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September 16, 2005


1.  Payroll timesheets are due in the office by noon on Monday, September 19th.
2.  From Pat:  If any folks out there would like to give me some input on the evaluations we require after attending trainings I would greatly appreciate it!
.........I would ask if there is a better way to  "glean info" out staff participation.  I receive summaries that contain nothing to some that are quite consistency at all.   Reading these summaries unfortunately puts me in a position of wondering if there is any value in having sent the individual that turns in little or nothing.   And reading the detailed one shows effort but often wonder the value of all that effort except satisfying "the office".
So I would you be interested in considering our current form and sharing any ideas you may have on making it both user friendly and useful!   Please let me know.
Current questions:
     1. What question(s) did this session solve?  How will I be able to use this information?  What new questions (ideas), if any were created?
     2  How did you change/grow by attending this session?
     3.  Did you enjoy (have fun) attending this session?

3.  To All Marshall Region Consortium Staff

Student Attendance/Level Change Incentive Policy

Effective:  September 1, 2005


Effective September 1, 2005, the SW ABE – Marshall Region will adopt the following policy to address both the need to (1) retain students for at least 12 hours of attendance and (2) increase the number of students for which we can document a level change while at the same time providing a means for students to be more invested in assuring that this documentation takes place.  Level changes are to be determined by the CASAS assessments.   Instructors are asked to share this with each of their current students and upon registering new students.


POLICY:  Any student who has participated in the SW ABE – Marshall Region’s program for a minimum of 12 hours and attains a level change will receive $5 in the form of community bucks from their local chamber of commerce.   A student may receive this only once in the student contact reporting year (May 1st to April 30th).  Upon receiving proper documentation, the office will send the  $5 in community bucks to the student.

4.  From Pat:  Below is a request from Gustavo to promote ECFE classes for our minority parents in Marshall.  Please send me names and phone numbers of persons who would want to be contacted for these classes and I will share them with Gustavo

Hi Pat
Last week I talked with you about ECFE and me will be offering Parenting classes to Minority parents and kids. These classes will be in the same way that ECFE does regularly. One thing that will be different is that, those classes will be available interpretation and translation for Hmong, Somalia and Hispanic speaking. These classes will be offer during 4 weeks (one day at week) 2 hours each class. These classes will be offered Thursdays - October 27th, November 3rd, 10th and 17th. Those classes will be from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.


I would like to see, if you can help us to get people from Somalia. People from the Literacy program that you were providing. If you can give me some names, address and phone where I can contact them. Thanks Pat and You have a good day.

          Gustavo Estrada
          507 537 7973

5.  The Fall Consortium Staff Meeting is for set Saturday, October 8th
A full agenda will be sent within the next couple of weeks.  We have scheduled Marn Frank to do an in-service on The ARTS.   Please read the announcement below concerning sessions at this meeting.  The announcement below requires your immediate attention


6.  SW ABE – Marshall invites you to attend its Fall Staff Meeting on Saturday, October 8th.

Marn Frank of LDA of Minnesota has agreed to offer two special training sessions:  

(1)  Learning to Read with The Art, and (2) Reading to Learn with The Art

A description of these sessions is available by clicking on the link below.

Please note the date below to sign up by for either of these sessions.


She requires at least 10 participants for each session.  We are planning for both a morning session and an afternoon session.  As you will note in the descriptions, one session is geared to non-native speakers or students at a low reading level and the other for those at a higher reading level.  She recommends that no one attend both sessions in one day.  To assure that there are sufficient participants, we are requesting that as you RSVP to attend the meeting, you also indicate which session you are interested in attending. THE DEADLINE TO SIGNUP FOR THESE SESSIONS IS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23RD

You may email us at OR call 507-537-7046 OR you may sign up for these sessions on-line at:

If you have already signed up for the Consortium Meeting, please sign up for the Marn Frank sessions.

7.  The Minnesota Literacy Council is offering two educational technology professional development opportunities in September.
Teaching with eFolio-Online Workshop    Thursday, September 22, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
This hands-on workshop will show you, step-by-step, how to enhance your learners’ writing and vocabulary skills as they prepare materials to set up free online portfolios using eFolio.  Register at least one week in advance with Jenny Schlukebier  651.645.2277 ext 236
Evaluating Educational Software - training at the MLC   Tuesday, September 27,  6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Get hands-on experience with current ESL software titles. Use evaluation guidelines provided to determine which ones are most appropriate for your program and learner needs.  Register with Nima Salehi 651.645.2277 ext. 224

For more details and directions go to
8.  The WorkForce Wisdom quarterly newsletter has been posted.  Click on the link below (it is an Acrobat Reader file -.pdf (318 KB)

9.  Eclectic English - this is a neat website with free activities for learners of English as a second language. 
10.  The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here.

11.  From the Trivia Department:  Did you ever wonder what happens on your computer when you leave it on all night.  Check out this website.
12.  Thought for the week:   If you study to remember, you will forget, but, If you study to understand, you will remember.  ~Unknown
13.  TECH TIP:  Keys on the Keyboard – Part 2
There are some very useful keys on the keyboard that you’ve seen for years and maybe never used – and you may not even know what they are used for.  Here are some keys that are very useful.

 The End Key

In most applications, the End Key is used to immediately move the cursor to the end of the line.  If you hold down the Control key and press End, you will go to the end of a document.  This is a great key (if you remember to use it) that will help you save time when creating or editing a document. 


The Home Key

This is the brother of the End key.  When you press it, you go to the beginning of the line.  If you hold down the Control key and press Home, you will go to the beginning of a document


Note:  My philosophy is that anytime you can use the keyboard to accomplish a task instead of using the mouse, that is a time saver and a good thing.  These two keys will help you do that.


The Windows Key

This key is usually located between the Control Key and the Alt key and it has a little Microsoft Windows logo on it.  Some keyboards have a Windows key on each side of the Space Bar.  The Windows key is used as a shortcut key to accomplish many different tasks.  Here are some of the tasks it will do – the best ones.  Try some of these out – you may like them.

  • Windows + E:  Opens Windows Explorer. 
  • Windows + D:  Minimized all active applications and takes you to the Desktop.  Press it again and it maximizes all the active application.
  • Windows + M:  This one just minimizes all active applications and takes you to the Desktop
  • Windows + F:  Find a file – this takes you to the Search dialog box.
  • Windows + L:  This neat little key takes you to the Logon Screen.  If you need a password to get you back to you desktop, you’ll have to put it in.

These are the best of the Windows key shortcuts, but there are more of these  – go here.


Now if you really want to make use of the Windows Key, download a little utility program called Winkey and you can create your own Windows key shortcuts.  I use it – it’s cool!,fid,5506,00.asp   


The Print Screen Key (Prnt Scrn)

This key does not do what it says – it doesn’t print a screen.  In the old days of DOS (anyone remember those days?), this key did print the text on a screen when it was pressed (notice – I said only text – it would not print graphics).  These days, if you press the Print Screen key, it copies whatever is on the screen to the clipboard.  You can then paste that into a graphics program or into a word processing program.  This is really a screen capture – so why don’t they call this key the Screen Capture key.  Hmmm.


Well, if you like to capture screens, there is a neat little freeware program called Grabber2K that does a great job capturing screens, parts of screens and active windows.  It does a bunch of other neat things.  If I’m stranded on an island with just my laptop and 10 programs, Grabber2k would be one of them.


You can get this neat little program here:


Escape Key (Esc)

This key could also be called the Cancel Key.  That’s what it does – it cancels an operation.  Whenever a dialog box appears on the screen and you see a Cancel button in the lower right hand corner, instead of clicking on it, you can just press the Escape key.  In addition, the Escape key cancels or terminates lots of other things.  For example, did you ever go to a website and some obnoxious loud music starts playing?  Just press the Escape key and you will stop the music immediately.  Note – it may not stop certain types of music depending on the format.  It will stop MIDI music and a few other formats


Try this – go to the Marshall ABE student testimonials page (be sure your sound is on).

When the music starts, press the Escape Key.  Did it stop?  Hey, that music is not loud and obnoxious!


Press Escape then you want to cancel, quit, or get out of something.  Experiment with it - see how many things you can "escape" from.


I’m going to press Escape and get out of this Tech Tip!


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