Marshall Adult Education

Marshall Consortium Staff Meeting
Marshall Area Adult Learning Center

Monday, July 19, 2004

Lyon County Government Center

607 West Main, Marshall, MN

Present: Sheila Helleson, Ted Stamp, Vickie Radloff, Gail Perrizo, Cheryl McChesney, Paula Gimmestad, Paulette Hanson, Sue Hollingsworth, Jamie Verdeck, Sally Belgum-Blad, Bonnie Nielsen, Charles Carrera, Karen Miller, Judy Hacker, Tammy Bukowski, Stephanie Guza, Lois Schmidt, Pat Thomas, Barb Glaeser, Sue Burnett, John Doyle, Bonnie Ludeman, Nikki Enersen.  Guests:  Mary Mulder, Tammy VanMoer, and Sarah Jensen.

1.  Welfare to Work Update – Mary Mulder, Tammy VanMoer and Sarah Jensen presented information on the following:

·        Information from SW MN Private Industry Council and Lincoln, Lyon Murray Human Services staff on new Diversionary Work Program (DWP) program for MFIP enrollees as of July 1, 2004.  DWP is a 4-month program that provides services and supports to eligible families to help them move immediately to work rather than go on welfare. 

·        A new policy change for MFIP caregivers also took effect on July 1, which provides that all caregivers (including those formerly exempt from looking for work) will now be required to work with a job counselor to find employment.  This is also known as Universal Participation.

·        Update on SW MN Private Industry Council Disability Navigator Program.

2. EFF Standards – Today’s EFF presentation centered on how clothes can communicate a message. (EFF Skill -Communication) What you wear communicates your mood, your attitude, and a sense of who you are.  Information from local businesses about what is appropriate and inappropriate for the job was shared to validate the importance of clothing in our lives.  Classroom applications were shared and brainstormed upon.  (People are very receptive to EFF Standards).  

    The EFF committee also shared their goals and asked for any additional input.  The group was also reminded that Decision making is the next skill, we will address.  Please be thinking about it.

3. Reading Skills for Today’s Adults - At the spring consortium meeting, approximately 35 readings were completed.  Today, the project has grown to just shy of 80 completed readings.  (Thank you to Joyce Jacobs for her writing work!)  Answer keys for all readings have also been completed.  All readings have been reviewed and revised so that the formatting is consistent.  Accompanying audiotapes continue to be made.  Approximately 25 of the 80 still need to be taped.  As the project continues to grow, Sally welcomes feedback on the best means of organizing tapes and readings... by level, by subject, by both???  As always, your story ideas are also very welcome!!

4. Controlled Enrollment/Contracts Sue Burnett and Tammy presented 2 forms for instructors to use as tools. ESL agreements need to be simple and concrete while another option provided a format that included a students' action and a self-evaluative piece. Copies of the agreements are available from Tammy and Sue.  This topic will be addressed at the next staff meeting as to how to proceed from here.  Should we adopt consortium wide?

5.  The Elephant On Our Back - This session went much better than expected. The "Elephant" was identified as the emotionally charged
atmosphere that can be created between those teachers having only the traditional educational training usually based on students for whom English is their first language and those that have additional training in second language acquisition.
When we started our session by mentioning that we had had a perfect example of what we were talking about during the morning
sessions, everyone seemed to appreciate the topic and participate in the discussion.  Most people realized the need for ALL of us to work together for our students' benefit.  We agreed to be a support for each other and agreed to discuss Second Language Acquisition at future consortium meetings.  

6.  Software/MLC Grant - Charles presented information on the new MLC grant.  The grant will be used to create interactive activities for ESL students based on the first 4 levels of Scope and Sequence.  Teachers who would like to submit topics for the activities should do so through Vicki or Charles.  You may do so through the on-line form on the ABE website.  When submitted, the form will be emailed to Vickie and Charles.  (Use the link on Staff Information).

Charles also presented the software currently available for preview or use by ABE consortium members.  A complete inventory was given out indicating the title of the software as well as the subject, platform, and level.  Teachers who would like to use or preview the software can make requests using the Software Request Form posted on the ABE website.  (Use the link on Staff Information).

7.  Pat’s Updates

8.  Barb’s Reminders