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August 5, 2005

Hello Everyone,

These announcements are posted on the internet.  If you have trouble reading this email or cannot use the links, you may read them on the internet. 
1.  Time Sheets are due in the office by noon on Monday, August 8th.
2.  Tentative Date for the September Consortium Staff Meeting is Saturday, September 17th.
3.  This is a press release regarding the technology grant of which SW ABE is a part of.   It should be noted that several Marshall ABE members have already received training in Blackboard and will

ceive training in streaming media next week.  Our equipment is due to arrive next week at which time we will begin to develop some of the objectives of the grant.  Click on the link to read more about this grant. 

4.  There are a series of half day seminars around the state on "Dads and Early Childhood Development."  There is one in Marshall on October 6, 2005.  Click on the link below to read more.
5.  Read. Write. Act. National Conference  -  Each year SCALE hosts the Read. Write. Act. National Conference on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It's the only national conference devoted to the interests and concerns of campus-based literacy programs. Campus literacy leaders and representatives from across the nation gather each fall for an intensive weekend of workshops, panel discussions, networking events and reflection sessions. Participants come to share information, learn new skills, challenge assumptions, and develop ideas to create more participatory literacy programs.

Find out more about this conference and others at:
Note:  While you are at this site, check out the other events going on around the state.
6.  In case you missed this.....The Marshall Area Fine Arts Council (MAFAC) is currently showing the annual Robert Schwan Photo Competition.  It is a terrific display of photos by area photographers.  Congratulations to Gail Perrizo who won first place in the "Green" category.   You can view the exhibit on Tuesday through Friday from 11 AM to 4:30 PM or on Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM.  Don't miss this exciting exhibit!
7.  The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here.


8.  From the Trivia Department:  With the Twins demise, I have taken an interest in  Baseball Ballparks.  So here's a cool site that features many Major League ballparks (and also many other sports' ballparks).  Take a visit to Fenway Park - or Yankee Stadium.  (Click on Site Map on the left to see the ballparks).


9.  Thought for the week:  "He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.  ~Author Unknown


10.  TECH TIP:  Customize Your Toolbars


Microsoft Word has a lot of toolbars.  You can show your toolbars in a number of ways.  You can place your tools at the top of the screen, the bottom of the screen or on the left or right sides of the screen.  You can choose to hide toolbars that you are not using or show them if you are going to need them for specific tasks.  (See last weeks Tech Tip: ). 


You can also customize the toolbar by adding buttons that you use frequently or removing buttons that you never use.  First, did you know that every button on the toolbars is also available in one of the drop-down menus?  So everything you can do by clicking on a button in the toolbar, you can also do through a drop-down menu.  But using the buttons is easier and quicker.


You can add any button to the any toolbar very simply.  Here’s how.


Let’s say I want to add a Page Break button to a toolbar.  There is no Page Break button on any tool bar.  The page break is nice because it allows me to immediately go to a new page and start typing.  I don’t have to hit Enter key 15 or 20 times until I get down to the next page. 


Follow these steps to add a Page Break button to a toolbar.

  1. Click on the little down arrow at the right-end of the Standard Tool bar or the Formatting Toolbar.  It doesn’t matter which one you use.
  2. Point to Add or Remove Buttons
  3. Click on Customize
  4. Now you have to know what Category (Drop-down menu) Page Break is in.  Well, it is in the Insert drop-down menu so click on Insert on the left side of the window.
  5. Now look for Page Break in the right-hand column.  Yep – it’s right there at the top. 
  6. Click on the words “Page Break” or the icon next to Page Break and drag it to one of the toolbars.  I going to drag mine to the right end of the Formatting tool bar – right next to the Capital A.

That’s it – the Page Break button is now on the Formatting toolbar ready for you the next time you need to insert a Page Break.  Go ahead – add as many buttons as you want to any toolbar you want.  Some cool ones to add that I added are:  Change Case – one of my favorites, Grow Font and Shrink Font – very handy to quickly change the font size! And the Date button – no more typing in the current date when I need it.


Remove those unwanted buttons

OK – say you want to remove buttons from a Toolbar.  I have never once used the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet button in Standard Formatting Toolbar.  So why not remove it – and make room for other buttons I do use.  So, do the first 3 steps above.  Then click on the button in the toolbar that you want to remove and drag it anywhere into the pop-up window.  Presto – it’s off the toolbar. 


Remember, when you remove a button from a toolbar, you can still find that button in one of the drop-down menus


Customize your toolbars to suit you needs – make your word processing easy and painless.


Have a great week!





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