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September 9, 2005
1.  The Fall Consortium Staff Meeting is now scheduled for Saturday, October 8th
A full agenda will be sent within the next couple of weeks.  We have scheduled Marn Frank to do an in-service on the ARTS.  Please RSVP (yes or no) by October 5th. You can sign up for the meeting on-line - click on the link below.
2.  From Pat:  If any folks out there would like to give me some input on the evaluations we require after attending trainings I would greatly appreciate it!
.........I would ask if there is a better way to  "glean info" out staff participation.  I receive summaries that contain nothing to some that are quite consistency at all.   Reading these summaries unfortunately puts me in a position of wondering if there is any value in having sent the individual that turns in little or nothing.   And reading the detailed one shows effort but often wonder the value of all that effort except satisfying "the office".
So I would you be interested in considering our current form and sharing any ideas you may have on making it both user friendly and useful!   Please let me know.
Current questions:
     1. What question(s) did this session solve?  How will I be able to use this information?  What new questions (ideas), if any were created?
     2  How did you change/grow by attending this session?
     3.  Did you enjoy (have fun) attending this session?

3.  To All Marshall Region Consortium Staff

Student Attendance/Level Change Incentive Policy

Effective:  September 1, 2005


Effective September 1, 2005, the SW ABE – Marshall Region will adopt the following policy to address both the need to (1) retain students for at least 12 hours of attendance and (2) increase the number of students for which we can document a level change while at the same time providing a means for students to be more invested in assuring that this documentation takes place.  Level changes are to be determined by the CASAS assessments.   Instructors are asked to share this with each of their current students and upon registering new students.


POLICY:  Any student who has participated in the SW ABE – Marshall Region’s program for a minimum of 12 hours and attains a level change will receive $5 in the form of community bucks from their local chamber of commerce.   A student may receive this only once in the student contact reporting year (May 1st to April 30th).  Upon receiving proper documentation, the office will send the  $5 in community bucks to the student.

4.  From Gail Perrizo - Please let your adult students know that the Lyon County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity is accepting applications for housing.  Applications and information can be obtained at Western Community Action.  Please explain that even if one applied in a previous year and was turned down, they still can apply, because it opens up every year.  Also, a new application needs to be filled out each year.  To qualify, a family member must work and be able to make payments on the house.  Those who are poor enough to qualify for welfare cannot apply for a Habitat house.  The loan given is a NO INTEREST loan..
5.  From Pat:  Below is a request from Gustavo to promote ECFE classes for our minority parents in Marshall.  Please send me names and phone numbers of persons who would want to be contacted for these classes and I will share them with Gustavo

Hi Pat
Last week I talked with you about ECFE and me will be offering Parenting classes to Minority parents and kids. These classes will be in the same way that ECFE does regularly. One thing that will be different is that, those classes will be available interpretation and translation for Hmong, Somalia and Hispanic speaking. These classes will be offer during 4 weeks (one day at week) 2 hours each class. These classes will be offered Thursdays - October 27th, November 3rd, 10th and 17th. Those classes will be from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.


I would like to see, if you can help us to get people from Somalia. People from the Literacy program that you were providing. If you can give me some names, address and phone where I can contact them. Thanks Pat and You have a good day.

          Gustavo Estrada
          507 537 7973

6.  I spoke with Barry Shaffer this morning (9/6) and asked if our state ABE program would be releasing any resources to help meet the need of the 3,000 persons from New Orleans that are to be moved to Minnesota.  I know it is planned to house many at Camp Ripley by Little Falls.  I offered any resources we could provide to assist the ABE program in this area to help provide adult ed for these folks during this time they will be in a "holding pattern" until more permanent housing is found.   Click on the link below to read the email Barry sent to me from the state ABE director in Louisiana..........thought you might like to read it.  ~Pat
7.  Received this nice note from Jerry Cadwell. 

Hi Pat,
Please allow a few minutes in your busy day to accept my thanks for the care, understanding, patience and professionalism you and your staff provide in training Experience Works participants. Not only has your facility allowed those I work with the opportunity to learn computer skills at a pace they are comfortable with, but you have also given them a new-found confidence!

The skills and confidence have helped many older, less-accomplished workers get back into the job market. For that, you should be proud. Thanks again.
Jerry Cadwell
Field Operations Assistant
Experience Works, Inc.
8.  Follow the Dollar Workshops comes to Greater Minnesota - Click on the link below to learn more.


9.  Here is a website that you should become acquainted with.  This website is designed to help families in Minnesota pay for health care, child care, food, or other benefits.  It includes an Eligibility Screening Tool - totally private and anonymous.  Check it out here.

10.  There are quite a few job postings to check out this week - use the link below.
11.The non-confidential job postings that Job Service shares with us are posted on the ABE Website each week.  Check them out here.
12.  From the Trivia Department:
  Here's a humorous look at the English Language and the proposal to adopt it as the official language of Europe.  It's pretty funny!  (Anyone get this one in an email forward?)
13.Thought for the week:   John F. Kennedy said, "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining."  Thank goodness, the sun has been shining in the South since the hurricane.  This is usually a rainy time in the South.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
14.  TECH TIP:  Keys on the Keyboard – Part 1

Insert - Numbers Lock - Scroll -  Do you know what all those keys on the keyboard are used for?  This Tech Tip will tell you about these three keys (albeit, not very useful ones) that you’ve been looking at for years and what they are used for.  We’ll cover more keys in the next Tech Tip.


The Insert Key

In Microsoft Word (or Excel), when you press the Insert Key, it puts the keyboard in overstrike mode.  That means that as you type, it will overstrike (or type over) any characters to the right.  In Insert mode, it inserts any letters you type – it does not overstrike or replace letters to the right, but pushes them over as you type.


The Insert Key is a “toggle key” which means that each time you press the key, it switches between overstrike and insert mode.  Try this – open Microsoft Word.  Then press the Insert Key while looking at the bottom of the screen.  You will see the letters “OVR” become bold.  Press it again, and you will see the “OVR” become dim


Sometimes you might accidentally press the Insert Key and then you notice that you are typing over (overstriking) the text that you previously type.  Wow – what a pain.  Well, you can buy an “Insert Key Safety Cover” to help prevent that from happening.   (NO YOU CAN’T – I’m just kidding – there is no such thing).  The truth of the matter is, I don’t know who invented the Insert Key – but it is one of the dumbest keys on the keyboard.  Does anyone ever use it?  I certainly don’t!


The Numbers Lock Key (Num Lk)

This key does just what it says – it locks the numbers in the numeric keypad.  The numeric keypad is the set of keys on the right side of the keyboard.  It’s the keys that have all the numbers on them.  (I suppose you figured that out).  Laptops don’t have numeric keypads – what a shame!  Those number keys on the numeric keypad can also be used as “function keys” – like Arrow Keys, Page Up and Page Down Keys, Home and End keys, etc. 


The Num Lk key is also a toggle key.  When you press it once, the numbers are activated.  When you press it again, the function keys are activated.  On a full sized keyboard with a numeric keypad, there is not much use for the Num Lk key because all those function keys are duplicated on the keyboard in other locations.  And – no – there is no Num Lk Safety Cover.


But here is something you can do.  You can set your computer to make a sound (beep) when you press this key.  Go to Start, point to Settings, point to Control Panels, then Click on Accessibility Options.  Click on the Keyboard Tab.  In the Toggle Keys section, click on the little box next to Toggle Keys.  This will activate a sound each time you press the Num Lk Key – as well as the other toggle keys – the Caps Lock key and the Scroll Lock key.  So even though the Num Lk key is also a dumb idea, at least you can set your computer to beep when you accidentally press it – that’s nice.


The Scroll Lock Key (Scroll Lk)

The Scroll Lock key has been around since the flood - well maybe not that early.  But it was on the earliest IBM keyboards – and it had a good purpose.  It would scroll through a document.  Well, there is not much use for it anymore because we have arrow keys that do the same thing.  And we have a scroll wheel on the mouse that does the same thing.   


There are some programs that actually use the Scroll Lk key.  Well – actually there’s only one that I know of. Microsoft Excel makes use of this key.  With the Scroll Lk key activated, you can press the arrow keys and the spreadsheet document will immediately start to scroll – without moving the pointer from the active cell.  So the active cell remains active when you scroll with the arrow keys. 


The Scroll Lk key has an LED indicator – a little light that turns on when you press it.  What a great idea – a little visual reminder to tell you that you just pressed a useless key on the keyboard.  Well, this is another key that could easily be dropped from the keyboard, but it is nice to know what it is for even if you will never use it.


We’ll cover more keys in the next Tech Tip.



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