HIGH ADVANCED ESL                                            COMPETENCY OVERVIEW

CASAS Range: 236-245


By the end of this level, learners will…


  1. Communication
    1. Demonstrate good comprehension during a variety of conversations by verbally and nonverbally responding.
    2. Use responsive listening (paraphrasing, summarizing for elaboration and clarification).
  2. Consumer Economics
    1. Reconcile a bank statement and use appropriate banking terms when inquiring about banking services.
    2. Develop and use a monthly budget.
  3. Community Resources
    1. Identify community resources for mental and physical health problems.
    2. Communicate with personnel at a child’s school.
    3. Understand how to access a variety of children’s education programs.
  4. Health
    1. Recognize problems related to nutrition, substance abuse, and mental health.
    2. Ask for and give advice related to nutrition and good health habits.
  5. Employment
    1. Understand how to obtain a job through want ads, job announcements, and networking.
    2. Ask and answer a variety of questions in a job interview and follow-up call.
    3. Understand job specifications, policies, and standards
    4. Read, understand, and compare information on benefit options.
    5. Read, understand, and complete federal employment forms.
    6. Communicate with supervisor and co-workers orally and in writing.
    7. Demonstrate an understanding of and discuss workers’ rights.
    8. Demonstrate an understanding of safety procedures.
  6. Government and Law
    1. Demonstrate an understanding of the American system of government.
    2. Understand the US election process.
  7. Learning to Learn
    1. Identify bias, prejudice, or propaganda in oral messages and print materials.
    2. Use a dictionary, a thesaurus, and internet search engines.
    3. Comprehend, interpret, and summarize fiction, newspaper articles, information articles, and policy manuals.
    4. Obtain information from diagrams, tables, graphs, and schedules.
  8. Grammar and Writing
    1. Write a mutli-paragraph composition.