Beginning ESL Literacy                          Student Report


Name __________________________________________________________


Date ___________________________________________________________


This student is able to:


q     Read, write, and say the alphabet and numbers to 100

q     Recognize shapes and colors

q     Use appropriate greetings, introductions, and farewells

q     Answer personal information questions—name, address, telephone number, birth date, and social security number

q     Complete a personal information form

q     Use a telephone

q     Read the date and time

q     Recognize currency and read amounts of money

q     Follow 1-step directions given verbally

q     Ask for and give simple directions

q     Recognize vocabulary for buying food and clothing

q     Recognize vocabulary for housing

q     Recognize vocabulary for simple, entry level jobs

q     Buy stamps and mail letters

q     Recognize vocabulary for family

q     Recognize words for illness and accidents

q     Recognize how to seek medical help

q     Recognize signs and symbols for directions and safety

q     Use a map to find Minnesota, the United States, and the city