Marshall Staff Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 23, 2003 – 3:30 p.m.


Present:  Paulette Hanson, Charles Carrera, Vickie Radloff, Sally Belgum-Blad, Tammy Bukowski, Delores Johnson, Ted Stamp, Paula Gimmestad, Sue Burnett, Gail Perrizo, Pam Grebel, Barb Glaeser, Lois Schmidt, and Pat Thomas


1.      Pat announced that a private tutor is needed for one of our students.  If interested, contact Pat.   This will be a private arrangement between the instructor and the insurance company representing the student.  Please contact Pat by Wednesday, November 5th, if interested.


2.     Pat informed staff that she had recently met with representatives from Schwan’s.  There is a possibility that in early 2004 we may be able to provide GED and Citizenship classes for Schwan’s employees.  It was also noted here that Sally is working at adapting Read Naturally to business related stories.


3.     Discussion ensued on the idea of conserving our resources because if #3 does happen, we will need funds to cover the cost of the classes.  Now may be a good time to do this as our classes are experiencing lower attendance.  The idea of what is an appropriate student to teacher ratio and an efficient use of funds was discussed.


4.     Legislative Event - An event similar to the one last year will be planned for the first or second week of December.  Lois Schmidt will work on it. 


5.     RC Square Apartment Class – It was decided that we will try this class.  Update:  The RC Square Apartment Class will begin the first week of December – probably will be 4 days/week; 2 hrs/day; looking at 2-4 p.m.  Anyone interested in teaching this class should contact Pat by November 14th.


6.     Pat thanked everyone involved in our recent “house cleaning” projects at the apartment and at the Courthouse.  She asked everyone to work at keeping things as organized as they are now.


7.     “Rubber Meets the Road” items as in reference to what we do now to get the word out about ABE.


a.         Business Cards promoting ABE – GED – ESL.  These will be developed and ready to hand out by October 31st.  Barb & Charles were assigned this task.

b.        Businesses – Information as to how ABE can benefit them will be developed by November 30th.  Lois was assigned this task.

c.         Churches – Reaching out and informing them what ABE offers.  Tammy was assigned the task of contacting ministerial/ Spanish churches by October 31st.

d.        MMU has been asked if we could insert flyers in the billings.  They are to get back to Pat.  (Update:  MMU cannot allow the flyers in their billlings)


  1. Re-Vamping Classes – staff was asked for their input.  At this time we are looking at a specialty class, such as math, as CitySide in the mornings.  Possibly starting November 1st.  Any thoughts/ideas should be shared with Pat.


NOTE:  An addition to the “Rubber Meets the Road” item (above), Pat reports that as an update to our ideas as to how to promote ABE services that the Municipal Office will not allow any advertisement of ABE services in their billings.