Text Box:                             “DOWN AND DIRTY GED MATH”

                                                                                   STUDENT REPORT


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ٱ  Use a decision making, problem solving process, vocabulary and


ٱ  Solve fraction, decimal, and percent problems.

ٱ  Calculate percent

ٱ  Compute sales tax, unit prices, and sales prices.

ٱ  Solve real world problems using probability.

ٱ  Solve algebraic equations.

ٱ  Solve one and two-step algebra problems.

ٱ  Find squares and square roots.

ٱ  Solve measurement problems.

ٱ  Find perimeter, area, and volume.

ٱ  Interpret and compare data from graphs and charts.

ٱ  Know different types and relationships of angles and triangles

          including the Pythagorean relationship.