High Advanced ESL                                 Student Report


Name __________________________________________________________


Date ___________________________________________________________


At the end of this level you can…


·       Interpret want-ads and job announcements

·       Understand job specifications, policies, standards, and forms

·       Communicate orally and in writing with supervisor and co-workers

·       Show comprehension of conversations by asking appropriate questions and using appropriate body language

·       Identify bias, prejudice, and propaganda in conversations and in print

·       Recognize problems related to nutrition and substance abuse

·       Develop a monthly budget

·       Understand American government structure

·       Use a dictionary and a thesaurus

·       Draw inferences and conclusions

·       Distinguish between fact and opinion

·       Summarize what has been read

·       Write a multi-paragraph composition

·       Use a writing process

·       Edit and revise compositions for spelling, grammar, usage, and effective word choice