Low Advanced ESL                                 Student Report


Name __________________________________________________________


Date ___________________________________________________________


At the end of this level you can…


bulletDemonstrate English skills to gain employment
bulletComplete a job application, resume, and cover letter
bulletUnderstand job specifications, rules, and regulations
bulletUnderstand workers’ rights
bulletComplete medical forms and accident reports
bulletMake a budget
bulletKnow how to report a crime
bulletKnow parts of the US justice system
bulletCompare and contrast types of insurance
bulletUse formal and informal vocabulary
bulletUse idioms
bulletRead for main idea, sequence, fact and opinion
bulletSkim and scan for information
bulletDefine new vocabulary using context clues
bulletInterpret diagrams, tables, graphs, charts, and schedules
bulletWrite a paragraph
bulletUse verbs
bulletPast continuous
bulletFuture progressive
bulletPast perfect
bulletIdentify parts of speech in sentences
bulletUse sentence structure