BEGINNING ABE LITERACY                                    COMPETENCY OUTLINE

CASAS Range: 200 and below


By the end of this level, learners will have worked on and attained competency in the following areas:


  1. Communication
    1. Read and write personal information.

                                                    i.     First name

                                                   ii.     Last name

                                                 iii.     Middle initial

                                                 iv.     Address

                                                  v.     City

                                                 vi.     State

                                                vii.     Zip code

                                              viii.     Phone number with area code

                                                 ix.     Social security number

                                                  x.     Birth date

    1. Respond orally to questions regarding personal information.

                                                    i.     What is your ---

                                                   ii.     Spell first and last name

                                                 iii.     Speak clearly

    1. Sign their name.
    2. Ask questions for clarification in group communication.

                                                    i.     Speak clearly

                                                   ii.     Could you repeat that, please

                                                 iii.     I donít understand

    1. Read and write letters in upper and lower case.
  1. Consumer Economics
    1. Recognize coins, currency, and monetary symbols.

                                                    i.     Coins and currency

1.     penny

2.     nickel

3.     dime

4.     quarter

5.     dollar bill

                                                   ii.     Signs and symbols

1.     dollar sign

2.     cent sign

3.     decimal point

    1. Read clothing labels for size and care.

                                                    i.     Clothing sizes

1.     S, M, L, XL

2.     numerical sizes

                                                   ii.     Care instructions

1.     wash in cold water

2.     line dry

3.     dry clean only

4.     hand wash

5.     machine wash

6.     with like colors

    1. Locate size information using a chart of heights and weights.

                                                    i.     Symbols for feet (Ď) and inches (ď)

                                                   ii.     Abbreviation for pounds (lbs)

                                                 iii.     Concept of between

                                                 iv.     Following across and intersecting with down

    1. Recognize and interpret product safety labels.

                                                    i.     Do not use near water

                                                   ii.     Electrocution hazard

                                                 iii.     Not for consumption

    1. Recognize information on food safety.

                                                    i.     Read expiration dates and understand the concept of expiration and food safety

                                                   ii.     Read purchase by dates

                                                 iii.     Differentiate between expiration dates and purchase by dates

                                                 iv.     Refrigeration

    1. Read food labels and tags.

                                                    i.     Expiration dates

                                                   ii.     Price tag

1.     on packages

2.     on shelves

3.     bar code

                                                 iii.     Sales concepts

1.     price each

2.     buy one get one free

3.     half off

4.     per pound

  1. Community Resources
    1. Buy stamps and address a letter.

                                                    i.     Address an envelope

1.     stamp placement

2.     return address

3.     zip codes

                                                   ii.     Cost of stamps

1.     singly

2.     in sets of 20

                                                 iii.     Address and mail a package

    1. Interpret clock time.

                                                    i.     Quarter to

                                                   ii.     Quarter after

                                                 iii.     Half past

                                                 iv.     Analog and digital

                                                  v.     Write time

    1. Read the months of the year and the days of the week.

                                                    i.     Months of the year

1.     in words

2.     in abbreviations

3.     in numbers

                                                   ii.     Days of the week

1.     in words

2.     in abbreviations

                                                 iii.     Write the date

1.     mm/dd/yy

2.     mm/dd/yyyy

3.     month day, year

                                                 iv.     Locate a date on a calendar

    1. Recognize directional and informational signs.

                                                    i.     enter, exit, push, pull

                                                   ii.     men, women, restroom

                                                 iii.     caution, no smoking, no swimming

                                                 iv.     arrows (up, down, right turn, left turn, right, left)

                                                  v.     hospital

                                                 vi.     bus stop

                                                vii.     walk, donít walk

                                              viii.     pedestrian crossing

    1. Recognize transportation signs.

                                                    i.     Speed limit

                                                   ii.     Exit ramp

                                                 iii.     No u turn

                                                 iv.     Railroad crossing

                                                  v.     Stop light, stop sign

                                                 vi.     Merge, yield

                                                vii.     Solid yellow line, broken yellow line, solid white line, broken white line

                                              viii.     Bicycle lane, HOV lane

    1. Read some items on a restaurant menu.

                                                    i.     Food sight words

1.     hamburger

2.     steak

3.     chicken

4.     salad

5.     drinks

                                                   ii.     Prices

  1. Health
    1. Read an appointment card.
    2. Follow simple medical directions.

                                                    i.     Take before bedtime

                                                   ii.     Take with food, take with meals

                                                 iii.     Call if the problem continues/persists

    1. Read a simple medicine label.

                                                    i.     Dosage

1.     Take 1

2.     Take with food

3.     Teaspoon, teaspoonful

4.     Take three times a day

                                                   ii.     Cautions

1.     Do not give to children

2.     Poison, Mr. Yuk

3.     Do not exceed --- tables in 24 hours

    1. Recognize the differences of the form different medicines take.

                                                    i.     Capsule

                                                   ii.     Tablet

                                                 iii.     Liquid

                                                 iv.     Salve

                                                  v.     Cream

                                                 vi.     Injection

    1. Recognize the concepts of good nutrition.

                                                    i.     Food groups, food pyramid

                                                   ii.     Serving

1.     cup

2.     ounce

3.     bowl

4.     slice

                                                 iii.     Healthy diet

1.     calorie control

2.     vitamins

3.     minerals

4.     balanced diet

  1. Employment
    1. Complete a simplified job application.

                                                    i.     Name

                                                   ii.     Address

                                                 iii.     Telephone number

                                                 iv.     Social security number

                                                  v.     Simplified list of experience

                                                 vi.     Simplified list of education

                                                vii.     Specific words for learner-specific special skills

                                              viii.     Names of references

                                                 ix.     Signature

    1. Answer basic job interview questions.

                                                    i.     What kinds of experience do you have

                                                   ii.     Why do you want to work here

                                                 iii.     What special skills to you have

                                                 iv.     What kinds of jobs have you done before

                                                  v.     Could you work nights/days/weekends/first shift/ second shift/third shift

                                                 vi.     When can you start

    1. Complete, with assistance, federal employment forms.

                                                    i.     W-4 complete with assistance

                                                   ii.     I-9 complete with assistance

1.     produce required documents

    1. Ask for assistance and clarification.
    2. Read a work schedule.
    3. Locate information on a pay stub.

                                                    i.     Locate gross, locate net

                                                   ii.     Locate deductions

1.     insurance, health insurance

2.     union dues

3.     savings

4.     disability

5.     retirement

6.     FICA

7.     federal tax, state tax

    1. Understand common workplace safety signs.

                                                    i.     Slippery

                                                   ii.     Fire

                                                 iii.     Dangerous

                                                 iv.     Do not enter

                                                  v.     No smoking

  1. Government and Law
    1. Recognize basic government facts.

                                                    i.     Name of the US president and Minnesota governor

                                                   ii.     US flag

1.     design

2.     colors

    1. Recognize basic laws.

                                                    i.     Speed limits

                                                   ii.     Licenses

1.     driving

2.     hunting

3.     fishing

                                                 iii.     Driving on the right side of the road

  1. Computation
    1. Read, write, and say numbers.

                                                    i.     Cardinal 0-100 in numbers

                                                   ii.     Cardinal 0-20 in words

                                                 iii.     Ordinal 1st Ė 10th in numbers

    1. Count by 1ís, 2ís, 5ís, and 10ís.
    2. Know the math concepts of pattern, less, and more.

                                                    i.     More, less

                                                   ii.     Next item in a simple pattern, last item

    1. Add and subtract 1-and 2-digit whole numbers without regrouping.

                                                    i.     Add a column of 3 1-digit numbers

    1. Know basic measurement concepts.

                                                    i.     Measure using inches, feet, pounds, degrees, and cups

                                                   ii.     Length, weight, width, height

                                                 iii.     Area, volume, perimeter

  1. Learning to Learn
    1. Read and write the alphabet.
    2. Recognize how printed word flows on a page.

                                                    i.     Left to right

                                                   ii.     Top to bottom

                                                 iii.     Spaces between words, letters are grouped to make words, words are grouped to make sentences

    1. Know basic phonics rules of consonants, vowels, blends, and digraphs.

                                                    i.     Consonants

1.     Single consonant sounds

2.     Consonant blends

a.     ending

                                                                                                                i.     ng, nk, ck

b.     beginning

                                                                                                                i.     l and r

3.     Digraphs

a.     ch, th, wh, sh, ph

4.     Consonant endings

5.     Consonant ending patterns

a.     dge

6.     Advanced consonant sounds

a.     y, w, j, z, v, qu

                                                   ii.     Vowels

1.     Single vowel sounds

2.     Short vowel sounds

3.     ee, ea, ai, oa, oo, ay, oy, igh, aw

4.     r controlled

5.     y as a vowel

                                                 iii.     Endings

1.     s, es, est, ing, er, ed, ly

                                                 iv.     Syllable patterns

1.     CVC

2.     blend-vowel-blend

3.     VC/CV

4.     two syllable words

5.     silent-e words of one syllable

                                                  v.     Rhyming patterns

    1. Listen to a story and answer comprehension questions.

                                                    i.     Simple facts and details

                                                   ii.     Main idea

                                                 iii.     Who, what, where, when, why, how

                                                 iv.     Sequence

    1. Narrate a picture story in sequence.
    2. Dictate and read own stories.
    3. Recognize sight words.

                                                    i.     Contractions

                                                   ii.     Sight words

                                                 iii.     Group words of similar definitions

    1. Differentiate and classify words, shapes, and colors.

                                                    i.     Classify

                                                   ii.     Arrange in sequential patterns

  1. Grammar and Writing
    1. Recognize and use singular and plural nouns; articles; adjectives; subject, object, possessive, and demonstrative pronouns; present, present-continuous verbs; and prepositions.

                                                    i.     Nouns

1.     singular

2.     plural

                                                   ii.     Articles

                                                 iii.     Pronouns

1.     subject

2.     object

3.     possessive

4.     demonstrative

                                                 iv.     Adjectives

                                                  v.     Prepositions of location

                                                 vi.     Verbs

1.     To be

2.     Present tense

a.     Affirmative

b.     Negative

c.     Questions

3.     Present continuous

4.     Past tense

a.     Regular

b.     Irregular

    1. Follow the simple capitalization and end punctuation rules.

                                                    i.     Capitalize beginning of a sentence

                                                   ii.     Capitalize I

                                                 iii.     Capitalize names

                                                 iv.     End punctuation

    1. Write sentences in a simple pattern with subject-verb agreements.

                                                    i.     Subject-verb agreement

                                                   ii.     Subject/verb/object

    1. Write personal stories, sentences, and questions.

                                                    i.     Sentences

                                                   ii.     Questions

                                                 iii.     Personal stories

                                                 iv.     Paragraph organization

1.     main idea

2.     details

3.     topic sentence