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August 12, 2006


Hello Everyone,


These announcements are posted on the internet.  If you do not receive them or cannot open the links, go to the website and read the announcements on-line.



1.  PAY ROLL Time sheets are due in the office by noon on Wednesday, August 16th.  This will cover the pay period of August 1-15th.  Pay date for this time period will be September 1st.  If you need to fax your time sheet, our fax number is 507-537-7047.


2.   The Naturalization Ceremony (Swearing in of new citizens) is scheduled to take place in Marshall on Friday, September 29th at 1:30, at the new Marshall High School.  Please put it on your calendars if you are interested in attending.  There will be several of our students sworn in.



3.  There are some new postings on the Unique Partnership page.  The address by Bruce Corrie in PowerPoint has been posted,  A newly revised Powerpoint on A Unique Partnership has also been posted. Check these 2 PowerPoint presentations here.




4.  Mev Miller, founder and director of WE LEARN, will be offering a workshop, Women & Literacy: Moving to Power and Participation, on Thurs., August 24, 2006 from 3:00 - 5:30 at the Minnesota Literacy Council in St. Paul, MN.
In this workshop, participants will: a) strengthen their understanding of issues and challenges for women in adult basic/literacy education
programs and, b) learn about specific resources to use in curriculum and lesson planning in order to support women's learning. Participants
will also have opportunity to discuss options for developing a regional WE LEARN network in order to create on-going support for working with women's literacy issues and needs.

For a brochure, click on the link below.  It is an Acrobar Reader file.


5.  From the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce:  "Marshall Ranks Nationally For Quality of Life."  Read the article here:


6.  Below is a new resource meant to facilitate adjustement to life in the US for immigrants. New to America addresses the needs of immigrants and refugees who have relocated to Minnesota. Here you will find the most up to date information about education, careers, and business as it relates to newcomers to this country. This section also provides valuable links to information about legal issues and where to find community services
Ama Sabah, Minnesota Department of Human Services
Resettlement Program Office



7.  There is a Somali Language & Literacy Conference in St Cloud September 16.


8.  The Immigrant Law Center offers free immigration presentations.  Read more at this link.


9.  Here is a study on the role of prison education by the US Office of Correctional Education and the Correctional Education
Association titled "OCE/CEA Three State Recidivism Study" in 2001, and it includes Minnesota as one of the three states studied.  It can be found online at


10.  There is a new report by ETS on the status and importance of providing education to inmates in our nation's prisons.  Locked Up and Locked Out: An Educational Perspective on the U.S. Prison Population is a Policy Information Report describes the rising prison population and its characteristics, examines the status of prison education programs and their impact, and describes programs that try to help ex-prisoners reenter society. While supplies last, print copies can be
ordered from the Policy Information Center for $15.00.  There is no charge for downloading or copying this report.  You may download the Acrobat Reader file here:


11.  Who's linking to us?  Here are a couple more sites that link to the Marshall ABE web site.  Check them out!
Hiawatha Learning Center has a link to Marshall ABE on ther Teacher Web site.


Latino Migrant Workers has a link to Marshall ABE's Scope and Sequencing


12.  From the Trivia Department:   JibJab is that very funny site with all the political parodies.  Cehck out their archives of the best here (Remember "This Land?")


13.  Thought for the week:  Men exist for the sake of one another.  Teach them then or bear with them ~Marcus Aurelius Antoninus


14.  Tech Tip:  Word Toolbars


There are 3 ways to execute commands in Microsoft Word – use the drop-down menus, click on the icons in the toolbars, or use keyboard shortcuts.  For example, you can Save a document by clicking on the File Menu and clicking on Save, or click the disk icon in the Standard Toolbar, or press CTRL-S. 


The toolbars are a very handy way to execute commands, but the problem is that not all the commands that are in the drop-down menus are in the toolbars. 


Well, you can actually customize the various toolbars – that is, you can add icons to the toolbars or remove icons from the toolbars.


Word comes with a standard set of icons in each of their toolbars.  You’ve seen them all and you use a lot of them. 

But then there are those commands you may want to execute but there is no icon in any toolbar for it.  For example, there is no icon in the toolbar for Save As.  Or Insert Picture.  Or Paragraph.  Or Insert Symbol.  Or any of dozens of other commands.


So we will learn how to customize the Toolbars and add any icon (or task) you want to any Toolbar you want.


Let’s add Save As to the Standard Toolbar
Just follow these steps.

1.        Be sure the Standard Toolbar is showing.  It should be – it is set to show by default.

2.       On the right side of the Standard Toolbar, there is a tiny down arrow. Click on it and point to Add or Remove Buttons.  Then slide over to Customize and click on that.

3.       A popup window appears with three tabs – click on the Commands tab.

4.       Click once on the word File

5.       There are two sections, the Categories Section and the Commands Section.  In the Commands section, use the scroll bar to scroll down until you see the words “Save As.”

6.       Notice there is no icon for Save As.  That’s OK.  Click on Save As, holding the left mouse button down, and drag it to the Standard Toolbar.  Place it just to the left of the little disk icon (the 3rd icon from the left) and release the mouse button.

7.       That’s it, you just placed a “Save As” into the Standard Toolbar. – cool!


Now if there are other commands in any of the drop-down menus that are not in any toolbar, you can do these same steps and add them to any toolbar you like. 


Remove an icon from a Toolbar

It there are icons in a Toolbar that you want to remove, you can drag them off the Toolbar.  Do steps 1, 2 and 3 above.  Then, simply click on an icon in a Toolbar, and holding down the mouse button, drag that icon to the Commands section and release the button.


Using the Standard  Buttons

There is a set of Standard Buttons that go with each Toolbar.  You may have noticed them.  Let’s work with these icons – follow these steps.

1.  Click on the little arrow at the right end of the Standard Toolbar – point to Add or Remove Buttons and this time slide over to the word Standard

2.  A list of Icons appears.  The icons with a check mark next to them are already in that Toolbar.

3.  You add any other icon to the Toolbar by clicking on it and adding a checkmark next to it, or remove and icon from the Toolbar by clicking on it an removing the checkmark.


One last thing – these neat little tricks also work in any of the Microsoft Office applications, ie, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, or Access.  OK – go ahead and customize your Toolbars and make them work better for you.



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