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June 2, 2005
Hello Everyone,

These announcements are posted on the internet.  If you have trouble reading this email or cannot use the links, you may read them on the internet.
1.  Time Sheets are due in the office by noon on Monday, June 6th.
2.  Consortium Staff Mtg - The consortium staff meeting is scheduled for June 8th beginning at 9:00 a.m. and running to 3:00 p.m. A tentative agenda can be found at:
It will be day-long retreat at Shetek Lutheran Bible Camp - similar to the retreat day we held a couple of years ago. Celeste Mazur and Diane Pecoraro of the State ABE Office will be guests.  Please visit the Shetek Website at for driving directions.  If at all possible please car pool to the meeting.
Marshall Staff - Please check with Barb to see who is attending so we can coordinate car pooling.  Also, there will be no day time classes in Marshall on June 8th; we should be back in time to hold the evening classes.
If you have any questions, give Pat or Barb a call.
3.  Consortium Meeting Assignment - You will note on the Agenda for June 8th a time for "Sharing What Works in the Classroom".  We are asking that each of you share ideas that you have found work well with your students.  You will each be allowed 5 to 10 minutes for sharing your ideas.  If you need handouts, please plan on making 25 copies.  Last time we did this, the evaluations showed that it was the BEST part of the day, so let's come ready to learn about some GREAT ideas.
4.  The June Class schedule has been posted.  Check it out here:
5.  A former Marshall ABE student was one of the recipients of the Bremer 2005 Scholarship Award.  Ayan Warfa is a former ESL student.  Read about her award here:
6.  Does anyone need some used textbooks for adult reading? Our middle school has some books from 7th grade food and nutrition class to discard. They are about 6-7 grade reading level.    Let me know, Jeanne Kelsey
7.  The morning class at the courthouse (government Center) went to see the "Out of Africa" Exhibit by Doug Dybstter at the MAFAC.Doug lived in Tanzania for many years and in New Guinea for two years.  Abdullahi Noor met us there and explained the many artifacts from Tanzania, Papua /New Guinea and Africa.  Check out our pictures and then take some time to go see the exhibit!  -Vickie
8.  Barry Shaffer submitted an interesting article on outlook and retention in adult literacy programs.  Read the article here:


9.  The Bremer Update for Nonprofits is on-line. Read it her.


10.  Fyi -  News article - what one state has to say about the federal ABE budget cut proposal. Barry Shaffer

Read more about ABE cuts here:


11.  An anti-racism workshop is scheduled for June 24th and 25th in Brooklyn Park.  Read about the workshop here:


12.  Here is a news release from USCIS on the new Green Card filing procedure.  Note - this is a PDF file - it will open in Acrobat Reader.


13.  What's new?  We added a Google search link at the bottom of the main page of our website.  You can now search Google right from our website.  Go to the main page - scroll to the bottom - type in your search terms in the Google search bar - click on Search..  NOTE:  You can search just the pages of the website, OR you can search the entire web.

Also, If you are so lucky to live in Marshall, you can also get the latest weather information on the main page.

14.  The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here.
15.  From the Trivia Department:  How popular (or notorious) are you at Marshall ABE?  Type your name (first or last or both) in the new Google search bar at the bottom of the website.  Be sure is selected.  Click the search button.  OK - how many "hits" did you come up with?
16.  Thought for the week:  A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops. - Henry Adams

17.  TECH TIP:  Burn Your CDs with XP


Do you have a CD Burner?  Do you have Windows XP operating System? 


If you answered “yes” to both questions, you will like this Tech Tip.  Windows XP has built into its operating system the ability to burn CDs in very simple steps.  You will use your CD burner in ways you may not have ever thought of.


Here’s how it works.


Put in a blank CD into your CD burner.  You will get a popup screen asking you what you want to do with the blank CD.  One of the options is:  “Open writable CD folder with Windows Explorer”.  Click on that option.  (Note:  if you don’t get that popup, don’t worry – you can still use the XP burning tool – see Alternate Ways to Burn #1 and #2 below).


OK – After you click on “Open writable CD folder with Windows Explorer,” you will get a Window which shows the Drive letter assigned to it (look in the upper-left hand corner of the window).


Now, you can simply drag files or folders that you want to burn to that window.  You will then get a message in the window, “Files Ready to Be Written to the CD”.   Notice the little down arrow on the icon of the file or folder you dragged.  It is a symbol that lets you know this file or folder has not been burned yet – it is waiting to be burned. 


On the left side, click on the link, “Write these files to CD.”  OR, you can click on File menu at the top and select, “Write these files to CD.”    That’s it – your CD burns the files/folders you just dragged to the open window.


Alternate ways to burn - #1

Here are some alternate ways to burn files and folders.  Right-click on a file or folder.  Select Send To, then select the option, CD Drive (D:).  (Your drive letter may be different).


You immediately get a popup message (a balloon) that says, “You have files waiting to be written to the CD.”  Click on the balloon.  You will see the file/folder you right-clicked on.  Once again, click on, “Write these files to CD.”    (You may right-click on other files or folder to add them to the CD before you burn).


Alternate ways to burn - #2. 

You can also double-click My Computer, then double-click on your CD Drive.  Now you can drag files or folders to the open window and burn them as mention above.


Audio CDs

You can burn audio CDs also.  You do need to have Windows Media Player 9.  Drag a music file – like an mp3 file – into the open CD Window and click on “Write these files to CD.”    You will get the option to make an Audio CD or Make a Data CD.  Select, “Make and Audio CD.”  Your Windows Media player will open.  Click on Copy (upper right hand corner).  That’s it; you have an audio CD that any CD player can play.



If you have a CD you previously burned, you can continue to burn additional files or folders to it.  Just open the CD and drag the files or folders you want to add to the CD.  Then click on, “Write these files to CD.”    You can continue adding files or folders to a CD until you fill it up (usually with around 700 MB).  Cool!  (Note: You cannot add music files to a previously recorded Music CD – sorry!)



When you begin working with your burner, some of you may be seeing an additional option called DLA (Drive Letter Access).  This is an option that some computers have that gives you even more ways of making CDs.  But, you’ll have to wait until next week to learn about this.


Meanwhile – happy burning!





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