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August 3rd, 2007


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1  Summer Plans - Continue to let the ABE office know if there are any changes in your class schedules due to summer vacations or breaks. 


2.    August 8, 9, 10 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of Summer Institute) - ALL Classes at the Courthouse will be cancelled.  Classes at City Side will run as usual.


2007 Professional Development (PD) Survey for Adult Basic Education (ABE) - In January 2007, the Literacy Minnesota Professional Issues Committee conducted an online survey in order to gather information about the PD needs and interests of those working in ABE in Minnesota. The complete survey results are available in an easy-to-read graphic format and can be viewed at: The survey summary from Astrid Liden is here:


4.   "Interesting article" Barry  --->     English Instruction Touted for Immigrants    Fourfold Increase In Spending Urged  (Washington Post article)  

Spending on English instruction must be quadrupled to more than $4 billion a year for the next six years to make legal and illegal adult immigrants proficient in skills crucial to their assimilation and the economic future of a country whose population is increasingly foreign-born, a new national report says.

In the first nationwide study of its kind, the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute estimates that an additional $200 million a year is needed to improve legal immigrants' English skills enough for them to pass a citizenship test and "fully participate in the country's civic life." An additional $2.9 billion a year is required for illegal immigrants to meet those standards, the report says.   View complete report


5.   Marshall Class Schedule for August



6.   Workshops and Conferences for MN ABE Practitioners        (Word document here)

7.   The National Institute for Literacy is pleased to bring you: Scientific Evidence for Adult Literacy Educators (pdf), the first issue of QEd, a five-issue series for the adult education community--literacy educators, paraprofessionals, program directors, and volunteers.

QEd will bring you ideas and information from the expanding scientific research base on how adults learn to read. This first issue tells the story of how researchers are using the high quality, scientific standards that adult literacy deserves and demands. Applying Research in Reading Instruction for Adults: First Steps for Teachers, which offers specific connections between the research and the classroom. In future issues, QEd will amplify the key literacy elements discussed in this book. We invite you to download a copy of the newsletter from the Institute's website:   Adult educators have a cherished history of collaboration and camaraderie. Scientifically based research inspires and challenges us as we work together to understand its implications and the power of its findings. Please join us on this journey of reflection and renewal! Send your thoughts and ideas to us at I look forward to hearing from you!

Kaye Beall

Q.E.D. - What Does It Mean?

Q.E.D. abbreviates the Latin phrase "quod erat demonstrandum," literally, "that which was to be demonstrated" and is taken to mean "it is shown." Mathematicians often use Q.E.D. to show that the result necessary to complete a proof has been reached. We have named this publication series QEd in the spirit of embracing the scientific research that informs adult literacy instruction.



8.  The USDOE-OVAE Thursday Notes - "Please note the emphasis all of these articles have on Transition to Higher Education for ABE programs."   Pat    (Word document here)


Federal Minimum Wage Increase - A revised Federal minimum wage poster reflecting the recently enacted minimum wage increases is here and is also available free of charge on the Department of Labor's Web site:


10.   Poster Session at ABE Summer Institute 

Your help is needed!!  Please consider participating in the poster session and/or encourage your staff and colleagues to create a poster as well!

We are still looking for “presenters” for the poster session at the 2007 ABE Summer Institute! (We only have 5 so far, and our goal is 20.)  It’s not too late to share one of your best Adult Basic Education ideas (marketing, teaching, celebrating, etc.) with your colleagues.  Design a poster to display your idea and create handouts to distribute to others so your great idea can be duplicated in programs throughout Minnesota. We need YOUR participation to make this event a success! Posters will be on display in the Humphrey Theatre Foyer throughout the conference.  Poster session presenters will be asked to staff their posters after lunch on Thursday, August 9th.  Three CEUs will be awarded to each poster session presenter. Go to for details or contact Claudia Kinville if you are interested in participating:

Thank you!!

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