Words that Sound the Same

Click on the PLAY button. Then type the correct word in each blank.

1.     Where or wear
is my purse?
What will I today?

2.      I or eye
am a happy today.
Don't blink your .

3.       see or sea
Fish live in the
I can the water.

4.      One or Won
There is person sick.
They the game.

5.      seam or seem
She didn't very happy.
I need to sew up this .

6.      write or right
Please your name on your paper.
Your answer is .

7.      pane or pain
I have a in my knee.
The in this window is broken.

8.      eight or ate
I have to be to work by in the morning.
I my breakfast.

9.      maid or made
The cleaned the room.
She supper last night.

10.       weigh or way
Do you know the to the store?
How many pounds does the baby ?

11.       our or hour
This is house.
Come to my house in one .

12.      here or hear
I can the radio.
I am staying tonight.

13.      to or too or two
I have tickets for the game.
I want you go.
You're friend can go, .

14.       threw or through
I the ball.
The ball went the window.

15.      there or their
I left my books over .
I am going to house tomorrow.

16.      knew or new
I you were coming.
I bought a pair of shoes.

17.       know or no
They asked me to go but I said
I the answer.

18.       wring or ring
I my clothes dry
I wear a on my finger.

19.      would or wood
You burn in a fireplace.
I like to help you.

20.      do or dew
What will you today?
The ground is wet with .