Adult Secondary Low                              Student Report


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At the end of this level you canů


bulletFill out personal information forms for a variety of situations
bulletPractice effective group communication
bulletInterpret information about mortgages, credit, and purchasing
bulletCompare savings plans
bulletCommunicate with health care providers and insurers
bulletDevelop a career plan
bulletUnderstand elements of job performance and evaluation
bulletInterpret information on workplace discrimination and harassment
bulletUnderstand common workplace technology and systems
bulletCommunicate effectively orally and in writing in the workplace
bulletUnderstand the legislative process
bulletIdentify historical documents
bulletIdentify the US states, major countries and regions of the world, and geographical features
bulletUnderstand information on basic legal and civic rights
bulletCalculate percent
bulletSolve algebraic equations
bulletConvert between metric units
bulletInterpret a scale drawing
bulletKnow different types and relationships of angles and triangles including the Pythagorean relationship
bulletSolve real world problems using probability
bulletDemonstrate critical thinking skills
bulletDemonstrate inductive and deductive reasoning
bulletUse a decision making and problem solving process
bulletAnalyze fiction, drama, poetry, non-fiction, and graphic documents
bulletWrite paragraphs and essays of various types
bulletEvaluate writing for errors and clarity