Marshall Staff Meeting
June 18, 2003


Staff Present: Sally Belgum-Blad, Gail Perrizo, Leanne Carmany, Paulette Hanson, Delores Johnson, Marilyn Wellman, Vickie Radloff, Sue Burnett, Pam Grebel, Ted Stamp, Kim Shaikoski, Stephanie Guza, Adele Thomas, Jamie Verdeck, Pat Thomas, and Barb Glaeser.

1. Marshall's Current Class Costs
A table listing each Marshall class along with the number of hours created for March, April and May, and the corresponding cost incurred to create each hour was handed out. This tool will continue to be used to help define how services will be delivered in the future.

2. Budget Overview

bulletWith just very preliminary information from the State as to our FY04 (July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004) budget, the following are the tentative plans for service delivery in this fiscal year:
bulletAll sites, with the exception of Tracy and Marshall, will have a projected budget the same as the one used for 2002-03.
bulletTracy will receive approximately half of the budget amount used this current year. This is due to the reduced request for services.
bulletMarshall will have an additional $ 50,000 to support staff costs. This does not reflect an increase in monies to increase services. These funds will assist in maintaining services previously funded by grants that are ending June 30, 2003.
bulletPlans are to use a '02-'03 Federal money carry-over during the months of July, August and September + State '03-'04 funds + Federal '03-'04 funds to maintain this level of service in FY04. If all '03-'04 are used, this may lead to a potential shortfall in the '04-'05 year.
bulletAnyone seeking more of an explanation to the budgetary process is asked to talk to Pat.

3. Our New Customer
All staff are asked to be aware that the demographics in Marshall appear to be changing. This program may need to move its emphasis from ESL to ABE clients. Everyone's help in sharing what they "see" as potential future students is appreciated.

4. 6 Week Shut-Down
In order to accommodate delivery of services in Marshall with the intensity currently provided, services will be delivered for 46 weeks. Staff are asked to send their input as to the dates they feel would best accommodate shut down. Please send your ideas to Barb ( or Pat ( by June 27th. These weeks could be done quarterly or they could follow a holiday schedule.

5. Potential DHS Grant
A grant was recently submitted to DHS Refugee Office to fund ½ of the operating costs of the 8 - 12 a.m. ESL Class at the Courthouse. If this would be received, it would free up money to support Family Literacy in Ghent to all ethnicities. We are in a "wait and see" mode.

bulletAlso, preliminary work done on the skills needed to be mastered at each ESL level is available for all staff to look at. It is in a yellow binder at the ABE office. Please do not remove it from the office.
bulletIt has 3 parts for each ESL level: (1) lists for the student as to what skills must be mastered, (2) describes focuses for instructors and (3) describes how each area displays mastery.
bulletPlease let Pat know how effective this tool is or any changes you would suggest.

6. New Computer Instructor
Charles Carrera accepted the Computer Lab Associate position that Ann Bakker has resigned from as of 6/20/03. A goal that will be pursued this year is integrating the use of technology to a greater extent into our service delivery.

7. GED System
Procedures have been developed for intake and testing of students who have as their goal to obtain a GED. These were handed out for review.

8. Accountability - CASAS
Pat again emphasized the need to have students do the CASAS assessment. The state is requiring assessments as a means of accountability. PLEASE DO THEM AND GET THE RESULTS TO BARB!!

9. Other
bulletFood & Drink in Rooms - Please remind your students to be careful with food & drinks in the classrooms. Our floors are beginning to look yucky!!!
bulletSummer Intensive - The following will be attending Summer Intensive: Stephanie Guza, Sally Belgum-Blad, Leanne Carmany. They will be attending as presenters. Marilyn Wellman and Norann Lafon are also presenting as Literacy Partners, Inc.
bulletIntake Form - Barb presented a revised Intake Form for review and comments.

Read the GED procedures here

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