Marshall Consortium Staff Meeting

Marshall Area Adult Learning Center

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Lyon County Government Center

607 West Main, Marshall, MN


Present: John Doyle, Adele Thomas, Lela Chacon, Lani Joosten, Marilyn Wellman, Delores Johnson, Leanne Carmany, Sherri Pankratz, Myrna Dick, Stephanie Guza, Gail Perrizo, Vickie Radloff, Julie Kennedy, Paulette Hanson, Jamie Verdeck, Cheryl McChesney, Bonnie Nielsen, Karen Miller, Pam Grebel, Ted Stamp, Barb Glaeser, and Pat Thomas.


Sherri Pankratz and Myrna Dick who work with the Butterfield program were introduced.


I.        Web Page

Please check this site out.  Staff from each community is asked to submit pictures, information, ideas, links (school website, community website) to create their own page.


Also, note staff minutes and any other updates will be posted under the “What’s New” section.


II.              Current Budget

Budget information with expenditures though 3/31/03 for all community programs was received.  It is projected that even though our program lost $15,362 during the governor’s unallotment, there will be an ability to submit Wish Lists for each program.  Wish lists need to be received by May 15.


III.            Future Budget

The legislature has not yet determined how revenue will be determined for the next two years.  At the time of the meeting, using the worse case scenario—it would not effect our revenue total from this current budget due to our growth. Since that time big metro programs have been lobbying for a funding formula that would cut our funds and benefit their program.  So we will just have to wait until the dust settles to determine our future budget.


Other factors to consider:


·       No money sources to fund ESL MFIP class as it now exits.

·       Walnut Grove/Tracy area will be reduced due to less of a demand for services.  Tutoring program is still in place and may be the method services will best be delivered there.

·       Submitting for a civics grant through ABE.  Award, if received, will be $10,000 less than current grant.

·       Legislation will probably allow ABE the ability to access fees of students.  At this time, we are unsure as to how our consortium will address this.


IV.            Workforce and ABE

Many different recent issues bring to the forefront that adult education programs need to seriously consider how services are delivered with Workforce focus.


·       Issues:  MFIP rule will shorten time an individual can attend educational classes for their program plan PLUS classes will need to be workforce focused only!

·       Talk has occurred about switching ABE into Economic Security Department, which will definitely demand a workforce focus!

All of these issues point out that a primary concern is how services need to be delivered—and they may not be delivered in the keep your thinking caps on for innovative ways we can serve students.


V.              State ABE Update

The State manager’s meeting stressed accountability.  Accountability will be determined by test score progression…an established sanction process will be developed by the state for programs not meeting state standards.  Graphs were handed out showing our statistics vs. state norm or expectations.  Marshall ABE does not do well at this point in this area.


Areas to be addressed:

1.     Ensure assessment tests are given.

2.     If possible with GED students, provide 12 hours of instruction to allow them to count as participants.


VI.            New Projects


A.              Web Page

B.              Scope and sequence—identify skills needed at assessment level

C.              Student Report Card—a tool to help student mark their progress in class.

D.              Bremer Grant:  Project would fund a position ½ ABE and ½ Workforce with the goal of identifying how the agencies can work together more effectively and then how to promote that product to businesses.


 Anyone who wants more information on any of these projects, please call Pat.


VII.     Inventories were due 4/30/03.







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