Marshall Adult Education


Marshall Consortium Staff Meeting
Marshall Area Adult Learning Center
Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Lyon County Government Center
607 West Main, Marshall, MN

Present: Pam Grebel, Sue Burnett, Paula Gimmestad, Lois Schmidt, Ted Stamp, Bonnie Nielsen, Stephanie Guza, Pat Thomas, Charles Carrera, Delores Johnson, Jeanne Kelsey, Sue Hollingsworth, Rita Fasching, Gail Perrizo, Jamie Verdeck, Judy Hacker, Bonnie Ludeman, Tammy Bukowski, John Doyle, Vickie Radloff, Adele Thomas, and Barb Glaeser.

1.  Student Contract Discussions – Adele opened this discussion with comments on describing how one must develop action goals to move forward rather than thinking within the framework of “wishing” or “wanting”.  Two groups were formed to explore how an agreement (with better defined action goals) between an instructor and ABE student might look.  Tammy Bukowski is taking the lead with the ABE/GED area and Sue Burnett is taking the lead for the ESL group.  Each group will create a “product” by the end of June.  These “products”/concepts will then be considered at our next consortium staff meeting.

2.  Meal/Sharing/Wish Lists – Staff were asked to browse catalogs for additional instructional material they would want purchased.  Peer input was encouraged as material was considered.

Lois reported that Weekly Announcements going forward would contain an item listing the employment opportunities that have been posted with Job Service for that week. She will be forwarding the same information that is being given to Workforce Center staff at the time an employer calls in the posting to Job Service. The email typically lists the position, employer and wage with the MN Job Bank reference number for details. This will help give teachers early notice of job postings and will remind us and our students to be checking the MN Job Bank website for job opportunities.

The publication, “Stop Thinking Like An Employee: Boost Your Career Into a New Orbit”, 2002 Dahlstrom & Company, Inc. was circulated among teachers. The premise of the manual is to encourage people to look at employment in a new way - a way in which we approach our jobs as valuable contributors, and as team members of an organization that attracts customers because of what our co-workers and we bring to the company. Teachers interested in having a copy for their students will let Lois know so that ABE can purchase some copies.

 3.  EFF Standards - Stephanie led a discussion on the EFF standards.  Staff evals indicate openness by staff to incorporate these standards into our classrooms.  The following individuals have agreed to create a framework/format on how to consider using these standards by the end of June:  Lois, Stephanie, Delores, and Tammy.  This product will be considered at the next consortium staff meeting

 4.  Computer Books & Reading Recognition (RR) - Charles and Delores presented and demonstrated the Reading Recognition (RR) program. The software for RR has been updated and many of the bugs and weaknesses of the software have been addressed and fixed. 2 evaluation forms have been created to assist in evaluating the software and the individual books. The forms will be placed on the ABE webpage and can be completed and submitted through the on-line form. Charles also presented the Books CD project that was funded through a grant by the Minnesota Literacy Council. Installation of the software was demonstrated and the books were briefly presented.

 5.  Pat’s Updates

6.  Barb’s Reminders