BEGINNING ABE                                                     COMPETENCY OUTLINE

CASAS Range: 201-210                                                   TABE Range: 2.1-4.0


By the end of this level, learners will have worked on and attained competency in the following areas:


  1. Communication
    1. Complete a personal information form without assistance.

                                                    i.     First name

                                                   ii.     Last name

                                                 iii.     Middle initial

                                                 iv.     Social security number

                                                  v.     Birth date/date of birth

                                                 vi.     Last grade completed

                                                vii.     Address

                                              viii.     Apt. No.

                                                 ix.     City

                                                  x.     Zip/zip code

                                                 xi.     County

                                                xii.     Telephone number/phone number

                                              xiii.     Area code

                                              xiv.     Ethnicity

1.     Caucasian

2.     Black, African, African-American

3.     Hispanic

4.     Asian

5.     Native American

                                               xv.     Public assistance

                                              xvi.     Signature

                                             xvii.     Size of household

    1. Respond appropriately in group situations.

                                                    i.     Appropriate verbal and non-verbal feedback

                                                   ii.     Not interrupting others when others are speaking

                                                 iii.     Sharing information appropriate to the situation

    1. Ask for, give, follow, and clarify directions.

                                                    i.     What does that mean

                                                   ii.     Could you repeat that, please

                                                 iii.     I don’t understand

                                                 iv.     Does that mean

  1. Consumer Economics
    1. Count coins and currency and make change.

                                                    i.     Count coins and currency

                                                   ii.     Make change from a one-dollar bill

                                                 iii.     Make change from a twenty-dollar bill

                                                 iv.     Determine equivalent amounts up to twenty dollars

    1. Fill out and cash a check.

                                                    i.     Write a check

1.     payee

2.     date

3.     amount as numbers

4.     amount as words

5.     signature

6.     memo

                                                   ii.     Cash a check

1.     endorse

    1. Read and interpret advertisements and coupons.

                                                    i.     Determine prices

                                                   ii.     Determine qualifications

1.     when sale is in effect

2.     expiration date of coupon

3.     buying restrictions or requirements

4.     quantity limits

                                                 iii.     Sales concepts

1.     half-off

2.     percent off

3.     buy one get one

    1. Interpret charts when purchasing.

                                                    i.     Size charts for clothing

1.     height

2.     weight

                                                   ii.     Size and price charts for items such as tires

    1. Make comparisons of prices when shopping.

                                                    i.     Compare product prices from store to store or with or without sales price

                                                   ii.     Compute price each for comparison of multiple-item packages

  1. Community Resources
    1. Locate a name and address in a telephone book.

                                                    i.     Locate a name in the alphabetical listings

                                                   ii.     Locate a business in the alphabetical listings

                                                 iii.     Locate a business in the yellow pages, category listings

                                                 iv.     Interpret a listing in the white pages

1.     address

2.     phone number

    1. Locate community and public services.

                                                    i.     Hospital

                                                   ii.     Fire department

                                                 iii.     Police department

                                                 iv.     Clinic or doctor’s office

                                                  v.     Food shelves

                                                 vi.     Social service office

                                                vii.     Post office

    1. Locate information on a utility bill.

                                                    i.     Amount due

                                                   ii.     Payment due date

    1. Order from a restaurant and calculate total.

                                                    i.     Order from a menu

                                                   ii.     Compute total costs

                                                 iii.     Calculate tip

                                                 iv.     Order from a fast food menu

    1. Read and interpret location and information signs and symbols.

                                                    i.     hospital

                                                   ii.     restroom

                                                 iii.     playground

                                                 iv.     elevator

                                                  v.     stairs

                                                 vi.     telephone

                                                vii.     information desk

                                              viii.     enter

                                                 ix.     exit

                                                  x.     automatic door

                                                 xi.     mail box

    1. Read and interpret transportation signs and symbols.

                                                    i.     Rest area

                                                   ii.     Gasoline

                                                 iii.     Restaurant

                                                 iv.     Hotel

                                                  v.     No turn on red

                                                 vi.     No U turn

                                                vii.     Lane markers and signs for allowed turns

                                              viii.     Speed limit

                                                 ix.     School zone

                                                  x.     Pedestrian crossing

                                                 xi.     Playground

                                                xii.     Merge

                                              xiii.     Yield

                                              xiv.     Stop

                                               xv.     Stop lights

                                              xvi.     Yellow warning lights

                                             xvii.     Men at work, work zone

                                           xviii.     No parking zone, no parking between signs

                                              xix.     Handicapped parking

    1. Use a map.

                                                    i.     Locate the US, Minnesota, and the city on a map

                                                   ii.     Use a street map to locate a specific location

                                                 iii.     Identify direction—north, south, east, west

    1. Tell time to the minute.
  1. Health
    1. Fill out a medical history form.

                                                    i.     Immunizations

                                                   ii.     Medical conditions—hypertension, high blood pressure, gastro-intestinal, appendix, headache, nausea, numbness, pregnancy, sore throat, stomachache, dizzy

    1. Read a thermometer to measure body temperature.

                                                    i.     Compare to “normal”

                                                   ii.     Tenths of a degree

    1. Read a medicine label.

                                                    i.     Dosage amounts

                                                   ii.     Side effects

                                                 iii.     Cautions

                                                 iv.     Whether or not to give to children

    1. Read a product warning label.

                                                    i.     Do not use near or in water

                                                   ii.     Grounded electrical plug

                                                 iii.     Battery sizes

                                                 iv.     Use in a ventilated area

                                                  v.     Do not mix with ---

                                                 vi.     Keep out of reach of children

                                                vii.     Poison, poison control center, Mr. Yuk

                                              viii.     Store in a cool/dark area

    1. Read nutrition information.

                                                    i.     Serving size

                                                   ii.     Calories, calories from fat, fat calories

                                                 iii.     Ingredients list

                                                 iv.     Vitamins/minerals

                                                  v.     Recommended Daily Allowance

    1. Recognize basic first aid concepts.

                                                    i.     Bandaging

                                                   ii.     Anti-bacterial ointment

                                                 iii.     Burn ointment

                                                 iv.     Anti-pain medication (aspirin, Tylenol)

                                                  v.     Taking care of a cold

                                                 vi.     Pressure on a wound

                                                vii.     Ice or heat

  1. Employment
    1. Read want ads and job announcements.

                                                    i.     Vocabulary and abbreviations

1.     experience, exp

2.     necessary, nec

3.     full time, ft

4.     part time, pt

5.     benefits, ben

6.     education, ed, educ

7.     required, req’d

                                                   ii.     Locate and interpret application instructions and procedures

    1. Complete a simple job application without assistance.

                                                    i.     Personal information

                                                   ii.     Employment history

                                                 iii.     Education

                                                 iv.     References

                                                  v.     Signature

    1. Construct a simple resume.

                                                    i.     Name and address

                                                   ii.     Employment history

                                                 iii.     Education

                                                 iv.     Word process final product

    1. Follow a form to write a cover letter.

                                                    i.     Salutation

                                                   ii.     Three paragraphs

1.     I would like to apply for ---

2.     My background

3.     Please contact me at ---

                                                 iii.     Closing with address

    1. Identify how to get a job application.

                                                    i.     Phone call

                                                   ii.     Drop in

                                                 iii.     Send a letter

    1. Read and interpret workplace safety signs and symbols.

                                                    i.     hard hat required

                                                   ii.     eye protection required

                                                 iii.     ear protection required

                                                 iv.     slippery when wet

                                                  v.     electrical hazard

                                                 vi.     biochemical hazard

                                                vii.     asbestos

                                              viii.     warning

                                                 ix.     fire

                                                  x.     first aid

                                                 xi.     fire extinguisher

                                                xii.     eye wash station

    1. Fill out an accident report.

                                                    i.     Narrative retelling

                                                   ii.     Causes, effects

                                                 iii.     Date/time

                                                 iv.     Witnesses

    1. Know how to report workplace safety issues.

                                                    i.     Company specific procedures from a procedures manual

                                                   ii.     OSHA

                                                 iii.     Right to Know

  1. Government and Law
    1. Recognize major elected officials.

                                                    i.     Sight recognition of name of US president and Minnesota governor

                                                   ii.     Photographic recognition of US president

    1. Recognize basic government facts.

                                                    i.     Three branches of government

                                                   ii.     Leaders are elected

                                                 iii.     Governed by laws

                                                 iv.     Constitution

    1. Recognize illegal activities.

                                                    i.     Hitting a spouse or child

                                                   ii.     Fighting in public

                                                 iii.     Allowing a child to stay home from school for no reason

                                                 iv.     Not enrolling a child in school

  1. Computation
    1. Read and write the numbers 0-100.
    2. Count by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, 10’s, 25’s, and 50’s.
    3. Know basic math symbols and concepts.

                                                    i.     Even and odd numbers

                                                   ii.     Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division signs

                                                 iii.     Equal sign

                                                 iv.     Equal versus unequal

                                                  v.     Greater than, less than

    1. Know place value from hundred to hundredth.

                                                    i.     Ones

                                                   ii.     Tens

                                                 iii.     Hundreds

                                                 iv.     Tenths

                                                  v.     Hundredths

    1. Add and subtract without regroup; understand the inverse relationship of addition and subtraction.

                                                    i.     Add and subtract 1- or 2-digit without regrouping

                                                   ii.     Inverse relationship of addition and subtraction

    1. Multiply and divide through 10; understand the inverse relationship of multiplication and division; multiply and divide without regrouping.

                                                    i.     Multiply a 2-digit by a 1-digit without regrouping

                                                   ii.     Multiplication facts for 1 through 10

                                                 iii.     Multiply 3 1-digit numbers

                                                 iv.     Inverse relationship of multiplication and division

                                                  v.     Divide a 2-digit by a 1-digit without regrouping

    1. Follow a problem solving process.
    2. Round to 10’s and 100’s.

                                                    i.     Solve problems with rounding

                                                   ii.     Calculate to check

    1. Know basic measurement concepts.

                                                    i.     Length

1.     inches

2.     feet

3.     yard

4.     mile

                                                   ii.     Capacity

1.     cup

2.     pint

3.     quart

4.     gallon

                                                 iii.     Weight

1.     pound

2.     ounce

3.     ton

                                                 iv.     Temperature

1.     Fahrenheit

2.     Celsius

    1. Characterize and classify two- and three-dimensional shapes.

                                                    i.     Square

                                                   ii.     Rectangle

                                                 iii.     Circle

                                                 iv.     Triangle

                                                  v.     Cube

                                                 vi.     Sphere

                                                vii.     Pyramid

                                              viii.     Cone

                                                 ix.     Cylinder

    1. Know geometry concepts of symmetry and reflection.

                                                    i.     Symmetry

                                                   ii.     Reflection

  1. Learning to Learn
    1. Recognize and spell words with a variety of phonetic patterns.

                                                    i.     Short vowel sounds

                                                   ii.     Silent-e patterns

                                                 iii.     Silent b, k, w

                                                 iv.     Soft c and g

                                                  v.     Word endings

1.     old

2.     ight

3.     ind

4.     ound

5.     ought

6.     ive

7.     ly

8.     consonant –le

9.     ture

10. tion

11. sion

                                                 vi.     Syllable patterns

1.     VC/CV

2.     VC/CVE

                                                vii.     Vowel digraphs

1.     ow

2.     ue

3.     ew

4.     oi

5.     ou

                                              viii.     R controlled syllables

1.     ear

2.     arr

3.     err

4.     air

5.     are

6.     ere

7.     ire

8.     ore

9.     ure

    1. Spell word endings with doubling, silent-e, and y.

                                                    i.     Doubling

                                                   ii.     Silent-e

                                                 iii.     Y to i

                                                 iv.     Plural of words ending in y

    1. Know word parts.

                                                    i.     Prefixes

                                                   ii.     Roots

                                                 iii.     Suffixes

    1. Define unknown words through context, phonics, and structure clues.

                                                    i.     Context clues

                                                   ii.     Phonics

                                                 iii.     Structure

    1. Read and comprehend short newspaper and information articles and fiction.

                                                    i.     Main idea

                                                   ii.     Detail

                                                 iii.     Implied cause or effect

                                                 iv.     Fact and opinion

                                                  v.     Sequence

                                                 vi.     Summarize and paraphrase

    1. Read and comprehend graphs, charts, and tables.

                                                    i.     Main idea

                                                   ii.     Details

    1. Alphabetize.
    2. Organize and classify words.

                                                    i.     By part of speech

                                                   ii.     By definition

                                                 iii.     Generate headings for groups

    1. Use organizational and informational aids in texts.

                                                    i.     Table of contents

                                                   ii.     Index

                                                 iii.     Headlines

                                                 iv.     Captions

  1. Grammar and Writing
    1. Understand the function of paragraph structure.

                                                    i.     Introduction

                                                   ii.     Conclusion

                                                 iii.     Supporting ideas

    1. Use basic rules of capitalization, commas, and apostrophes.

                                                    i.     Capitalization

1.     greeting and closing of a letter

2.     proper nouns

                                                   ii.     Commas

1.     in dates

2.     in greeting and closing of a letter

3.     to set off proper names

4.     to separate a series

                                                 iii.     Apostrophe

1.     contractions

2.     possession

    1. Write declarative sentences with compound subjects and/or predicates.

                                                    i.     From dictation

                                                   ii.     Identify subject and predicate

                                                 iii.     Write declarative sentences with compound subjects and/or predicates

                                                 iv.     Noun/pronoun agreement

                                                  v.     Sentences, fragments, run-ons

    1. Use singular, plural, and possessive nouns; regular and irregular verbs in the past, present continuous, and future tenses; articles; adjectives and adverbs of comparison; object and possessive pronouns.

                                                    i.     Singular and plural nouns

                                                   ii.     Verbs

1.     irregular and regular

2.     past, present continuous, and future tenses

                                                 iii.     Articles

                                                 iv.     Adjectives and adverbs of comparison

                                                  v.     Object and possessive pronouns

    1. Write a short letter and address an envelope.
    2. Write a set of simple directions.