looks forward to being a part of the GED program.  Welcome Karen!

Emma Volz (replacing Shaunna Berg) - will be teaching computer classes in Marshall.  Emma attended school at Normandale, MSU-Mankato, and SDSU.  She has a degree in Environmental Science and Ecology, with a master's in Georgraphy.  She and her husband, Mark, live in Marshall. Emma is ready to help us with our computer questions and has already started connecting with her students.  Welcome Emma!

1.  Memorial Day - The office will be closed on Memorial Day - May 28th.  There will be no classes.  Enjoy the holiday.


2.  Time Sheets for May 16-31 are due by noon on June 1st.


3.    Summer Plans - It's that time of the year again.  Please let us know if there will be any changes to your classes due to summer vacations.  I have only heard from a couple of you.  This is important for summer planning and to give students correct information.


4.  Material Orders - I will be ordering materials during the first week in June.  If you have not given me your Wish Lists, now is the time to do it!


5.    Apply today to become a Volunteer Impact Leadership Training Series trainer!


      Are you interested in expanding your training skills?

      Becoming a greater asset to your organization and community?

      Being part of a statewide collaborative effort?

     Helping your colleagues become successful volunteer resource leaders? 

Volunteer Resources Leadership is a peer-to-peer initiative in which volunteer leaders train their colleagues on the essential elements of leading volunteers.  As a trainer, you will join many MAVA colleagues across the state in an exciting training partnership and you will be part of an initiative that has gained national attention.  Your effort will build the quality and quantity of volunteerism in Minnesota by helping organizations and communities maximize volunteer impact.   

Train the Trainer will be held in

Alexandria, June 6, 2007, 10:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m.

Co-Hosted by the Heart of Lakes United Way  

Through the train-the-trainer workshop, you will learn how to use a well-designed MAVA-approved curriculum and how to become a more effective trainer.   MAVAs Volunteer Impact Leadership Training Series is composed of eight modules on the key elements of effective volunteer resources leadership. It is based on materials developed by volunteer leadership expert Betty Stallings.  We are looking for trainers across the state.

  • Are you familiar with volunteer leadership best practices?
  • Do you have experience presenting to groups or facilitating workshops?
  • Do you have the flexibility to provide seven MAVA-sponsored workshops during the next two years (for which you will be offered a stipend and mileage reimbursement)?

Trainers will receive a stipend and mileage reimbursement. Trainers will be asked to commit to delivering a minimum of seven 1 hour training modules over the next two years.  

Application materials and additional information attached.  For more information call 651-255-0469 or e-mail Applications for the Alexandria training due by May 28,2007. 

This is a great opportunity to enhance your professional skills while helping others become successful leaders of volunteers. 



6.    Announcement from Pat -

"I would encourage both staff and students who made a contact with their elected legislators during the past year to send a note of thanks to them. The following is a summary from Barry Shaffer on the content of the bill that was passed (barring a veto from the governor). Let me know if you have questions regarding any of this.

We had originally requested an additional 10 million dollars to our base revenue.  As you can see we did receive an additional 3.6 million. I thank all of you who did make contacts with these representatives and do made a difference!"

       To:  ABE Managers

HF 2245 was passed by the MN House and Senate last night.  The bill contained several provisions that were advocated for by Literacy Minnesota.

It is significant to note that the bottom line for ABE is:

>From FY 2007 to FY 2009 (3 years) ABE will realize an 11.4% increase in ABE state aid.  That increase is:  $4,259,000
            FY 2007 = $37,486,000
            FY 2008 = $40,347,000
            FY 2009 = $41,745,000

The bill is online at:

Below are the changes for ABE that are included in the bill:

-          Line 144.24: corrects the 3% funding error in ABE state aid for FY 2007
-          Line 135.20: increases funding for FY 2008 state ABE aid (total increase = 7.6% -  3% of which is an annual statutory base increase)
-          Line 135.21: increases funding for FY 2009 state ABE aid (total increase = 3.46%)
-          Line 132.32: eliminates the contact hour revenue cap for FY 2008 only
-          Line 132.34: establishes a new contact hour revenue cap of the greater of 11% or $10,000 for FY 2009 and beyond
-          Line 132.17: raises the gross contact hour revenue cap from $21 to $22
-          Line 135.29: continues supplemental adult literacy grants ($1,250,000) for ESL services for FY 2008 only

The GED testing subsidy appropriation did not change from previous years and the 3% annual increase to our state aid base remains in law. I am told by agency legislative staff that the Governor has a three-day window of possible veto or line-item veto power.  I don't care to speculate on this - you will have to watch your local news.

I am generally pleased with the outcome of this session - considering other bills have been vetoed and this one was on the verge of not getting finished on time.  After my office receives contact hour information (due June 1) from all consortia, we can begin the spreadsheet projections to determine the contact hour rate for FY 2008. By the way, I will be presenting a concurrent session at the Summer
Institute which will focus entirely on explaining the ABE funding formula.



7.     NEWS RELEASE - May 21, 2007, NYC -- On behalf of the National Commission on Adult Literacy...  

"This 67-page report - MOUNTING PRESSURES FACING THE U.S. WORKFORCE AND THE INCREASING NEED FOR ADULT EDUCATION AND LITERACY - verifies the need and importance of ABE services in relation to the US workforce and the Minnesota economy.  The timing seems right for our continuing ABE emphasis in Minnesota on Workforce Education and our new Transition To Post-Secondary Initiative." 

Barry  - see below

MOUNTING PRESSURES FACING THE U.S. WORKFORCE AND THE INCREASING NEED FOR ADULT EDUCATION AND LITERACY    was released today by the Commission's chairman, its study director, and CAAL. The resource document was one of several presentations made at the April 17, 2007 meeting of the National Commission. It was developed by Dennis Jones (President) and Patrick Kelly (Senior Associate & Director, National Information Center) of the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS).  

 This publication consists largely of 50 color graphics reflecting NCHEMS analysis and current data from such multiple sources as OECD, the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the National Center for Education Statistics, the U.S. Bureau of Justice, the U.S. Department of Education, GED Testing Service, and NCHEMS itself. NCHEMS concludes that this data set -- including information on international comparisons, U.S. demographic trends, U.S. education achievement levels, workforce education levels, and other variables -- calls for a dramatically expanded and more effective adult education and literacy enterprise in America. A short introduction and executive summary by the authors accompanies their compelling presentation.  

Although this document should not necessarily be taken to reflect conclusions of the Commission at this stage (its work is still in progress), the Commission is pleased to release it as a public service. Other materials developed for the Commission's April 17th meeting will be provided in the near future. 

MOUNTING PRESSURES... is available in color PDF format at the CAAL website, Bound color copies may also be purchased directly from CAAL ($25 each plus $4.60 postage), for ordering instructions). [Note: This is a large document best "read" in color. Persons able to print only in black and white or having a slow speed connection may do better to order it from CAAL.]  

Bess Heitner
Assistant to the President/Research Associate
Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy
1221 Avenue of the Americas, 46th fl.
New York
, NY 10020



8.  St. John Lutheran Home World Market    Saturday, June 16th, 2007  St. John Lutheran Home in Springfield, MN, will be hosting a 'World Market' featuring entertainment, multi-cultural foods, hand-made works of art, and crafts.    Information and registration information found on their site  -    Reserve your booth space today!   


9.    From Barry Shaffer:
    I just found out about two grant opportunities that you may want to consider.  See the NCFL announcement. 
If your program applies, please let me know and I would be happy to write a supportive letter from the ABE office.  I will not be endorsing programs that are outside of our state-funded ABE system. I think programs within our network of consortia have a leg-up on the competition due to your experience with accountability procedures and a history of positive outcome performance.

If any staff have ideas how this grant opportunity could work in your region, please contact your coordinator with your ideas!"  Pat


10.  Literacy Minnesota and the Minnesota Community Education Association (MCEA) are hosting their second annual summer conference focused on ABE issues.  The  ABE Statewide Summer Institute will held on the gorgeous St. John's University Campus in Collegeville August 8, 9, 10.



11.    From Bella Hanson - A new Research Brief looks at the concept of critical literacy for second language learners and includes twelve critical literacy strategies. Download the Word document here.


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