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July 28, 2006


Hello Everyone,


These announcements are posted on the internet.  If you do not receive them or cannot open the links, go to the website and read the announcements on-line.



1.  Week of July 31st-August 4th - There will be no classes held within the Marshall Region (all sites) during this week - no exceptions.  However, the office will remain open.  This is the week of the 2006 ABE Summer Institute.  The following individuals will be attending:  Vickie Radloff, Judy Hacker, John Doyle, Sally Belgum-Blad, Paulette Hanson and Pat Thomas.    There is more information on the training later on in the announcements.

2.  PAY ROLL The next pay day is August 1st.  Time sheets covering July 16 - 31st are due in the office by noon on August 2nd.


3.  The August Class Schedule has been posted.  You can check it out here:


4.  July Student Data - Intakes/Casas -  due to the office by August 2nd.


5.  Below is the website for the Summer Institute – conference description and registration materials.  MCEA will be handling the registrations.  You may want to hit the PRINT button for the brochure, or turn your head 90 degrees to the right to view.  The registration deadline is July 24th.  Check the website below for more information.



6.  Here is an invitation for ABE professionals to participate on a committee that will assist the state ABE office to establish a statewide policy addressing ABE student progress.  Click on the link below to read more information.

7.   The Naturalization Ceremony (Swearing in of new citizens) is scheduled to take place in Marshall on Friday, September 29th at 1:30, at the new Marshall High School.  Please put it on your calendars if you are interested in attending.  There will be several of our students sworn in.
8.  FYI - we have posted a complete list of ABE Programs and Program Managers for the State of Minnesota on our website.  Click on the Directory link and scroll to the bottom to locate the directory list.




9.  The Minnesota Council for Nonprofits is offering 2 new workshops.  Click on the link below to read about these workshops.



10.  Who's linking to us?  Here are a couple more sites that link to the Marshall ABE web site.  Check them out!

The Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning has a couple of Marshall ABE links - scroll to the bottom.


FIRE has now included a link to Marshall Adult Education.   Look in the Intermediate English section.


11.  From the Trivia Department: is billed as the world's greatest encyclodictionalmanacapedia.  Do a comprehension research on any topic - all at one site.


12.  Thought for the week:  The gains in education are never really lost.  Books may be burned and cities sacked, but truth, like the yearning for freedom, lives in the hearts of humble men.  ~Franklin D. Roosevelt


13.  Tech Tip:   Freeware Software

There are tons of FREE software programs that you can download to make your computer do some amazing things.  The key is to using this freeware software is knowing it exists and knowing where to look for it. 


Now I will hasten to add that it may not be a good idea to decide to go surfing for some freeware programs.  There are many unscrupulous sites that will tempt you to search their pages for freeware and when you find something that looks great and download it to your computer, you also download a pack of trouble – like adware, spyware, hijackware, viruses, or other such malware. 


I have done it!  I have searched for specific freeware software, downloaded it, installed it, and ended up becoming infected with some of the most devious spyware and adware.  However, knowing this danger, before I do my searching and downloading of freeware, I make a disk image of my computer (a complete backup of my entire hard drive).  If something goes wrong, I simply have to “restore” the hard drive with the disk image and I am back operating my computer just as it was before my freeware fishing expedition.  For more on how to do this type of backup, click on this link and read this Tech Tip A Backup Strategy


The best way to download and use some of the great freeware available is to learn about it from responsible sources.  There are good trusted sites for finding freeware.  And of course, use the resources of your friends who have used freeware and recommend it.  Having said that, if I ever recommend freeware software, you can be sure that I have tried and use it and have no reservations about recommending it.


Here are some freeware software programs that I have mentioned in the past and that I use and that I recommend.


PixResizer - Free image resizing program

Pixresizer is a photo resizing program which allows you to easily create web and e-mail friendlyh versions of your images with reduced file sizes.  This program also converts a photo or image from one format to another.


Primo PDF – a free PDF creator

Convert to PDF from any application by simply 'printing' to the PrimoPDF® printer - it couldn't be easier! Within minutes, you can create high-quality PDFs by converting from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and virtually any other printable file type.  


Grabber2K – a free screen capture program

A great and powerful program to capture parts of a screen or entire windows.


WinKey – create your own keyboard shortcuts

Now you can utilize the Windows key to create shortcuts to open all you favorite programs.,fid,5506,00.asp


Just A Calendar

This is a great program.  All it does is display a small calendar.  You can’t add any notes or important dates – can ‘t do anything but see a calendar.  What a neat little program!  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find this on the internet anymore, but if you want it, drop me a line and I will email it to you.  It is a tiny program – just 163K.


OK – that’s enough for now – we’ll add more freeware programs to the list in the future.


One more thing.  Here’s a good article on tips to finding freeware and some things to be wary of.


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