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Marshall Consortium Staff Meeting
Marshall Area Adult Learning Center

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Lyon County Government Center

607 West Main, Marshall, MN

SW ABE - Marshall Region Staff Present: Bonnie Nielsen, Charles Carrera, Pat Thomas, Barb Glaeser, Lani Joosten, Sue Hollingsworth, Ted Stamp, Cheryl McChesney, Gail Perrizo, Vickie Radloff, Judy Hacker, Tammy Bukowski, Delores Johnson, Sue Burnett, Stephanie Guza, Paulette Hanson, Pam Grebel, Bruce Roby, John Doyle, Sherry Rose

SW ABE – Granite Falls Region Staff Present:  Catalina Worden, Zaira Lietzau

MN State ABE Staff Present:  Barry Shaffer, MN ABE Director; Anne Marie Leland, State ABE Accountability

Introductions:  Pat introduced Barry Shaffer and Anne Marie Leland

1.  Accountability – The following topics were addressed by Anne Marie Leland and Barry Shaffer of the State ABE Department: 

What is the climate of accountability in ABE? 

Staff roles and responsibilities within the NRS. 

•      Pre- and post-test as many students as possible within the program year (May 1 – April 30)

•      Set NRS goals carefully and appropriately

•      Follow-up with student who have NRS follow-up goals (employment, GED/diploma, post-secondary)

•      Make sure ABE program forms are complete, accurate and get to the data entry person/team in a timely manner

•      Be supportive of the person in the data management role

Comparison between Marshall ABE and the Minnesota ABE NRS “high-stake” outcomes.

2.  Computer Training - Charles presented the completed MLC mini-grant project to the staff.  The staff was able to view the project and make comments about it.  Each staff member was assigned four lessons to preview and then write down the things they liked most (strong points) and least (weak points) about the lesson.  They were also able to offer suggestions about the lesson.  The comments were constructive and positive and will help in making relevant changes to the lessons.

3.  Roundtable Discussion – Barry and Anne Marie fielded questions from the staff concerning various aspects of ABE.

4.  Western Mental Health Center – Jill Rademacher

(CSP) Community Suppot Program =Serious and Persistent Mental Illness such as Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Borderline Personality or Schizophrenia are included in this program. ARMHS (Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services) = Mental Illness such as Anxiety or PTSD.   The goal for CSP is to keep the individual as independent as possible whether that is assisting them with housing, employment, medication education or monitoring. Getting them to their appointments or corresponding with the doctor if a med. isn't working. Psychosocial such as socialization, teaching them how to increase their circle of friends, working on relationships in the family, and benefit assistance, filling out paperwork so they can keep their medical assistance or filling out paperwork to maintain social security - Any thing to assist with independent living. ARMHS is to teach basic living skills. CSP is funded through a grant and ARMHS is billable under medical assistance.

Services that are out there:
Prairie River
Services Enterprise Inc. = employment skills
Southwest Center for Independent Living
Buffalo Ridge = intensive services
Lyon County Human Services
Western Community Action
Public Health

WMHC serves 5 counties: Lyon, Lincoln, Murray, Redwood and Yellow Medicine.

5.  EFF Standards - After a brief review of Communication Skills and Decision-making skills, the EFF Committee introduced Interpersonal Skills.  The four components of Interpersonal Skills were explained, in addition to the importance of good Interpersonal Skills.  The staff members at the meeting were divided into 6 groups of 3 or 4.  They were given a task and used the components of the interpersonal skills to find a solution.  The small groups were then put into larger groups and discussed their scenarios.

The discussions were lively and illustrated many key points.  Most importantly they showed that we all choose to handle problems differently.  Secondly, they showed that through cooperation, conflict resolution, guidance, and advocating, we can find a solution. 

The staff members were encouraged to start doing some of these things in the classroom. Any staff beginning to integrate EFF skills in an intentional manner in their classes are asked to contact Pat. Information from these pilot projects will be shared at the next consortium staff meeting.

6.  2nd Language Learners – Vickie and Tammy presented information about ELL related terms, students and instructional tips. The presentation began with a review of labels, terms and ability classifications typical for ELL programs. They then discussed factors that can impact SLA (Second Language Acquisition) for students which include: age, literacy experiences in native culture, and cultural factors. Teaching strategies specific to SLA were then broken down into two categories; teacher presentation and material presentation. Final comments were made on assessments, and myths. Both presenters vocalized interest in being a resource for those who have questions regarding ELL teaching and learning.

7.  Updates

*  Tele-Media Grant – Charles presented a brief overview of the Tele-Media grant and the opportunities to become involved in the initial stages of the grant.  The grant offers opportunities for the Marshall ABE to develop materials that students can access on-line.  It also offers opportunities for video-conferencing.  In the near future, some training will begin.  Teachers interested in this training should let Pat, Barb or Charles know.

Schwan’s – Services on site are to begin 1/17/05.  Elizabeth Beck will be teaching at this site.


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