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May 9th, 2008


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Remember - all correspondence needs to be addressed to:



1.  Exit information was mailed to you this past week.  The Exit information is due back to Barb by May 15th.



2.    CASAS - Remember that beginning May 1st we will be phasing in the new Life and Works Reading series.  After May 1st we will use only the Life & Works for reading assessments.  You should have received the testing information.  Please call if you have any questions on this.
3.  Spring GED Graduation is set for Sunday, June 8th.  More information will be coming to you at the date gets closer.  You might just want to put it on your calendar now.
4.  Reimbursement Requests - Any outstanding Requests for Reimbursement should be into the ABE Office by June 30th.  This is so they will be paid in the correct fiscal year.  If your school district is planning to request reimbursement on copies you make, please advise them of this date.


5.  Summer Plans - Some of you have been reporting that you are beginning to make plans for the summer months.  Please let the office know what your plans are in way of holding summer classes.  -- Vacations/days off when there will not be class at your site.  Thanks

6.  Staff Meeting - It's been set for Friday, June 6th.  The exact time and an agenda will be sent later.  Those of you that have classes on Friday, will need to cancel all or part of your classes.
7.  Time Sheets for May 1 - 15, are due in the office by noon on Friday, May 16th.


Attached is a research brief about enhancing students' vocabulary knowledge. The study, which was heavily researched, was done with college students but addresses the ABE population who read slowly, have comprehension difficulties and struggle with the processes of constructing meaning from text.               Bella


9.    Pat     I thought some of you might be interested in some thoughts from ABE reflecting on the fact the legislature passed a bill requiring students to stay in school until 18.  This is from Jim Nicholson in Willmar.........

That age grouping is about 12% of the students we serve. Although it sounds like a great idea to keep kids in school, I think putting it into practice will be much more difficult than the legislature expects. Of that 12%, if we donít see them at 16-18, we will probably see them at 19-20 for the same reasons we see them now.
Willmar Adult Basic Education

...and Judy Mortrude

I think it will mean focusing on the ADULT in adult education. While 16-18
year olds make up a portion of GED testers for us, they make up a very
minimal number of ABE participants -- and that seems right and good to me!
Judy Mortrude of St Paul


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