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June 10, 2005

Hello Everyone,
These announcements are posted on the internet.  If you have trouble reading this email or cannot use the links, you may read them on the internet.

Here's the announcements:


1.  The textbooks from Holy Redeemer are now at the Lyon County Government Center.  They cover grade levels 1 to 4.  If interested in using them or giving them to your students, stop up and take a look.


2.  From Pat:  Marshall Consortium Staff - I would like to request input from you on two issues we spoke about in our June 8th staff meeting.


What is your feeling about our consortium requesting a $10 - $20 material fee once a year of all students?


Would you be willing to be part of pilot project of creating a course outline that would be covered in a 3 month time period for your students?   At the end of the 3 months the students who completed the class would receive the outline on one side of a piece of paper and on the other side would be a certificate of attendance.


Thank you for your input.

3.  We have one computer system left to sell.  The specifications of this computer are:  Pentium 3 running at 1Ghz, 128 MB Ram, 20 GB hard drives, CD ROM, 3 1/2 floppy drive, and includes 16" CRT monitor, keyboard, and mouse.   Software includes Windows 2000, Microsoft Office Professional, AVG Antivirus, and other utility software.  If you are interested, please contact Barb.   (Note: There is only one computer left).


4.  Read about Ali Sirad, a former student of Homework Help, who won an award for his creative writing.


5.  From Barry Shaffer: 
To:  Minnesota ABE Colleagues:
Today, the US House Appropriations Sub Committee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies has restored the entire proposed federal cut ($325 million) for adult education.

This action goes a log way to prevent a drastic cut to ABE that was proposed by the Administration for the 2006-07 program year.  It is expected that the full committee and the House itself will accept these recommendations.  The House action should be concluded in June.

The process of WIA reauthorization that includes ABE (different committee than above) is still going on but no action is really expected during the summer.  The big issue with reauthorization remains the WIA Plus consolidation proposal which would block grant all of the separate WIA funds, like ABE – Title II, into one grant for a state.  The Governor would then decide how to allocate the WIA funds among the various components.  This of course could be a problem if ABE isn’t a priority of the Governor.  As the opportunity arises, I will coordinate efforts with Literacy Minnesota on this issue to implement strategies from the field for influencing Congress.

6.  The Adult Basic Education Office of the Minnesota Department of Education announces a new supplemental services position.  If you want to learn more about this position, click on the 3 links below.  They are Acrobat Reader files (.pdf).

7.  The Literacy Minnesota Professional Issues Committee wants to thank all of you who responded to the teacher salary survey.  If you haven’t done so already, you can check out the compelling results on the Literacy MN web site,


~Dan Bruski, Kristine Kelly, Eric Nesheim, Anne Marie Leland


(For any staff who do review this information regarding salary ranges in ABE in Minnesota,  Marshall staff wages range from $18.15  -  $ 22.35.  -Pat)

8.  The May, 2005 issue of NetNews from the LDA is on-line.  This issue features articles on math instruction and math disabilities
9.  Regarding the possible government shutdown on July 1st, I’d love to say it’s business as usual for all ABE programs, but we fear that there may be some programming authorization and payment issues that could occur.  We are expecting an official announcement from our MDE fiscal office – perhaps tomorrow. 

We would expect that regular ABE programming (excluding categorical programs like EL/Civics and the Refugee grant) would be able to continue – BUT we’re not sure because we might not be able to officially authorize your continuation and/or the state may decide it’s not going to fund any programs retroactively back to July 1.  We don’t know that. 

Stay tuned, I’ll let you know as soon as possible.  - Barry Shaffer
10.  Here is a website with tools from the Jobs Now Coalition which you might find useful for teaching & demonstrations.  - Lois Schmidt
11.  We received this excellent link from Lois - the Hennepin County Library - lots of great information here.
Click on Subject Guides link on the left hand side - great topics to explore.  Also, be sure to check out the Immigration and Citizenship Information page.
12.  The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here.

13.  Two more links that we contribute to and help maintain are the Southwest ABE:

and the Rural Cultural Diversity Coalition:

Be sure to check those out from time to time.


14.  From the Trivia Department:  Like free stuff?  This site has tons of FREE stuff.  Check out especially the free stuff for teachers (click on Teachers from the list on the left side).


15.  Thought for the week:  A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary. ~Thomas Carruthers


16.  TECH TIPS:   DLA – More Burning Tips


DLA stands for Drive Letter Access and it’s new way to write (record) your data or files with your CD recorder (burner).


DLA allows you to use your CD burner just like a floppy disk.  For example, when you work on a Microsoft Word file and are ready to save it, you can save it to your 3½” floppy disk OR you can save it to CD using DLA.  Another words, you can save on a CD just the same way you save to a floppy disk.  The difference, of course, is that a floppy disk holds 1.4 megabytes – a CD holds 700 megabytes.


Do you have DLA on your computer?  Some newer computers come with DLA, like HPs, IBMs, Dells, and many others.  Here’s how to find out:  Double-click on My Computer.  Then right-click on your CD-R or CD-RW drive icon (most times it is the “D” drive).  In the pop-up menu, look for the DLA tab and click on it.  Then, click on the box that says Enable DLA on your drives (this may already be checked).  Click OK.


So, if you have DLA, let’s try it.  The first thing you have to do is format a blank CD – just like you have to format a 3½” floppy disk.  (Well, most floppy disks come pre-formatted).


Insert a blank CD into you CD burner.  Double-click on My Computer again.  Right-click on the CD Drive icon and select Format.  Click Start and click Yes(Note:  There are 2 ways to format a CD – Quick Format and Full Format.  You generally want to do the Quick Format – it is quicker.)


OK - you are ready to save on your newly formatted CD.  Create a file in Word or some other program.  Click on the File menu, then click on Save As (the Word keyboard shortcut for Save As is F12).  At the top of the window where it says Save In, click on the down arrow (to the right of Save in:).  Click on your CD drive icon (it is usually Drive Letter D).  Click Save.


That’s it!  You just saved to the CD using DLA.  You may continue saving files to the CD in the same manner. 


In order to use this CD in other computers, you need to make the CD compatibleRight-click on the CD drive icon (in My Computer) and select Make Compatible. 


Other ways to use DLA

     •  You can right-click on a file or folder and select Send To.  Then click on DLA Drive (or the drive letter of your CD burner).  Poof – you file gets written to your CD. 

     •  You can also drag files or folders from anywhere on your hard drive directly onto your CD Drive icon (in My Computer). 

So you say, this DLA is really cool, but I don’t have it – how can I get it?  There are several ways.  You can buy a new computer system equipped with DLA.  (Alright – get real!) 


OK - you can purchase DLA from Sonic Solutions at this website below.  There is also an informative FAQ to read.

But – it costs around 20 bucks!


IBM has their version of DLA which is free.  It has been reported to work with many non-IBM drives.  I haven’t downloaded it but it may be worth a try.  Here is a link that has a link to the IBM site to download this free version.  There is also more informative information about DLA here.


Finally, some of you may have a version of drive letter access called Direct CD in Roxio’s Easy CD Creator.


Whatever form of drive letter access you have, get a spindle of blank CDs and burn to your hearts content. 


Have a great week.




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