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Consortium Staff Meeting
April 30, 2003

Staff Meeting Minutes
June 18, 2003

Consortium Staff Meeting
September 2003

Staff Meeting Minutes
October 16, 2003

Staff Meeting Minutes
October 23, 2003

Consortium Staff Meeting
November 22, 2003

Consortium Staff Meeting
January 31, 2004

Consortium Staff Meeting
March 27, 2004

Consortium Staff Meeting
May 19, 2004

Consortium Staff Meeting
July 19, 2004

Consortium Staff Meeting
October 2, 2004

Consortium Staff Meeting
January 15, 2005

Consortium Staff Meeting
June 8, 2005

Consortium Staff Meeting
October 8, 2005

Consortium Staff Meeting
November 14, 2006


Poem - To Our Teachers

The Scattergood Hostel

Wither the Dream


Legislators Meet with ABE - 2004

Legislators Meet with ABE - 2005

Cultural Awareness Workshop in Walnut Grove.

Marshall ABE Students See the Capital Christmas Tree
Read the story - see the photos.
(Nov. 26, 2003)

Marshall ABE Award 2004 Pic Award

MACAE Award to Marshall ABE

ABE Testimony before Legislature

The Workshop Planning Team is seeking Peer Presentations - read more here

You can participate in MLC's new online discussion boards. 


Hours Report for 2003 Fiscal Year

GED Reading/Writing Skills Analysis\

Reading Recognition Book Titles

Marketing Your Agency

Marshall ABE Computer Classes

Performance Indicator Targets

 The March Volunteer Newsletter for ABE Professionals is online here (3/16/07)

Are you looking for some new ideas for your ABE class or program-  Read more about ABE Promising  Practicing here

The Office of Management and Budget has release their evaluation of Adult Education - read about it here  (2/9/07)

Tips for adult educators who are working on interview skills with students.  (2/9/07)

This excellent article highlights the opportunities and services available through the SW ABE   (12/29/06)

Here is the MDE - ABE Staff Roster  (5/17/05)

Here is a neat map of Adult Basic Education Statewide Consor)


Here is the latest news from NIFL (National Institute for Literacy)

The Minnesota Literacy Council is offering Technology classes (FREE) - some are online.  Check them out here!

The MLC Literacy Hotline Database is online and updated.   (10/27/06)


Here is an update on Professional Development from Barry Shaffer    (1/12/07)


ABE Walks the Ditches

"Adult Education/Support doesn't match need."

The influx of Hmong to Minnesota

ABE Students Cleaning the Ditches. (May 8, 2003)

The Southwest Minnesota ABE merger

ELIP Leadership Training program

IBM Literacy Grant awarded to Marshall ABE

Family Literacy Article

Analyzing Immigration

Adult Basic Education:  A Tool For Development

RTaking the Step -  a Marshall Independent Editorial.  9/29/06

State Rep. Aaron Peterson  PRESS RELEASE   (3/27/07)

The latest issue of NetNews has been posted

Read the story in the Marshall Independent about 2 adult students at the Marshall ABE


National Coalition for Literacy article on the Marshall ABE

A fascinating essay written by a recent graduate from SMSU

Managed Enrollment

Racial Diversity and Complex Thinking

Client Outcomes - An Article by Bob Wittig,
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

CAAL Report
To insure Americas Future - Building a National Opportunity for Adults

Drop Out Crises
Americas Escalating Crises

Invest in Education (For Your Own Safety)

Research Briefs by Bella Hanson

Outreach and Retention in Adult ESL Literacy Programs

Here is a great Minnesota Diversity Fact Sheet

Minnesota Literacy Platform Read their 2005 draft platform

Adult Student Persistence

Research Briefs submitted by Bela Hanson

Here is information on the Verizon Literacy Foundation website.  Check out this neat website.   (12/9/06)


ABE Accountability Update 5/28/04

Accountability Update 10/25/04

Accountability Update 12/04

Accountability Update 4/05

Information about ABE Assessment  10/27/06

NRS Results


October 8th Consortium Meeting

January 14, 2006 Consortium Pictures


This editorial, "A stronger workforce for a bargain price", appeared in the Star Tribune


Read about the Vital Aging Conference at SMSU on May 8.    (3/9/07)

The ABE Regional Workshop is Friday, April 27.  More info here.    (3/16/07) 

Here is a cultural event that you will want to attend - read about it here.    (3/9/07)

There is a call for presentations at the 2007  ABE Statewide Summer Institute    (3/9/07)

The ABE Regional Workshop is Friday, April 27.  More info here.    (3/16/07)m

ABE Summer Institute Call for Presentations - click here to read more.   (1/26/07)

Here is a unique opportunity to join an advocacy group -   (1/5/07)

The Volunteer Leadership Training Series is schedule in 2 locations - read more here.   (1/5/07)


Bremer Update for Nonprofits 9/04

Bremer Update for Nonprofits 10/04

Bremer Update for Nonprofits 11/04

Bremer Update for Nonprofits 12/04

Bremer Update for Nonprofits 1/05

Bremer Update for Nonprofits 2/05

Bremer Update for Nonprofits 3/05

Bremer Update for Nonprofits 4/05

Bremer Update for Nonprofits 5/05

Bremer Update for Nonprofits 6/05

Bremer Update for Nonprofits 7/05

Bremer Update for Non-Profits 8/05

Bremer Update for Non-Profits 11&12/05

Bremer Update for Non-Profits 01 & 02/06

Bremer Update for Non-Profits 03 & 04/06

The Nonprofit Connection from Bremer  12/22/06


Self Evaluation form

Download the latest step-by-step instructions to submit your entries    (1/20/07)


The turkey plant plans to reopen - information and forms

New Collaborative to Promote Economic Development in Greater Minnesota

Information on Somali Temporary Protected Status and photos requirements.

Distance Learning Telemedia grant of which Southwest ABE is a part

Minnesota Literacy Platform

Consortia Comparison - Top 20

Professional Development - Future Directions

OSHA Brochures

Legislative Update - 2005 Year End Wrap-Up

Budget Reconcilliation Bill, 2006

Federal Monitoring Visit

Teaching Languages Other than English

Adult Diploma Policy

The Adult Competitive Initiative

Volunteer Training Standards Policy 9/15/06

Allan Zimmerman CD's   11/10/06

Read the latest from the Minnesota Budget Project

There are 4 MAVA Coomunity Outreach Cordinator positions open - read more

Here is a summary of the last Sector Strategy Meeting prepared by Claudia Kinville   (2/24/07)


The agenda for the Marshall ABE Staff Meeting has been posted

posted on the website

Check out the latest research briefs posted on the website   


Read the March legislative update from Tom Cytron-Hysom

Here is a legislative update an a link to the 2007 Legislative Platform

Here is an legislative update from the Marshall Chamber of Commerce  (2/2/07)

Read the Update from Marty Seifert,  Representative from District 21A   (1/26/07)

There is a legislative Day at the Capitol on February 20 - read more here   (1/26/07)

Information on writing your legislator



MLC would like you to participate in this survey.  Click on this link to go to the survey page.   (1/26/07)