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August 4, 2006



1.  The August Class Schedule has been posted.  You can check it out here:


2.   The Naturalization Ceremony (Swearing in of new citizens) is scheduled to take place in Marshall on Friday, September 29th at 1:30, at the new Marshall High School.  Please put it on your calendars if you are interested in attending.  There will be several of our students sworn in.


3.  From Barry Shaffer - Here is information on a National Adult ESL Study Please let me know if your consortium (or an individual site within your consortium) is interested in participating in this national ESL study.  See details below and the accompanying PDF attachment.

4.  FYI - we have posted a complete list of ABE Programs and Program Managers for the State of Minnesota on our website.  Click on the Directory link and scroll to the bottom to locate the directory list.



5.  There is a Somali Language & Literacy Conference in St Cloud September 16.


6.  From Barry Shaffer - An interesting debate is occurring in Congress over the concept of establishing English as the “official” language of the US.  See the report below from Jim Parker of the USDOE-Office of Vocational and Adult Education.


7.  There is an interesting article that appeared in the Sun Newspapers in July on thye immigrants of Eden Prairie,  Read it here.


8.  Here is a study on the role of prison education by the US Office of Correctional Education and the Correctional Education
Association titled "OCE/CEA Three State Recidivism Study" in 2001, and it includes Minnesota as one of the three states studied.  It can be found online at


9.  There is a new report by ETS on the status and importance of providing education to inmates in our nation's prisons.  Locked Up and Locked Out: An Educational Perspective on the U.S. Prison Population is a Policy Information Report describes the rising prison population and its characteristics, examines the status of prison education programs and their impact, and describes programs that try to help ex-prisoners reenter society. While supplies last, print copies can be
ordered from the Policy Information Center for $15.00.  There is no charge for downloading or copying this report.  You may download the Acrobar Reader file here:


10.  Who's linking to us?  Here are a couple more sites that link to the Marshall ABE web site.  Check them out!

English4 has several links to Marshall ABE's Student Lessons.


Minneota Public School has a link to Marshall ABE on their homepage.


11.  From the Trivia Department:   Have you heard of Google Earth.  If you've been watching the news, you have probably seen Google Earth in action on stations like CNN zooming or "flying" into the cities in the Middle East.  You can use Google Earth on your computer much the same way.  You need to go to the Google Earth website and download the software and install it on your computer.  Then fly to the city you live in - or fly anywhere in the world!.  Be sure to read the specifications needed to run the software (speed of processor, size of hard drive, etc...)  And you do need a high speed connection (cable or DSL).  This is awesome software  -  and it's FREE.  Install it on your computer and fly somewhere.


12.  Thought for the week:  Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.   ~Will Rogers


13.  Tech Tip:  Windows 98

One month ago, Microsoft quietly announced that it was no longer supporting Windows 98, Windows 98SE, or Windows ME.  No more updates – no more technical support  - no more nuthin!  If you are still using one of these OS’s, you’re on your own.  I wonder why Microsoft abandoned those venerable operating systems. 


Well, here are some statistics

Marshall ABE had 1706 visitors to the website in July.  Here’s the breakdown of who was using what.

  • 1162 of those used Windows XP
  • 412 used Windows 2000
  • 44 of those used Windows 98
  • 3 used Windows NT
  • 2 used Windows 95
  • 2 used Server 2003

Hey – that doesn’t add up to 1706! 

Oh yes…

78 used Macintosh (of those 78, 1 used the new Intel processor)

1 used Linux

2 were unknown


If you one of the 2.71% that still uses 98 or ME, you won’t be able to get any more security patches.  So there are some things you need to do.


One last thing - you are actually not left totally out in the cold.  Microsoft still has a website dedicated to Windows 98 folks.  You can read about your 98 problems here – just don’t call Microsoft and ask them any questions!


Read more about the end of support for Windows 98 and ME here:



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