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July 1, 2005
Hello Everyone,
These announcements are posted on the internet.  If you have trouble reading this email or cannot use the links, you may read them on the internet. 

Here's the announcements:
1.  4th of July Holiday - The office will be closed and there will be no classes!!  Have a safe and relaxing holiday.
2.  Student Attendance/Intakes/Casas information for June needs to be to Barb by July 3rd.  Be sure that you are doing CASAS testing as appropriate.
3.  DHS Site Visit that was planned for July 6th has been cancelled. They are hoping to reschedule for later in the month. The purpose of this visit is to review the Family Literacy and Citizenship programs that are funded by the DHS Grant.

4.  Payroll timesheets will be due in the office by noon on July 11th.  I must have all hours worked during the month of June turned in with this payroll.  This is a MUST so that the hours can be charged to the correct fiscal year.


5.  Requests for Reimbursement - If you need to be reimbursed for any expenses that were incurred prior to July 1st, I must have them no later than July 8th.  This too is so that they can be charged to the correct fiscal year.

6.  From Barry Shaffer  -  How the state shutdown will affect ABE services at the state level. 

(Note:  Locally, we will proceed as usual).


7.  The July class schedule for Marshall has been posted on the website.  Click on the link below.

8.  The Adult Literacy Media Alliance, with funding from the National Science Foundation, has created a wonderful multimedia DVD curriculum resource for teaching basic math skills called "TV411 Think Math." We are making "TV411 Think Math" available free of charge to literacy programs who participate in our outreach efforts with public television stations. Click on the link below to find out how to obtain the free DVD.  All it takes on your part is a phone call or email.  (Click on the Learn More link).


9.  From Mark E. Pfeifer, PhD,  Director, Hmong Resource Center, Hmong Cultural Center

We would again appreciate your assistance in helping us spread the word to your networks about the Hmong educational workshops we will be doing on Friday mornings in late July and late August at our center in Saint Paul. Our comprehensive 3 hour public workshops in May and June were at
full capacity.

These workshops do require advance enrollment mailed or brought into Hmong Cultural Center in Saint Paul.  The enrollment form can be viewed at the following link (PDF File) or attachments.  More information available at the link below - it is an Acrobat Reader file.


10.  Here are two links to sites that locate literacy and ESL services anywhere in the U.S.


11.  From Lois Schmidt:  Our July Bremer Update for Community and Nonprofit Organizations is attached.  Please browse through to check out programs, events and connections of interest to you and your work.


12.  From Barry Shaffer - Good news from Washington!  The President’s recommended huge cut for ABE in FY 2007 was rejected by the US House.  The House agreed to provide “same level” funding for ABE.  Senate action is expected later in July.  See details below.

Thank you, Literacy Minnesota for your activism!

13.  We received this excellent link from Lois - the Hennepin County Library - lots of great information here.
Click on Subject Guides link on the left hand side - great topics to explore.  Also, be sure to check out the Immigration and Citizenship Information page.  
15.  The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here.
15.  From the Trivia Department:   Here's a remarkable story from NPR - Kit Armstrong, a child prodigy.  There are several audio files and video files.  Take time to listen to his story and his music.
16.  Thought for the week:  You can observe a lot by just looking around.  -Yogi Berra

17.  TECH TIP:  The New Google Toolbar


Toolbars!  Toolbars!  Toolbars!  There are more add-on Microsoft Explorer toolbars than Carter has liver pills (anyone still take those things?)!  Check out this link to read about some of the toolbars that are available:


The 3 best toolbars are the Google Toolbar, the Yahoo Toolbar, and the all new MSN Toolbar.  Go to this site to read about these 3 toolbars:


In the future, MSN will give Google a serious run for their money – keep an eye on that one.


But – which one do I use?  Well, since Google provides around 75% of external referrals for most websites (including our own), that’s the one I use.  To be sure, Google is a great search engine and has a great toolbar – but one which carries some criticism - more about that later.  First we talk about the neat features of the new Google 3.0 Toolbar (the pros). 


It has all the features of the previous versions plus some new features. The old features includes:

  • Popup blocker:  This does an effective job helping block most popups.  If you have Windows XP, Service Pack 2, you also have an effective built-in popup blocker.  Between these 2 tools, “popup nausea” is a thing of the past.
  • Word Find and Highlight:  One of my favorite features – when you search for a word or phrase, that word or phrase is highlighted in the pages that Google finds.
  • Google News:  Want quick news headlines – click on the news icon in the toolbar.  There are links to the headlines to the major news websites (CNN, Fox, NY Times, etc).  I like it – it’s fast and concise.
  • Page Rank:  Google ranks the page in importance to your search – it’s their opinion.  I turn this option off – not necessary.
  • Autofill:  Allows you to fill out forms with the click on a button.  Shopping couldn’t be easier.  I turn it off – I don’t want personal information stored on my computer.
  • BlogThis:  Anyone keep a blog.  You can create a webblog post which points to the page you are visiting.  OK – so nobody has a blog – forget it!
    (Here’s an interesting article about weblogging – beware!)

And now – the newest features:

  • Word Translator:  You can place the mouse over a word without clicking and you will get the translation of that word in the language of your choice (Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, maybe a few others).  Could this help me learn a few more Spanish words?
  • Spell Checker:  If you have a form to fill out, you can check the spelling in the form.  Very cool – I can submit my self-evaluation without all the spelling errors!  I turn it off until I need it.
  • AutoLink:  Uh-oh – this one’s a little controversial.  This will add links to the webpage you are viewing – maybe that you don’t want.  I turn this feature off.
  • Auto Update:  Uh-oh – another controversial one.  This will automatically update your Google Toolbar without asking you – and, you can’t turn it off!

OK – now for the last 2 Uh-oh’s.  There is some controversy about the Autolink and the Auto Update.  It seems that Google is taking some liberties that some do not appreciate.  With Autolink, Google adds some links on a webpage you are viewing to provide you with information they say will be helpful.  For instance, it will add a link to a map for an address on a webpage.  Or a link to for information on purchasing a book that you have done a search on.  Here is a website that will tell you more about this feature.  Remember, I turn this feature off, so it doesn’t bother me.


And finally, 2 more links for you to read more about the pros and cons – mostly cons here, about the Google Toolbar.


Here is Google’s webpage which details the latest-greatest Google Toolbar 3.0 features.  


Google Toolbar has more pros than cons for me – so I use it.  Decide for yourself!

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